Melkhiors Mansion – isometric ZX Spectrum style goodness

Melkhiors Mansion – is an isometric game in ZX Spectrum style. Inspired by Atic Atac game. You hanging around, shooting endlessly spawning enemies and gotta complete some goal. Each of the characters has a different goal.

I find it a bit annoying that enemies spawn all the time. I have to hold the fire button all the time and always move around, because enemies always around and can spawn over the character.

You can send any feedback like this to the devs on their page in the comments. I did left my thoughts there. Unfortunately at this point the game is not friendly to a general player. It seems rather hardcore one. If developer will consider to make difficulties like easy, normal, hard, then the one how it is now would be hard. At least playing it blind for only what it is, without any tips, hints, FAQ, screenshots.

And the author just banned me(gamebalance) there for my feedback.

You can get the game here and it’s free:

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