What if The Guardian Legend is a platformer?(sort of)

This is fun. Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link randomizer has an option to switch sprite to another. This is how Miria sprite looks like in it. Yes she is green. But NES limitations made that way that if she was red then everything around that uses the same color would be red.

And by the way have you noticed that the music in map walking view in Zelda 2 has some similarities with The Guardian Legend start tune(Approaching Naju)?

Zelda 2 – overworld theme

The Guardian Legend – Corridor 0(Approaching Naju)

Check out the moment when Miria raise up tri-force at 2:22:35. This is a funny happy face. Also she has a kiss with Hyrule there, or is it a hug?


Also here is the new Astrolancer demo from Stuffman:


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