Axelay 3D fan art

Do you know Axelay? It’s a SNES game by Konami. Quite unusual. It has that fake 3D effect on the ground. Is there any other 16 bit SHMUP that has something like this?

Here is the walkthrough video to refresh your memory, or if you haven’t seen the game:

So I stumbled on the fan art by Tomi Väisänen. And, oh man, it’s just too good. It is how the actual remake of the game could look like today.

Check out the whole art gallery with 2 dozens of pictures here:

And here below are several pictures from there:

Level 1
Unkai, sea of clouds
Level 1
Level 1 Boss
Level 2 Boss
T-36 Towbar
Level 3 boss
Regenertoid, second form

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