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Title: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02-03
Post by: RubyC42 on April 15, 2013, 01:34:00 AM
Welcome to the Roleplay dedicated to The Guardian Legend - Naju Nexus!

This is Season 01, Episode 02/03, for S01E01 please see here (,1885.0.html)

Setting - The Planet Naju

             After the events of the original Guardian Legend where Miria successfully diverted the planet's course from crashing into Earth; Some of the Earth's inhabitants, eyeing all kinds of possibilities with it, have decided to attempt a permanent colonial settlement on it.

             Due to the hostile environment of the planet, a full-scale terraforming project was required for civilian and military colonisation. Currently only portion of the surface has terraformed enough for habitat; its current boundaries well defined on the Naju atlases named "Habitability Boundary". Venturing outside the boundary is possible; but would be lethal without use of specially constructed protective suits, or only possible for other non-biological or native beings.

             The planet's surface geography is nearly evenly sliced in two by a mountain range that spreads throughout the full circumference. Giving the rise to the terms "Front side" and "Back side" of Naju that describe the opposing sides of the surface worlds. The "Front side" contains all odd-numbered "Areas" and all the terraformed, habitable zones; while the "Back side" contains all even-numbered Areas (except Area 0) with its composition nearly unknown to the population of "Front side".

             The "core" capital colony of Naju, "Naju Central", the  "Area 0" of Naju; houses virtually all functions of Naju colony: The administration, military support, transport, and containing the bulk of Naju population. The spaceport included: "Naju Central Airport", serves as the main gateway to other Areas of Naju, as well as the main landing/departing site for space-shuttles and spaceships

             The Corridors below the Naju surface are still intact, known as the "Below Surface Worlds", but except for accidental opening of Corridor 19 in Area 9 and just outside the Habitability Boundary (Posts 03~11); all other corridors remain undisturbed and almost the entire non-military population of Naju are blissfully unaware of their existance.

             The inhabiting Monsters/Aliens of Naju are still present, some in robotic form, and while they have largely been hidden away from the colony during the terraformation; many are rapidly resurfacing and threatening the colony. This caused a near constant deployment of various generations of Guardian Fighters to constantly keep the alien invasion in check.

But it's only a matter of time before it becomes uncontrollable...

Summary of the previous Episode (up to Post 42)

:bluelander: If you would like to join, just post your character(s) profile here (,1885.0.html) :bluelander:

             What appeared to be a routine terraforming task turned into disaster when one of the terraforming cruisers: USF Compile, was hijacked by SHODAN who used it to reawaken the dormant monsters that had been hidden away in Naju's Below Surface Worlds. John Targa and Akrn Salthic were deployed onboard USF Compile to investigate on the situation while other Guardian Fighters (Amet, Killian, Samuel, Letty & Maiorico) were sent on scouting missions to assess the scale of the disaster (of which only Area 1 was deemed in threat to call for temporary evacuation, while Amet never made it to his destination and crashlanded on the Back side of Naju).

             John and Akrn were quickly left in a precarious situation when SHODAN transformed the cruiser into a System Shock 2 ( styled Survivor-Horror. Although they were united with some allies along the way, John felt that only a full destruction of the cruiser would save Naju from being totally annihilated by SHODAN. He successfully crashed the cruiser a small distance from Naju Central's Airport with all cast surviving the crash but leaving the airport and segment of the city in a heavily damaged state.

             Amet found himself in the unknown land after crash landing, while he attempts to try contact with Naju Central, he meets up with another inhabitant Rey Seightmour; together, they head back to Rey's hideout, while also attempting to gather as much information about the unknown lands of the Back side.

             Meanwhile, a soldier from a far, far away world ( made an energency reentry in Naju...

Current list of RPers (and their primary character)
* - Currently not taking part
Title: Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02
Post by: Souperion on April 15, 2013, 10:45:33 PM
-Post 43-
Day 3: 5:00 AM—Naju security post.
“We mustn’t forget area 9’s breach, Sebariel. We’ve lost contact with the security force there, before the com-block.”
Sebariel and Halex, a slight built scout still in camouflage, were in council, discussing recent events.
Sebariel flinched at this. He knew the terraforming laser had hit that area, and was worried what the changes there could cause.
“That’s where the invaders are coming from, isn’t it?”
Halex nodded, dark brown hair cascading down his thin face.
“Then it’s settled. I’ll head in there in hour.”
“Alone? You may have years of experience behind you, Sebariel, but these monsters aren’t your usual creatures.”
“No, I’ll find the Guardian Fighters. If what I fear has happened, their aid will be invaluable. Besides,” he added, seeing Halex’s shock at his choice to bring rookie fighters with him, “they are no longer rookies. I trust in their abilities.”
Halex nodded slowly. “Alright then, I’ll get back in the field. I have heard reports of anomalies in area 3.”

As Halex left, the front door opened, and in walked a security staff member, a Guardian, and a metal clad individual.
“Sir, we have something you need to see,” said the officer, and he turned to the female Guardian, “Mechiko, please report.” Then the officer walked out.
Letty stepped forward, “Sir, this is the pilot of a spacecraft that burned up in the atmosphere, earlier this morning. Uh, he identified himself as Malcolm, a ‘Spartan’, and requested to be able contact Earth, or some ‘Aperture’.

Sebariel knew this breed of super soldier, and looking at the Spartan, realized that he knew this Spartan as well. He remembered 3 years ago, SAFE, his employer, was involved in locating a rebel base for the UNSC (Spartans’ leader). They found it in a residential area, and reported the findings, and a plan to evacuate civilians before the UNSC moved in. The UNSC wasn’t willing to wait, given the growing threat of the group, and set about on a torch and burn operation. Sebariel worked hard to save people as the UNSC’s air force leveled almost the whole district. He remembered seeing a Spartan squad emerging from underground warehouses, after clearing them of illegal weapon caches. The machine-like soldiers marched toward a helicopter that was landing for extraction. Sebariel felt rage well up as they indifferently moved through the wreckage of people’s lives, and then saw him; the dark green Spartan kneeling over a burned body, tenderly closing the eyes of a slain young child. As the Spartan looked up, Sebariel and he locked eyes. Sebariel didn’t try to hide his anger. He glared scathingly at what he saw as just a robot. After a moment, the Spartan rose and join his squad, and as he waited to board the chopper, his head hung low. Sebariel felt a gnawing feeling that this one seemed to be different...
Shaking his head, Sebariel returned to reality.

“Malcolm, eh? How’d you end up here?”
The soldier looked into Sebariel’s eyes. He knew this man, the one who gave him the killing look at the massacre. He remembered his name too.
“Sir, my ship was out of fuel from warp speed and I needed an emergency landing. I require contact with Aperture Laboratories.”
Sebariel raised an eyebrow in surprise. Most Spartans were much more demanding, or imperative. He decided respond with such civility.
“I’m afraid we are currently incapable of contacting anyone outside of a 5000 foot radius. We have suffered a hack from a sadistic super-computer, and our airport is suffering severe damage. You are basically stuck here, Malcolm.”
Letty shifted, uncomfortably.
"Um, sir? What are you going to do with him? What is he talking about?"
"He is a Spartan of the UNSC, a human bred and trained for combat.
Letty swallowed hard, while Malcom's eyes narrowed beneath his helmet.
"But this is a most inconvenient complication. Area 9 has gone dark, near the terraforming mishap, and I need capable warriors to accompany me in reconnaissance of the area.”

Malcolm stepped forward.
“I would like to offer my assistance if you would have it.”
Sebariel blinked in disbelief. The Spartan seemed sincere.
“Wait, huh?” Poor Letty was confused by these two’s reactions to each other, as well as the continued complications and the “Spartan” acting so bold yet compliant.
“…Very well. You will be under my command for this operation, Malcolm.” His tone was softer, but firm. “And you Mechiko, I would like to ask for your assistance.”
- Roughly 15 minutes elapsed during this post.-
Title: Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02
Post by: RubyC42 on April 16, 2013, 03:32:39 AM
Post 44

Naju Central - Military Base
Time: 05:45 / Approx 30 minutes after Post 43 by Souperion

Prerequisite* - Not long after the event of Post 41, Killian was sent back to Naju Central in order to request assisstance from the Communication Centre on locating Amet, while Akrn and Samuel remained at Area 5. Since at least 4 hours has passed between that event and This post, Killian has already arrived at the Base.

             Letty emerged from the Base's armoury after stocking herself with the arsenal and chips needed for the upcoming mission. Her exit from the armoury was spotted by Killian and Maiorico who were walking down the same corridor that the armoury was located on.

Killian -
      -- Letty! Where you going?
Letty, seeing Killian -
      -- Oh, you're back already? Did you find Amet?
Killian, sighing -
      -- Nope... I just came back to have the Communication Centre help out in tracking his signals and maybe some sort of triangulation will get at least the Area he's trapped in.
Maiorico -
      -- Where you going, though? I thought you were escorting some foreign Pilot to the holding room? Or did another Area just sent out an SOS signal for us GFs?
Letty -
      -- I was, but by some bizarre mix of fate or sinister premonition, the said pilot appeared to have prior relation with Officer Sebariel of SAFE. And on the same topic Sebariel have reported disturbances in Area 9 and has requested for our firepower.
Killian -
      -- Area 9*? Wasn't that the place we first sortied out when the Terraforming Disaster first started?
Letty -
      -- Yep, apparently the Clawbot that was released is wrecking havoc around the area, so we're needed to check up on that.
Maiorico -
      -- If that's the case, I'll get stocked up too!
Letty, seeing Maiorico heading into the armoury and leaving Killian and herself alone, hands Killian a small slip of paper -
      -- While you're there, have the Database look up on these things, too. If you please.
Killian, reads the note, which mentions the request to find out more about UNSC, Reach, Aperture, Spartans and everything else related to Malcolm -
      -- You got it. *starts walking off* well, I better hurry. I wish you all the best and if you need more help just send me a signal.

             The stocked up Letty and Maiorico made their way to the lobby, where Malcolm and Sebariel were waiting.

Letty, to Malcolm and Maiorico -
      -- Rico, this is Malcolm - and Malcolm, this is Maiorico, he maybe crazy at times, but he's very reliable as a GF.
Maiorico, offers his metallic hand, albeit somewhat hesitantly -
      -- H-hello there.

It is now 06:00.

## End Post ##

* - since multi-event posts are discouraged, instead of doing a gap-filling "This happened between Post X and Y", I decided to just shorten it and use a "Prerequisite" note to bring everyone within the same timeline. Hope this is preferred/acceptable.

* - I am also most likely dropping the titles I originally used for the Areas and will now refer them by their number only (Except for Area 0, which remains as 'Naju Central')
Title: Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02
Post by: Spudacus on April 16, 2013, 11:25:35 PM
Post 45
Time 6:01 AM right after post 44, in same setting.

Malcolm takes Maiorico hand in a firm shake
-?Hello, Maiorico. It?s an honor to serve with you and Letteria. I hope we can cooperate under these? unusual circumstances.? Pleased by a respectful tone, Maiorico?s confidence returned with a grin.
-?Well amico (friend) you?ll get the honor of seeing one of the most fantastico(fantastic) GF on Naju!? Letty punches his shoulder
-?Rico! Stop showing off, Akrn and Tetharil are way better than you!?
-?[ caza [/i] (What)!? I said one, didn?t I?!? Malcolm laughs, while Sebariel shakes his head.
-?I?ve learned we all are a little crazy. Besides confidence is luxury I haven?t had for a long time.? His voice drops as he is reminded of the desperate battles he fought on Reach, but Letty didn?t catch that last part.
-?Uh, sorry what??  Sebariel, impatiently:
-?Guardians, cut the chatter and follow me. Our transport will be arriving at the helipad within minutes? He began to ascend a nearby stair case, followed by Malcolm and the GFs, but Maiorico wasn?t satisfied.
-?Eh, what transport? I thought all Naju?s airforce was grounded with the pile up at the terminal!? Sebariel didn?t bother looking over his shoulder to respond.
-?That is true. But SAFE has their own resources, and a helicopter is en route to take us to area 9.? Letty, behind Malcolm.
?A helicopter? Isn?t that an old model to use?? They reached the top, which lead them to the roof top which didn?t look much like a helipad.
?It?s the best at our disposal that doesn?t need a runway. Now Guardian Mechiko, did you equip the bullet shield model that I issued you?? Letty nodded, remembering it was a relatively new weapon model, a level two system for defensive tactics.
-?Good. And Maiorico, is your grenade launcher equipped?? Playfully tossing a grenade in his hand:
-?All systems bene (good) to go!? The humming of rotors started to be heard and some twenty feet away the helicopter approached. Imitating Rico?s Italian:
-?Va bene (all right) Then we?re ready for deployment.? Sebariel was holding a compact combat shotgun, and was loading it as the speaking went on. Malcolm had been reequipped with his DMR, which he held at his side, his pistol holstered and the gravity hammer shouldered. They group formed a wide circle as the chopper landed and then seated up. There was silence for initially, but Rico:
-?Now to see some real action! My combat algorithms have been minimo (idle) for too long! While the flamboyant Italian seemed completely confident, Letty was fidgeting nervously.
This made Malcolm concerned and hoping to be of comfort he reached out to her.
-?Letaria, something wrong??
-?Umm, the last time we went to area 9, this huge machine appeared that fired all these beams and missiles. None of our weapons damaged it, and it smashed the place.? Malcolm turned to Sebariel, wanting to see what his plan was.
-?We?re not aiming to engage the invaders directly, Guardians. We?re scouting around the initial terraforming crater to identify their emergence point. Since the closest installation was completely destroyed, any close settlements need to be examined. Maybe the locals know something.? Suddenly, the pilot spoke over the choppers comm.:
-?A small settlement is within three kilometers of the crater site, identified as Luir. There?s smoke on the horizon, sir.? Sebariel narrowed his eyes.
-?Drop us off two kilos away. Guardians, I want you to provide air coverage in fighter form as Malcolm and I move in.?
-?Yes sir!?
-?Si Signore (Yes sir)!? The Maiorico leapt from his seat, performed an elaborate flip, and jetted away.
-?RICO! Wait for me!? Letty sprung after him in and entered a seamless diving transformation. As they flew along side the chopper, Malcolm turned his attention the strange fact that his AI Chyrl had been silent for almost an hour. Reaching via their mental connnection he searched for her.
-"Chyrl? Whats wrong? You havn't given me a conclusion." Her response was tinged with an emotional mixture he never heard from her, a blend of animosty and fear.
-"He hears me. Feels me. Muffles me." This shocks Malcolm. Being able to hear Chyrl would require either synchronized neural implants or psionic powers. Suddenly Sebariel's dark eye seemed a more sinister force. If he was suppressing Chyrl, was Sebariel really trusting the Spartan? Should he be trusted?
Time is about 6:25
End Post
PS: the Author apologizes for any poor/incorrect italian, his is based entirely off Assassin's creed 2 ::)
Title: Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02
Post by: Souperion on April 23, 2013, 06:37:47 PM
Post 46     
Area 9, near Luir
6:30 AM- 5 minutes after Post 45.
“Stay in a holding pattern, and keep your distance.”
Sebariel and Malcolm jump out of the helicopter, with smoking Luir just in sight. Malcolm sets off at strong pace at once, shifting into his mission mind set. Sebariel is hard pressed to keep pace, but manages to keep up, soon breathing hard.
To keep his mind off physical strain, he reflects on the Spartan. Using his psionics to peruse Malcolm’s mind, in effort to uncover his emotions about the mission, he had discovered some form of neural augment. Sebariel had heard of cybernetic mind enhancements used to control or regulate Spartans, which made him more suspicious. He decided to suppress it, to see just how Malcolm acted without it.
Soon, the settlement was close. Malcolm commented,
“Stay alert, there’s no knowing what’s here.” Sebariel replies,
“Agreed, watch out for the invaders. According to our reports, they are highly diverse in form.” His pupils dilate rapidly, and a blue blade of energy forms out of his left gauntlet. Malcolm nods in acknowledgement, and turns to Luir.

The area was reduced to a wasteland from the terraforming disaster. Most of the humble structures were ruined and crumbled, save a large warehouse that seemed to be mostly intact. After looking around for a while, the two resolve to check it out. Sebariel calls to Malcolm
-“I’ll check that structure out,” motioning to the warehouse, “cover me.”
-“Roger that. Be careful.”
Sliding his shotgun over his shoulder in its sling, he moves up to the large doors. Looking around, he sees no dials or panels on the thing, so he resolved to knock. After three loud clangs on the door he steps back, with a rugged sounding voice quickly answering from the other side.
-“Beat it, brutes! Yer not comin’ in here!”
Malcolm, coming up to the door at the sound of survivors, yells back;
-“We are here to help! Open the doors; we are not your enemies.”
The two hear several voices conversing in hushed tones behind the metal doors, an then,
Malcolm looks to Sebariel in confusion, while Sebariel quickly searches memory. This was an old security challenge, but he knew he was familiar with the counter sign…
   -“Chrome!” He calls back after a short moment. They hear excited voices inside.
The doors slowly scrape and creak open, revealing a dirty, tattered man with a full beard and what looked to be a full shotgun, and a few armed yet scared looking men and women.
-“Eh, yous ain’t any them monsters. Shoulda told me yous was human, we’ve been stuck here fer almost two days!” The bearded man lowers his weapon and steps forward, grinning with relief. Malcolm stepped forward, hand outstretched in a gesture of peace.
-“We are glad to see survivors. How many of you are there? Can you tell us what happened?” The man takes his hand in a firm shake, while Sebariel startles at a thought; the man had called a challenge. This form of field identification was used to identify friendly forces. Could the monsters TALK?

-“There be some forty more o’ us down in that there warehouse, Mr…”
-“As fer what happened, I dunno if I can rightly tell ya. After some big laser hit some ways off, swarms o’ varmints be running all o’re the place, so we all hunkered down in heres.” Sebariel shook his head.
-“We’re glad we found you. We’ll worry about additional information later. I’ll call in for an extraction for you people.” He switched on a transceiver and lifted it to his mouth.
-“Pilot, I’m requesting an air lift on my position, over.”
-“Roger that, on the way.”
Sebariel is about to lower the transceiver, but it starts vibrating to signal an incoming transmission.
   -“Sebariel here, who is…”
   -“Sir! This Letty, over!” her voice sounds urgent. Malcolm, hearing her tone, walks closer to hear, as Sebariel responds;
   -“I read you Letty. What’s wrong?”
   -“Sir, we’re picking up a large energy source, about five kilometers north of your area, and it’s moving pretty fast!” Rico adds over the radio,
   -“Signore! It could be that robot that attacked the area earlier!” He sounds excited. Malcolm, now concered,
   -“Do we have time before the chopper gets here?” Sebariel looks up, and sees it coming.
   -“We can get one load of people out of here safely. Tell the rest to take cover inside!” Lifting up the transceiver,
-“Letty! Maiorico! I need you overhead, ASAP!”
The chopper, now carrying 20 refugees, lifts off quickly, heading toward the central zone. Malcolm looks to Sebariel.
   -“What exactly are we up against here?” as he climbs over a pile of rubble, securing himself some cover.
   -“Some sort of airborne robot, with a powerful front based laser and missile systems, according to reports. I don't know if we can even stop it ” He had moved into a wrecked structure, steeling himself against whatever was to come. Malcolm, now scanning the sky with his DMR, nodded.
   -“Well, folks need heroes.”
End Post. Time elapsed, approximately 1 hour 5 minutes
Title: Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02
Post by: RubyC42 on April 24, 2013, 05:09:46 AM
Post 47
Edited 5th May - Translated some of Rico's words into Italian

Area 9 - Ruins of Luir
Time: 07:35 / right after Post 46 by Souperion

             Maiorico could be seen perched on the roof of an abandoned building, already transformed back to walking mode - while Letty remained as a fighter mode and was hovering directly above the location of Malcolm and Sebariel by request of Sebariel, not far behind the current location of Maiorico.

Letty, to Maiorico -
             -- Seeing anything, Rico?
Maiorico, its eye-cam zooming in on various locations in the horizon -
             -- Nulla... the smoke's too thick to see anything for definite, even the infra-red signals are blurry. It's as if they're deliberatly obscuring their true identity...
Sebariel, from below, through the transceiver -
             -- Wait, are you saying that it's not the metallic bot we're expecting from the reports?
Maiorico -
             -- Oh no, it's not that, the energy signature matches it to the Clawbot perfectly. I am more worried if there are any other tirapiedi (minions) that we need to worry about, since from the current observations, there appears to be MOLTI di loro (lots of them).
Sebariel -
             -- What, and how many "tirapiedis" are we talking about, exactly?
Maiorico, scanning the area -
             -- Anywhere from 30 to 75 of them, consisting of smaller aircrafts and robots ( Current estimate shows they'll be arriving within next 8 to 10 minutes.
Letty, to Sebariel -
             -- Do we have enough time to extract the survivors out of here?
Sebariel, looking at the departing helicopter -
             -- We already got half of them out of here, the rest have been told to remain inside the Warehouse where they were originally hiding out. We have to protect this structure at all costs!
Letty -
             -- Yes sir!
Maiorico -
             -- Sissignore!

             With that, the first sign of the incoming invaders could be seen in the horizon, their shadow poking through the mist of smoke before the other identifiable features becomes clearer as they neared the group.

Letty, somewhat nervously -
             -- Well, here they come, whatever they are...
Maiorico, getting his rifles ready -
             -- Andiamo!

Roughly 10 minutes elapsed in this post.

## End Post ##

* - I know the screenshot shows Area 10 instead of 9, but it's mostly used to demonstrate easier the enemies the team will be facing.
Title: Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02
Post by: Spudacus on April 28, 2013, 12:58:33 PM
Post 48
Area 9, Ruins of Luir
Time 7:55 ten minutes after Post 47 by Rubyc42

Fixated on the approaching dust cloud through his DMR?s scope, Malcolm suddenly makes out the form of a red robotic creature, running at break neck speed.-
-?I have visual! Engaging!? firing off a few rounds, he watches the head components crumble and the body stilled. But the sky is suddenly teeming with small, agile fighter crafts and a wide row of robots tear across the ground.
- ?Letty, Rico, target those air units! Malcolm, you and I take the ground!? As the robots closed in Sebariel raised his shotgun at the nearest, and fired. Though the machine exploded, a cluster of small jelly creatures remained in its wake. Firing another round, he takes cover behind a concrete wall as more approached. Above, Letty was performing evasive maneuvers as Rico fires two rifles at her pursuers.
-?Ha hahaha!  Eat plasma death, morire(Die)!?
-?Rico get them off me!!? Letty activates her bullet shield, producing a matrix of swirling energy bolts, absorbing the fighter?s bullets. Happy to comply, Rico deftly destroys several with rapid firing, but some get to close to Letty?s shield, which quickly fries them. Below, Malcolm quickly burns through his ammo trying to kill the charging robots as they surrounded the warehouse, leaving bizarre trails of pulsating slimes. Sebariel frantically tries to destroy them before they reach the civilians, slashing down the chargers with his psy blade and blasting the slime clusters. Rico fires both rifles at different targets amidst a growing cloud of smoke. As he stoops to reload, he?s suddenly struck from behind by a laser.

-?Se Caza?!? as he falls to his knees from shock, a blue variant of robot leaps to his roof top. It begins to raise its sledge like fist over his head, but is broken in two and disintegrated as Letty broadsides it at top speed.
-?My turn to save your life, Rico!? Getting back on his feet Rico raises his right rifle in salute.
-?Grazie Madonna! But this isn?t over yet!? He whips around, facing another jumper with a barrage of plasma and kicks the scorched pieces off the roof which squishes some slimes. Taking a chance to reload, Sebariel leans against some rubble looking for Malcolm. Having been surrounded by chargers, Malcolm had drawn his pistol and fired both his guns as he dodged several jumper beams. Pumping his shotty, Sebariel rose to assist him, but is bowled over by an unseen charger. Smashing into a wall, he curses as blood streams from his face and hands, shotgun knocked aside. The looming machine raises it?s fist like an anvil above his head. Malcolm see?s Sebariel about to die, but has a swarm of slimes between them. But he has one gambit to play. His left arm has an experimental portal device, able to temporarily create portals at the cost of his shielding.
-?Insufficient shielding.? Chyrl reminds him that his shield are already below half, dangerous to risk.
-?Good enough!? He fires a portal on the wall behind the charger and beneath him, drawing the gravity hammer. Right as the robot was going to crush Sebariel, he falls through the quantum tunnel and brings the hammer down on it, shattering its frame. Sheathing the hammer he hoists Sebariel to his feet.

-?You still combat effective?? Wiping the blood from his face Sebariel cracks a smile.
-?Why, you need a break? Thanks, Spartan.? Letty?s voice pops up on the comm, sounding worried.
-?Guys? I think they?re retreating!? Looking out, they see the chargers and jumpers leaving the debris littered battlefield. Still on the roof, Rico fires a few more blasts at the departing fighters.
-?Bon viago, had enough of Maiorico?s fury?? Sebariel bend over picking up his gun, scowling.
-?Stay frosty, Maiorico. I think they're regrouping. That claw bot's signiture it getting stronger on radar.? Letty lands next to Rico, her chips nearly depleted and out of breath. Wiping her forhead:
-"Do you think we can even beat it, sir?" Checking his low ammo, Sebariel's grip tightens. A low rumbling noise starts picking up.
-"Anything is possible, Letty."
End post, approx. 15 minutes elapsed
Title: Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02
Post by: RubyC42 on May 05, 2013, 02:54:46 PM
Post 49

Area 9 - Ruins of Luir
Time: 08:10

Letty, looking around, trying to think of some sort of plan -
             -- Do we have time to get the remaining survivors out of here? *looks to the horizon, then to Sebariel* where's the helicopter?
Sebariel, speaking into transceiver, then to Letty -
             -- Should be back any minute now. How long before the Clawbot arrives?
Maiorico -
             -- [No idea], I'd say 15 minutes, tops.
Malcolm, while guiding the remaining survivors to the landing site -
             -- So we are to bail ourselves out together with the remaining refugees?
Chyrl, the cybernetic mind enhancement of Malcolm, continuing to offer the glowing obvious -
             -- Insufficient time.
Maiorico -
             -- Shall we just [have a go] and blast it instead?
Letty, remembering the failed operation from few days ago (Posts 5~12) -
             -- What are you, crazy?! You'll just get yourself and all of us killed!
Sebariel, trying to keep the situation under control -
             -- Calm down Letty, panicking will not get you anywhere either. *the helicopter lands and Malcolm is loading the remaining survivors in* Alright, once we're set we're going to head to the Safe-Zone to unite with the rest of them. I want you, Letty and Maiorico, to continue offer air-support en-route!
Maiorico -
             -- [You got it!]
Letty, still nervous -
             -- I... uh, ok.

   Not long after the take off, the signals in Letty and Maiorico's detection systems are picking up a massive spike in energy levels from behind them. Letty's camera located inside her Flight-Module confirm sight that the regrouped invaders are closing in fast on the lot.

Letty -
             -- Erm Guys? They're closing in on us!
Maiorico -
             -- At this rate we're all going to get swarmed before we even get half-way to the Safe-Zone!

             With that, the whole group places their eyes on Sebariel - hoping for some kind of guidance or decision from him.

Duration of this post is open for interpretation  (could be 25 minutes, could be 1 hour)

## End Post ##
Title: Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02
Post by: Souperion on May 05, 2013, 10:04:49 PM
Post 50

9:00 AM- Over area 9-

Sebariel isn’t new to pressing matters, but the situation is far from optimal. He glances behind them, and reckons that there were too many for Rico and Letty to handle alone, and the Claw Bot was now visible. He realizes it is time to take chances.
“Alright, we can do this. Rico, Letty, evasive maneuvers, lead them away! Malcolm, I’ve got an idea, but it puts us at risk…”
“Just tell me what to do.”
“We can’t draw these things into the safe zone. You and I are going to have jump.”
“You serious?”
“We can handle it on the ground, if we work this right, but we can’t jeopardize these people and the safe zone. I might be able to reach a friend, too.”
“Got it. Hold on to me!”
Without another word, Malcolm takes hold of Sebariel, and jumps out into the wasteland below, activating his armor lock.
Rico watches the chopper soar away, and then diverts his eye to the incoming invaders.
“Letty, if you’ll watch my back, I’ll break their ranks, va bene?”

“K, just be careful.” Letty is still in a bit of a panic, but Rico’s confidence strengthens her resolve. The two start darting across the sky, Letty filling the air with energized death, Rico with his new grenades. Down on the ground, Malcolm fires off his pistol, while Sebariel is fixed on the Claw Bot. He had sent out his distress call, and was trying to figure out how to stop the chrome menace. Its rockets were easy enough to handle, but its laser was going to be a problem before long. The cannon opened up, gathering energy for another blast. An idea burst into his head. Focusing hard, he directed his psionics at that point, trying to force it upon the Claw bot.
Momma mia!” Rico rolls away as the energy combustion emits a shockwave through the air. Slightly enraged, he launches a grenade at the Bot, and is quite pleased as the detonation blows the Claw Bot’s main cannon apart.
Magnifico! How do you like that!?”
“Nice work Rico! Keep yourself in the game though!” Letty dives to shake off some pursuing aircraft. There are simply too many enemies to handle. Malcolm and Sebariel stand back to back, with only blade and hammer to meet the chargers.
“Looks pretty hopeless, Sebariel. Any more bright ideas?”
“Beyond staging a courageous last stand, not much. It’s been a heck a ride, but…”
“Stop. Hammer time.”

Just as both air and ground are filled with invaders, the four hear something different. An engine roar. Coursing across the wastes at a reckless speed is some manner of armored jeep, with plasma machine gun mounted on the back. The machine comes crashing through the host of foes, and Malcolm, seeing an opportunity, leaps onto the platform, taking control of the gun.
“Halex! You crazy beast!” Sebariel recognizes the driver, and the reckless driving style.
“No time to talk, brother. Keep wrecking!” As Malcolm mows down charging robots, Halex zips through the machines. Letty, seeing an opening and hatching a plan, again dives.
“Malcolm! Hold out your arms!” Bewildered, Malcolm quickly complies, looking up. Letty, flying low, snatches him up with the flight module hitches. Pulling up, she heads straight at the Claw Bot, which was still firing missiles off manically.
“Letty, what are you…?”
“Just get ready to smash it!” Coming within meters of the robot, Letty lets go of Malcolm who, without time for the hammer, swings his fist at the damaged section with all the force he can muster. The impact sends him sailing off of the robot, with Letty coming in to pick him up. The blow shatters the Claw Bot’s plating, and the burning wreck crashes to the ground. Rico sails in, shifting to walker mode on top of the wreckage with one leg up on the bot.
“Mess with the best, die like the rest!”

Halex pulls up to the crash, as Letty lands next to Rico, giving him a playful punch in the shoulder. Malcolm stands next to the two, and Sebariel comes to Halex.
"Good to see you again, Halex."
"I'm glad I got here in time, though it looked like you and those gaurdians had it pretty well under controll."
"Thanks anyway. Say, what are you doing here? I thought you said you were heading to area 3."
"I was, and it turns out, Area 9 isn't the only with trouble."
"More Terraforming disasters?" Letty doesn't like that idea at all.
"No, ma'am, but something like it. I wasn't able to pinpoint the problem, but it needs attention. We also havn't had any luck looking for the lost Guardian."
"Amet! Our Piasano still lost out there!" Rico looked to Letty, who nodded in agreement. Malcolm, looking around, adds in.
"How is the progress on the airport? That could be a lot of help right now." Sebariel looks around, and nods.
"We certainly have a lot of options right here for our next objective. I personally wanted to interview some of the survivors, but that is less urgent than other matters. It comes down to this; what should we do?"
-It is now 10:00- (I'll be adding a short description of Halex in the sign up sheet soon)
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Post 51

10:00 AM, in area 9
Malcolm eyes his empty ammo pouches and then Sebariel?s blood stained hands.
-?I would suggest an evac to resupply, we were hardly prepared to fight a small army. My shields have also been over spent, and need some charging.? Letty checks her chip count.
-?Yeah, I?m pretty much outta chips. And I took some hits up there.? Halex looks them over briefly, then looking at Sebariel, smiling:
-?Looks like that firefight got thick for you. You look like crap, Seb!? Looking at his own wounds, Sebariel shrugs.
-?This is nothing like what I went through at Norion during the phaazon crisis. But yes, we aren?t really fit to stay out here. Can you get us back to the safe zone, Halex?
-?Sure thing, with that mecha-masher gone, the area seems pretty clear. The guardians need a lift too?? Maiorico rolls his shoulders virgorously.
-?Maiorico can always fly, Signore! But I think Madonna   (lady) Letty could use a little reposo(rest).? Letty glares at his beaming face for a moment, but gives a small sigh as she takes a seat in the back.
-?Right, Rico, Keep an eye out for any stragglers. Halex, let?s move.? Sebariel takes shotgun and Malcolm gets on the turret platform, idly leaning on the gun. As the engine guns up, Rico again takes the skies, and they begin the journey back.

After a few moments of silence, Sebariel looks back at Malcolm. Then to Halex:
-?That Spartan saved my life, Halex.? With amused surprise, Halex also takes a look at him.
-?Spartan? I heard that pilot was something unusual.?
-?Very. He?s S-320, Malcolm Jurthain. He was at the torch and burn of colony *Szeroa, way back. But I?m not sure if he?s any different than those killing machines they call Spartans. He?s got some kind of neural lace intelligence, but I?ve been locking it down since I met him.? Halex frowns and brushes his long hair out of his face.
-?Sebariel, you know those Spartans aren?t made to deal with people, their super soldiers. They serve the UNSC who abducted and changed them. Don?t hate him for what his orders are. You and I have had our own controversies**. He?s helping us now, when we could use all the hands we can get.? Sebariel stares at the landscape in thought. Maybe he has been quick to judge. He?d leave Malcolm?s Chryl alone for now, but he would keep an eye on his actions.
 Letty in the back wearily reclines,
-?Gee, I hope Akern and the other?s have found Amet. I?m worried sick about him.? Rico pipes up over the comms:
-?Don?t fret Letty, I?m sure they?ve found our wayward comrade and will be waiting for us at casa dolce casa (home sweet home)!? Letty rubs her head in exasperation:
-?What a day, and it?s not even lunch yet!?

Now may be a good time to divert the story back to Akern and co. or Rey/Amet.
End post Approx 5-30 minutes
*Not a real Halo location, made to due to lack of an appropriate existing incident
**Souperion has liberty to divulge "Controversies" whenever necessary.
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Post 52 (2 parts)

Part 1
in the Safe-Zone far away from Luir, near the border of Area 9 and the Western-Zone of Area 0*

Letty, interviewing the refugees and scribbling notes on a notepad -
             -- you're saying that they suddenly appeared from the West, further than the Habitability Boundary?
Refugee A -
             -- Yes Ma'am, they are nothing like we have seen before
Refugee B -
             -- And next thing we know, the whole village was up in flames! We were the lucky ones to escape alive...

             As the interviewing continued on, Letty passed over pages after pages of the script over to Maiorico, who then passed them over to Sebariel and Hailox who had been taking their needed lunch and reloading their weaponry. After everything was done, the group then huddled together into another tent where Sebariel and Halex had been analysing the scripts.

Sebariel, still looking through the pages -
             -- From the description that we got, it appears consistant that one of the Corridors in Area 9 was either accidentally or deliberately opened which allowed the Clawbot and those minor enemies to flow out in such a quantity.
Maiorico -
             -- The "Corridors"? You mean the ones that link the ground with the "Below-Surface Worlds"?
Sebariel -
             -- From the looks of things, it appears to be the only possibility.
Letty -
             -- I have only heard of them, never thought they are infact real!
Maiorico -
             -- So I guess we will have to go back the place a [big] bung on top of the Corridor's opening and we're done? Si?

   Seemingly determined to get to the bottom of this, Sebariel decided to exit the tent and jump into the driver's seat of the Jeep.

Maiorico, running out after Sebariel -
             -- Ehi! Where you going?!
Halex -
             -- You're not really thinking about heading back to Luir, are you?!

< End part >

Part 2
Corridor 21, The Naju Core - Database Chamber

             Killian Rhodallister could be seen entering a massive, fully computerised chamber. This is where the entire Naju Database is kept, maintained and archived - anything from the population living on Naju, the Guardian Fighters, the original TGL story with Miria, and the like to almost everything else in the wider universe, as known by the people and the data that have contacted Naju during its lifetime. (e.g. contractors)

             Its importance to the Naju infrastructure would be the major reason that not even the Guardian Fighters were permitted access - Killian had to go through tedius security checks and authorisations just to get access to some of The Database's records; and it was only due to the urgency of the Terraforming-Disaster that the Military echelons processed his paperwork in hours.

Database Operator, seeing Killian entering -
             -- Ah, there you are!
Killian -
             -- Found anything?

             The Database Operator went over to the printer and picked up a pile of paper, somehow struggling to keep hold of them as he made his way across the room and placed it on the table in front of Killian

Killian, looking at the pile of paper -
             -- What, all that?!
Database Operator -
             -- Well, you did ask for everything, didn't you?
Killian -
             -- Uhh, yeah I did. Anything of major that would concern Naju as a whole?
Database Operator, points to the top of the pile, where the paper are printed on different colour to differenciate between the rest -
             -- Yep, the top few pages would be what the Database has calculated. Of course there's a high possibility that the results could be outdated since it's been a while since anything related to Aperture had contact with Naju...
Killian, picks up the top page and glances at the summary, visibly shaken by what the Database is postulating -
             -- Well... I'll be damned if this is true***.

             With that, Killian placed the paper back on top of the pile, picked up the lot while struggling with it the same way as the operator had when he carried them from the printer.

Killian -
             -- Well, need to get back to the Base, I hope the Communication Centre have pinpointed which Area Amet Velpiks is currently trapped in...
Database Operator, stopping Killian after being reminded of the name of Amet -
             -- Oh yeah, speaking of which.
Killian, stopping -
             -- What is it?

             The operator went to the console to have the printer print out some more things - when that was done he placed the newly printed papers on top of Killian's already loaded pile, face-down.

Database Operator -
             -- You will need these too****
Killian, Slightly puzzled-
             -- ...oookay then *exits the room*

< End part >

It's now roughly 12:30 (all parts)

## End Post ##

* - Instead of Area 0 containing just Naju Central, I think it will be expanded so that it will accesses all the Areas accessible on the Front Side (like in the actual TGL Game), it could even have more cities and settlements, too.

** - In the game, Corridor 21 is where Miria sets off the Self-destruct and bails out of Naju, in here maybe it could be treated as the real core of Naju - so if the invaders get in there and destabilise the Database it's all over :bluelander: (which also means should SHODAN make a revival, it will be the primary target to take over, although with Naju's security it will be a near-impossible ask - also, Naju Fringe division is unconnected to Naju Core)

If anyone also played Phantasy Star IV, the Naju Core is also an indirect reference to Nurvus of Motavia.

*** - Spudacus has the liberty to come up with whatever the Database came up with.

**** - they are the records about Rey Seightmour, of course that will be UserK to decide on what is on it
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Post by: UserK on May 10, 2013, 02:13:46 PM
Post 53
Location: Rey base camp, -755.4103, -1421.2027 planetary coordinates.
Time: late afternoon.
Previous posts:

Amet is fiddling with the old radio equipment. Suddendly, the power led on the rusty box turns blank, as the last drop of electricity available is routed to the nearby deployable turrets. He immediately turns to the incoming danger, rifle in hand, only to see his new partner approaching holding a bent iron rod with two tentacular creatures impaled.

Amet:Could you could at least set up those turrets to power on completely after target identification?
Rey:I guess I could. Not my primary interest so far.
Amet:Is the radio functional? I couldn't find a single active frequency!
Rey:Of course not.

Disappointment has been growing rampart in the rookie Guardian for the last few hours and this last vague reply didn't help in building a cooperative environment. With a stretch of will, Amet keeps this feeling for himself, as he figures out the harsh irony of mildly hating the first human he has talked to in hours, hours spent in trying to talk to someone.
He silently watches the worn out soldier getting nearby a flat rock. With two pieces of rough wood, Rey pulls off the two dead creatures from the rod before starting to cut them to pieces using the laser beam from his rifle. He picks up the two white nuclei and throws them down the small ridge housing the camp.

Amet:So I guess dinner is your primary interest right now?
Rey:Breakfast. We got to boil this meat at least 8 hours before it gives up killing.
Amet:So we might have some time to talk about what will happen next I guess.

While the crude preparations were going on, Amet couldn't avoid realizing he was somewhat put off by this guy. Since the beginning, pulling out a single word from him was a real effort. It was like talking dealt pain to him and as much as Amet tried to understand the results of spending years here alone, he had an increasingly prominent feeling of being considered very little.

Amet:What are we going to do now?
Rey:We have enough wood. We just make sure water keeps boiling.
Amet:Yes, I got that. I mean, what are we going to do tomorrow?

No reply. As Rey turns to take some wood, Amet feels his blood pumping up: he jumps back to Rey and as he turns back, Amet sends him to the ground with a punch to the jawbone.

Amet:Shit dude! What the hell are we going to do? What's wrong with you man! Do you think I am some kind of allucination?
I'm here and I'm real damn it! Do you need to got beaten up to figure that out? What are we going to do? To get out of this shit!

Amet immediately realizes he might have been punching him way too hard but to his own surprise, the soldier doesn't seem to suffer the hit as much as expected - "I'm sorry, I don't know what..." the guardian says, while helping Rey to get back up on his feet.

Amet:Look, I... It's all my fault really but... I saved your life some hours ago. We are a team now. We must communicate. Plan ahead. I believe I won it, right?

As silence fills again the camp, Amet gets the impression nothing of what just happened had any effect. Suddendly, he somehow begins to accept the idea that maybe he really deserved little consideration. Perhaps everything is an allucination.

Rey:No. It isn't your fault. It is mine.

It's just that... I don't know what to do now.
Amet:What's the damn problem?
Rey:I hoped to pick up the signal again today. When I turned on the radio and couldn't get it... I just wanted to keep going.
Amet:But this is not a problem! What are we going to do next?
Rey:This is the problem. I cannot figure it out. I have a few things to do and I cannot decide what's more important.
Amet:Nonsense! I tell you we need to get rescued for first! How difficult could it be? We're going to do the rest once we get some help, it's going to be much easier once other Guardians are there.
No reason in wasting time. Just leave it to us later. We need to get found.
Rey:Preferably alive. I almost got killed twice yesterday. I don't want to...
Amet:And we made it there anyway! Together we made it anyway. We take the risks, now it's time for the good things. We can do more and still keep breathing!

Amet stares at the worn soldier. Somehow he has the impression the gears are now turning.

Rey:Ok... getting found first.
So we need food. For two days at least.
Amet:What's the deal?
Rey:We'll take the radio to the Sky Stabber. Up there, we might be able to pick up. We'll have to go through difficult ground and we might not afford hunting.
Amet:That's the plan!
Rey:So, tomorrow we'll split in two and go hunting. I'll tell you what you need to catch. And we need clear water.

As Guardian's artillery specialist, Amet clearly understood the need to wait for the better but this wasn't one of those cases.
"I don't see why should I wait for tomorrow" - says the Guardian - "I'll get my part right away". A few minutes later he sets foot outside the camp.

Rey:Don't forget to bring something for me as well! Perhaps I'll start to truly believe this is happening for real!

Amet thinks
What the hell did he just say?
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Post 54     
12:30 PM Western Area 0: Refugee Camp- Immediately after Post 52 Part 1   

Sebariel looks back at Halex, his countenance one of steely resolution.
"Yes, I'm going to get to the bottom of this, right now. I won't let this turn into another Ghathic!" He turns on the jeep, and spins out, heading back toward area 9, calling out,
"I?ll be back in a few hours, if at all!" Rico starts running after him, then whips around.
"I'm going after him! Arrivederci (see you later)!? With that Rico shifts into fighter mode and jets after the jeep. Halex rubs his forehead in annoyance, while Letty bewilderedly looks around.
?What?s up with Sebariel? What?s Ghathic? Why can?t anyone act normally around here?? Halex, looking up, sighs, and starts walking back to the tent, motioning the others with him.

?Ghathic is?was, a small settlement, far off in a remote corner of human space. Long story short, SAFE was informed of seismic uprising around the area, and ordered a small force, myself and Seb included, to keep an eye on the place. Turns out, the seismic was an upwelling of some kind of a nerve gas that burst from the ground around the area, which made the people violently ill. Our force was withdrawn from the town to avoid contamination, and then, a few days later, we were sent in to clean up. This stuff tweaked the people, bad. Made them into monstrous things. What was worse is that they were still human, just with hideous bodies. They plead for help, even as their bodies were warped and going out of their control. Seb and I had to mercy kill these people, without even having the chance to try to help. It hurt him, in the head. This was major controversial point for SAFE, and Sebariel, who once trusted it so much, was more than a little displeased. He was angry with SAFE for the carelessness of that operation, so much that he almost left.?

Letty was unsettled by the tale, as was Malcolm, who had removed his helmet to eat earlier.
?Is this why he hates the UNSC for the Szeroa massacre so much? Was that what made him hate Spartans as he does?? Halex nods, mournfully. He seems ready to space out into thought, but shakes his head.
?Well, I think he will be fine. Rico too. Let?s just let them be for now. We have enough to worry about on hand. Once we have finished with these refugees, we ought to head Naju Central. I need to file a report, and we all need to be ready for what?s next.?
-Time here is now 12:40-

Meanwhile, Sebariel arrives at Luir. Driving around the village, he contemplates where to look. After a moment, he resolves to go to the mining facility nearby, where the Guardian had first encountered the monsters. Once he reaches it, he jumps out, and starts to head towards the crater when he hears on his com,
"Ehi! Signore!" Turning around in surprise, he see's Maiorico landing behind him.
"Rico? What are you doing here?"
"Trying to figure out what you're doing here, Signore. Besides, I wanted in on whatever action is going on!" Sebariel had to laugh. He liked the flamboyant Guardian.
?Just call me Sebariel, amico (friend). I?m here to find the corridor entrance.?
?Bene! I love explosions!? Sebariel smiles again, and motions for Rico to follow him. The two begin to approach the crater, cautiously. Wading through the wreckage, they find a large, broken metal seal, that seemed very old but in very good condition, despite the large fracture splitting the two slides.
?This doesn?t look like a mining seal.? Sebariel looks around, seeing if it had any semblance to nearby structures.
?Maybe it?s the seal, Seberial. Shall we take us a look?? Rico walks up to the seal, and looking around and finding nothing threatening, turns to Sebariel, who is walking up to the entrance.
?Yes, we need to find the root of this problem.?
--They are now around 1:30--
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Post 55
12:00, an unknown sector of Area 9

Standing at the point of ledge, gazing to the east his face is a craven mask of resentment. His black plated hands clench at his sides, sharing the hue of the rest of his armor. A few locks of metallic silver hair wind around his face from his headgear. A heavy foot steps are heard from his back, but he does not face the sound.

-?You did not come when summoned, ungrateful wretch. The pronged slayer has been destroyed albeit your negligence.? The low, rumbling voice drips with poorly concealed anger.

-?I am called by none. I am a tool no longer.? His own voice had the biting quality of steel, ringing of resentment. This he said finally turning to match the gaze of his confronter. The creature ( was nearly eight feet tall with large limbs covered in dark blue plating. Its narrow head wore a crested helmet and red runes spotted its armor.

-?From a tool I would expect no gratitude. But a warrior, or whatever it is you claim yourself to be, at least knows the respect of his rescuer. You are quick to forget I bought your freedom from the depths, guardian!? This name was last he desired for himself. Raising his fist up to the creature?s face he declared;

-?I will not hear that name again! I shall scourge all who bare that name until my mortal foe lies broken before my feet!? In emphasis, he produced a red cutter laser that nearly touched the creature?s chin. From its forearm, a long, curved blade whipped out, which it slowly used to push the upheld weapon to the ground. Then, in a mounting voice of command:

-?Insolence will neither avail you, or be tolerated. You know my power, and would do well to not confront it! Your petty rivalry pales before the task of unbinding Naju. The parasites set their teeth into its flesh, and even now the opened corridor is threatened! As the true heir to this world, I shall it released of the chains! The corridors must be opened!? Lowering his arms, the black one looked again to the east.

-?The guardians thwart you, Erajiv. They destroyed the clawbot or, the pronged slayer, as you called it. I shall end them, smite their ruin upon the face of Naju, and the corridors bothered no longer.? Turning his back after this, he fighter shifted and streaked across the sky. Snarling, Erajiv turned to crater entrance of Corridor 19.
-?Very well, Callisto*, but if you fail to heed my call, I will take my claim over your shattered frame!?
*That was the name I picked up for the other guardian
End Post approx 10 min. passed
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Post 56 (2 Parts)

Part 1
Naju (Backside)
Some distance away from Rey's Base Camp
Time: "Late afternoon" as identified by Post 53

             It's been a long time since Amet used his sniper rifles, an event that was met with relief as it was his sole purpose as the Guardian Fighters' dedicated Sniper, in addition, carrying the heavy equipment was mighty exhausting on this uneven terrain; even if they were used for totally different role here - hunting.

             Over the preceding years he was so used to just picking out targets in one place and have other people pick up the pieces later, the force of habit that had developped made him forget that this time he had to pick up the animals he picked off himself, a task he initially saw as demoralising for a sniper, but given their current predicament he just had to grin and bear it.

             During the course of the next 40 minutes [since end of Post 53] he took down various targets: a slime here, a quadruped there, a flying thingy up there, a mushroom down here - he had no idea what sort of living beings are edible on this enigmatic side of Naju so he had to rely on Rey for proper dietary recommendations. He just thought that there will be at least some animals he picked off that could at least last them until they're rescued out of this place.

             The trip back to the camp was even worse for the Guardian; he had walked pretty far out in order to get a better angle of sight as well as making sure the Camp would not fall in any danger for the duration of the hunt. He found himself needing to take quick breaks every 400 metres or so, so the mechanical gears within his own system can cool down sufficiently to continue the journey - it was brought to the limit having to support the weight of both his gears and the game 'food' he picked. It was also starting to rain heavily on that side of the Naju world, too.

Amet, upon returning to the Base and dropping the huge pile of hunted animals and stuff, smoking* and soaked in rain -
             --, these enough to last the both of us?

< End part >
== The duration of Amet's trip back to the camp is open for interpretation.
== * - smoking was due to the water vapour coming off Amet's overheated body, which might give him some hideous appearance to Rey

Part 2
Naju (Frontside)
Area 9 - the crater with the opened Corridor 19
Time: Immediately after Post 54 Part 2 (13:30)

             Both Sebariel and Maiorico look downed the gaping hole that is the entrance into Corridor 19, both overcome by curiosity of what may lurk down there. But Sebariel is certain that the Clawbot and the other enemies emerged from his location and he needs to find out where are they coming from and how to plug this hole so they no longer surface and threaten Naju's Colonies.

             Maiorico was visibly unsatisfied when Sebariel told him to stay above surface to watch out for any new hostilities that may come - as Sebariel doesn't want both of them to be trapped in what appear to be the only passageway between the Below-Surface World and the Surface so that should some mysterious person come over and re-close the corridor seal they would be trapped down there, perhaps permanently.

             Though, with the anxiety in finding out about what laid below the Corridor's seal made Maiorico all but too fixated at every move Sebariel made, he was totally unaware that someone was sneaking up behind him.

Maiorico, shouting down the Corridor entrance -
             -- Hey, seeing anyth-

             Before Maiorico could finish his sentence, he felt a huge smack and a massive electric shock striking on the back of his head. A split second later a metallic crash could be heard by Sebariel, who have already entered the Corridor and was about 15 metres below the surface when the crashing sound reached him.

Sebariel, oblivious to what just happened above -
             -- Rico? Everything alright??

< End part >
== It's approx 13:45 on this part.
== Of course, it's noone other than Erajiv that knocked Maiorico out.

## End Post ##
Title: Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02
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Post 57
12:45 Naju Central, Office of Naju Intelligence
Major Edit May 22 to UNSC Universe, See Re: Text based RP Character Sheet sign-up (& general thoughts, ideas, OOC chatting) Replys 153-56

The second in command of Naju Central, Colonel Shores, looks over a large pile of papers brought in by Killian.

-“Everything pulled up on the UNSC and this Spartan? My word, what has bureaucratic paralysis come to?”

-“Colonel, I was requested to deliver this by Letearia Mechiko after the Safe Officer Talaince interviewed the pilot. And frankly, I want to know what this is all about.”
Shores groans. Killian was never a respecter of office, and if it wasn’t for his usual politeness, he would have requested neural reconfiguration.

-“Well Rhodallister, our visitor seems to be a Spartan super soldier, produced by the United Nations Space Command of Earth, who helped initiate the Naju colonization. Spatans are used to quell rebellions and perform operations in Earths interests.” Looking over some of the papers he shakes his head.

-“ Why did database bother with so much material? This is just one Spartan. Let’s see here… ah, image confirmation. Name, Malcolm Jurthain, S120, not familiar with that number. Recent deployment, Aperture installation Isotope 04, location classified? What the heck is Aperture?” Killian holds out a packet:

“Maybe this will explain something?” Adjusting his officer hat, Shores scans the sheets.

-“Perpetual Testing initiative… started 1968, adopted by UNSC in recent decades? What kind of testing is this? Did they use it for Spartans? Honestly, I must write a complaint to the USF to procure an explanation.”

-“So this Malcolm, what’s he doing here?” Shores begins typing on his desk computer.

-“Heck if I know. But our communications are almost back up, and contact will be reestablished with USF. You are dismissed, Rhodallister.” Killian doesn’t budge.

-“With all respect, sir, I’m under the command of Akrn. That abstract mentions some kind of research on quantum tunneling. Did they have anything to do with the Fringe division?” Shores narrows his eyes.

-“That is not to be discussed here, Rhodallister. I don’t know why this Aperture information was pulled with the UNSC, but its classified information and you, Guardian, are not cleared to view it.” Killian shrugs then turns to the door.

-“Very well. I’ll head off to regroup with Akrn, it seems that Amet went dark in the southern hemisphere, near the habitation boundary. He leaves

End post, Approx 25 minutes.
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Post 58
Naju Front side—Area 9: corridor 19 crater. 13:45 (Immediately following post 56 part 2.)
(Note: The crater is in the form of a large cave-like opening.)

Sebariel takes off at a sprint towards the surface, drawing his shotgun. He never liked the sequence of a crash, then silence. As he comes to the mouth of the crater, he see’s something coming at his head out of the corner of his eye. Swinging the shotgun up, he blocks the blade of a massive creature with a dark countenance. Sebariel quickly realizes he can’t out muscle the monster, and deftly allows the monster to finish the swing, with him stepping aside and swinging his fist up, striking its chest. With a slightly winded growl/grunt, the blue creature returns the favor, sending Sebariel into a dirt wall. Wiping the blood from his face for the second time that day, Sebariel glares.

-“Oh, it’s on.” Bringing up the shotgun he somehow managed to hold onto, he gives the creature a blast, which knocked the assailant back.
-“Petty worm! Lie down and die, for it will be more pleasant than what I may do while you struggle!” The monster brought the fearsome blade up again, and coiled the arm back while advancing on Sebariel, who managed to get himself out of the wall.
-“I’m not acquainted with the aspect of surrender. What did you do to Maiorico!?”
-“If you refer to the paltry guardian, he is unlikely to stir again.”
-“You will regret that. Very. Much.” With energy blade now readied, he charges at the creature, which parries the attack and sends Sebariel tumbling onto the ground.
-“You cannot overcome me, weakling. Erajiv is far above your disgusting pettiness.” His blade charged with electricity, he thrusts at Sebariel. Rolling aside, he dodges and finds himself on his feet.

Moments later, the two are locked in mortal combat. Sebariel knows he is losing. His shotgun was ineffective against the monster’s armor, though the shots had angered him. Ducking a strike, he glances about for an idea. His eyes briefly rest on an old looking fusion coil, likely a mining power source, lying near the mouth of the crater. An idea strikes him, and a blow from Erajiv nearly does as well. Breaking for the cavern maw, he, positions himself between Erajiv and the coil.
-“Just what are you after anyway? Is this fight necessary?” Erajiv laughs at the human, both for running and for trying to communicate.
-“You, fool, are meddling with me. You need know nothing else before you die that you are in my way.” With that, he again charges his blade, and starts to lunge at Sebariel.
-“I think I can fix that!” Sebariel shouts, as he sidesteps the attack. Swiftly bringing up his shotgun, he aims at the fusion coil Erajiv is unknowingly charging towards, and, with a wild yell, pulls the trigger.

The explosion isn’t massive or exceedingly forceful, but it does the job. Erajiv is thrown into the cavern, and as he roars, the explosion’s force causes a cave in. When the dust settles, Sebariel, sore, strained, and cut-up, starts looking around for his departed friend. He finds Maiorico some 15 meters from the cavern, from the looks of it thrown. There is a large gash in the back of the metallic head, with blood oozing gently from the flesh and circuitry exposed. Rolling Rico onto his front, Sebariel sees if he can save him.

After bandaging up Rico's head, and stopping the blood flow, he starts fiddling with wires, trying desperately to figure out if Rico was still alive. He brings two wires together, and a spark shoots out.
-“Bzzzzert, wirrrr, zzzzzirrrrptyuuuup. Error, error, file not fou-fou-found.” Sebariel almost woops with relief. Rico still had some life in him, though it seemed that it was just programming that was making him speak. As Sebariel continues, his cyborgic companion’s AI keeps going.
“*Error code 37 has occurred. Si prega di consultare il manuale utente (Please consult user Manuel.”
-“101110100111010100 codealopogal fulmination logarithm. Please blow on cartridge.”
Pressing a few select buttons on Rico's internal control board, Sebariel crosses his fingers.
-“**Look at you, hacke-r-r-thank you for choosing Naju RnD. May I take your order?”
-“A miracle would be a good start.”
-“Please insert pie to proceed. Binary tracflowsion optimized and toasty. Provide Tesla algorithm now.”
-“ARRRGG!” In frustration, Sebariel kicks Rico's flight module.
-“Ooh, mia testa (my head). Uhhhg.” Rico stirs, limbs feebly stirring.
-“Rico! I thought I lost you there!” Rico looks up at Sebariel painfully, and groans again.
-“Where are we? What happened?” Gathering Rico in his arms, Sebariel heads to the jeep.
-“I’ll tell you on the way. We need to get you patched up in Naju central.”

As the jeep moves off, the soil of the collapsed cavern stirs. A large blue arm bursts out. Erajiv pulls himself from the ground, growling with indignation at being outsmarted by the wretch. The thrill of battle had carried away his caution, and toying with the human cost him greatly. The sealed entrance angers him greatly, but he knows that there are more, many more corridors that may be freed.

It is now 13:50 on this side. The trip back may take up to 30 minutes.
*Diablo 3 reference
**System Shock Reference.
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Post 59 (2 Parts)

Part 1
Area 0 West - Refugee Camp
Time: 14:20

             After making sure everything is alright at the refugee camp, Letty spent the past hour or so typing up the report about Luir on her arm laptop - when she had it done and sent back to the base Halex also had Letty request an urgent passenger shuttle to bring the refugees back to the safety of Naju Central.

             The roar of the jeep could be heard coming from a distance; Halex knew instantly that it was the round of his beloved Alexis the Jeep that Sebariel impolitely took earlier to return to Luir. The group ran out of the tent to greet the duo when they arrived back to the camp.

             Seeing Maiorico with his head tightly band-aided almost made Letty scream; like the worried girl, she ran over to him almost in tears as Maiorino told her what happened earlier at Corridor 19 - as told by Sebariel on the way back here. It took Maiorico a lot of effort to reassure Letty that despite the damage he is mostly intact; although he, begrudgingly, admitted that he will be out of action until he is fully fixed back in Naju Central. All the meanwhile Sebariel showed Halex and Malcolm the captured image of Erajiv, but both of them could only shake their heads to display that they have no idea who this blue-monster was.

Halex -
             -- So you managed to close the Corridor?
Sebariel -
             -- Could only block the entrance to it to get away from Erajiv, as he called himself, and get Maiorico back here in one piece. What?s the situation here now? Are we safe?
Halex -
             -- Just waiting for the shuttle to arrive so we can all head back to Naju Central and sleep!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

             An hour later (15:20), excitements rang out throughout the camp, Sebariel, Malcolm and Halex moved out of their tent to observe what went on - in the horizon they saw a large passenger shuttle arriving and landing in a flat field.

Malcolm -
             -- Well, it's finally here!
Horaculous, the Anthropomorphic Lemur ( jumps off the shuttle and greets the group -
             -- Yo! You rang for a shuttle service?
Halex -
             -- We did, we need to get these refugees, the survivors of the Luir incident, back to the protection of Naju Central! What happened was that---
Horaculous  -
             -- It's ok, I got the message from Guardian Letearia about it all, so where are the-- *sees Malcolm already guiding the refugees onto the shuttle* well, that guy is automatic, isn't he?

Wasting no time, Letty pulled Horaculous away from Halex.

Letty -
             -- Any update on Amet's situation?
Horaculous -
             -- Y-yeah, Killian told me before we left that he went dark near the Habitability Boundary South-West of Area 5, but where he is exactly remained unknown, so we're just hoping for some inbound signal from his system themselves so they can pick him up.
Letty -
             -- That so...
Horaculous, reassuring Letty -
             -- Don't worry, I am sure he can be tracked down and brought back safely. You Guardians are a tough group!
Letty, with ever greater urgency -
             -- Did Sigurbelle come with you?
Horaculous, confused look -
             -- No, you didn't ask me to, besides, she's still helping out at the Airport... why, what's up?
Letty, *sighing* -
             -- Maiorico took a bump, I just thought of having her patch him up en route instead of seeing him like that, incase anything happens...
Horaculous -
             -- OK, we can place him in the protected medical bay, at least should anything happen en route that compartment should withstand it.

             Some time later, all refugees successfully boarded the shuttle, Malcolm and Sebariel were the last to board the shuttle after carrying Maiorico into the medical bay located on another part of the shuttle. Horaculous and other pilots/drivers restarted the engines, and the whole group departed into the afternoon sky back to Naju Central, followed closely by Halex in his jeep.

             While the group was happy that the chapter on Luir's destruction is coming to a close, Sebariel somehow knew that Erajiv was not that easily defeated. Sometime into the future they would be forced back here again. But for now, getting back to Naju Central to prepare for the next event was all that mattered in their minds.

< End part >
== It's approx 15:40 on this part.
== Journey back to Naju Central - 2 hours minimum, assuming a trouble-free journey

Part 2
Area 5
Time: 15:30

             Callisto could be seen standing next to the hollow shell of what appeared to be ZibZub's (killed by Killian in Posts 32 (,1885.msg6427.html#msg6427)) with the anticipated Volcanic eruption having never occurred (Post 30). In frustration he kicked the heavy shell down the mountain incline which caused some thunderous crashing sounds as it rolled and accelerated.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

             Elsewhere, near the entrance to Area 7 (same location as Post 41 (,1885.msg6525.html#msg6525)), Akrn and Samuel could be seen bored out of their minds: it had been 15 hours after Akrn and Samuel first arrived here. Akrn leaned back against the slope of the mountain with his Flight Module unplugged, yawned every 10 minutes or so and dozing off - Samuel threw random boulders into the air and blasted them to bits while still up there with his turrets. Both had been camped out here since landing, eagerly waiting for any update from Killian or Naju Central about the location of where Amet was.

Akrn, as Samuel blasted another boulder into tiny sand fragments -
             -- You should stop that soon, you're going to run out of Chips if you keep this up.
Samuel, protesting -
             -- Psh, I still have more Chips leftover right now than yours at full capacity!

             Then the thunderous sounds of ZibZub's shell rolling down reached the duo, which caused both of them to jerk upright in surprise.

Akrn, jumping upright -
             -- Hush! You hear that??
Samuel, looking around -
             -- Y-yeah, what the hell was that? Cthulhu awakening?
Akrn, plugging his Flight Module back on and getting his rifles -
             -- Whatever it is, keep your guards up!
Samuel, repositioning his turrets -
             -- Right!

< End part >
== It's approx 15:40 on this side
== Killian Rhodallister is still 20 minutes to arrival at Area 5 - so there's time for Callisto and Akrn to have a  short meet at each other before Killian arrives, if anyone wants to.

## End Post ##
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Post 60
Area 5, 15:35, after Post 59 part 2

Cautiously moving along the mountain side, Akrn and Samuel spot the large craters and ditches dug up by the Zibzub shell.

-?Holy crap, looks like another ship crashed. I?m so sick of crashings.? Samuel moans. Akrn was about to turn back the way they came, but looking up the ledges sees a strange figure.

-?Wait, look up there!? Akrn raises his rifle as the figure began descending the rocks and crevices with quick jumps. Squinting, Samuel starts to wave at it.

-?Hey, is that Killian? Freakin? decided to show up!? The guardian, as if it spotted them, shifted to fighter mode and began to bear down. Akern suddenly wonders what Killian was doing flying so high up. Then he sees the black metal glint in the sunlight, and energy start to build up at the cannons. Killian didn?t use cannons.

-?Watch out!!? Shoving Samuel to the ground Akern narrowly evades twin laser blasts charring the rocks.

-?Killian what the-? Samuel starts struggling to his feet and Akrn watches the guardian swing around for another pass.

-?That ain?t Killian! Scramble, get in the air!? Just as the attacker swung past, lasers streaking down, they leapt to the skies. Samuel, full of battle frenzy began firing rockets in rapid succession.

-?Raaaaah! Eat exploding rocket death!!? As the dog fight started, Akrn watched in amazement at the evasion the attacker employed, deftly dancing about the missiles. Trying to outmaneuver him, Akrn dives low then shoots up, guns blazing. A few hits, but the attacker barrel rolls, coming along side Akrn. Just as he realizes it, he gets jabbed by side cutter lasers, knocking his wings off balance. Samuel then barrages the two with his chain guns, almost hitting Akrn as much as Callisto.

-?Will ya watch it?! I?m friggin here too!? Spiraling, Akrn manages to restore his balance, U-turning to face Callisto again. Samuel, thrusters blazing, gains on him, and fires his flak cannons. Struck several times, he starts to dip and Samuel closes in for the kill.

-?Hahaha, Sammy?s gotcha!? Just as their noses were diving at the ground, Callisto sharply pulls up. Shocked, Samuel tries to realign, but face plants and skids into the dirt. The trauma forces his DP system to disengage into walker, and he?s left face in the ground. Painfully pushing off the ground, he?s kicked in the side and rolled on his back. Callisto bears a savage grin, placing his foot on Samuel?s chest and raises his sword beam.

-?You shall be the first victim, a tribute to my hunger for vengeng- gaaaah!? Akrn then crashes into him, tumbling down the ledge with him. Samuel throws himself to the edge, yelling,

*End Post* Approx 5 minutes
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Post 61 (Long post)
Written with assisstance of FireWithinMidnight (
Edit 27 May - Added content

Area 5
Time: 15:50

             Inside a large crevice on a mountain slope, many metres below their original position and where Samuel was currently located on; Akrn and Callisto slowly recovered themselves from the crash that landed them here. Soon later they found themselves facing each other, short distance between them and their eyes locked on each other.

             Akrn scanned Callisto thoroughly - he appeared to be of an older model of the Guardian Fighters, and from the looks of his overall design: similar to that of Tetharil. Even the weapons he used earlier in Post 60 were consistent to what Tetharil uses himself. Yet nothing inside his own database or what he had been taught in training mentioned anything about him. He thought to himself whether he could be the long-lost friend of Tetharil.

             Callisto, meanwhile, also took a deep inspection of Akrn Salthic - despite that he is a cyborg and has flight module installed on him like with other Guardian Fighters, there were no other indication or insignias he wore that identified him outright as a Guardian Fighter: the group of fighters he has set out to destory - he even looked significantly different to Samuel and Tetharil in design and armouring.

Akrn, keeping his targetting systems locked on Callisto -
             -- Who the hell are you and what is it you want?!
Callisto, in an evasive tone -
             -- This doesn't concern you! Begone from my sights!
Akrn, secretly preparing his laser weaponry to aim at Callisto -
             -- If you are set out to harm any of our Guardians, then it's my duty to stop you!
Callisto, grimacing on Akrn that he wants to protect the Guardians -
             -- Are you a Guardian yourself?!
Akrn -
             -- I am Guardian Akrn Salthic, my role is to protect the Naju Colony from any force that threaten its peaceful existence!

             Callisto waved his cutters out and charged at Akrn. Akrn, who saw his first move coming, released his barrage of laser weaponry on Callisto - but to his surprise Callisto managed to either dodge them, or reflected them away with his sabres. A split second later Akrn found himself nose-to-nose with Callisto; who, with a short smirk, proceeded to slash Akrn multiple times, some penetrated his thick shell and with the force that it threw Akrn towards the mountain wall.

             Akrn decided the best way now was to use close range weaponry and melee - the two features Akrn was especially trained for in from the beginning - but even with his different model cutter sabres and melee techniques, his moves was all but too predictable for Callisto as he dodged and parried his moves time and time and countered with some of his own - all managed to score hits on Akrn.

             Akrn soon found himself in the typical kneeling-and-holding-his-arm-pose in a battle that lasted less than 15 minutes. Callisto tried to have pity for Akrn for having the dare to challenge him in such a duel, but since Akrn identified himself as a Guardian, the ability to have such feelings disappeared. He positioned his sabres: one in front of Akrn's face, and the other beside his neck.

Callisto, as he is preparing to give Akrn the coup de gr?ce -
             -- Before I finish you... I have only one thing to ask of you.
Akrn, panting -
             -- Like I am going to tell you anything.
Callisto, pressing on, with greater force -
             -- What do you know about Tetharil Cannin?
Akrn, bluffing -
             -- What do I know about who?
Callisto, patience drained from his systems, withdraws one sabre aside, grabs Akrn by the collar(?) and lifts him so they're eye to eye -
             -- What do you know about the Guardian Fighter, Tetharil Cannin?! If you call yourself a Guardian then you must know something about him! *gets his sabres up again* out with it before I end you!
Akrn, upping the stakes-
             -- If you end me right here right now, you'll never find out anything about Tetharil!

*Callisto growled and threw Akrn to the mountain wall again*

## Incomplete Post - author needs sleep ##

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

             Another good 10 minutes of interrogation and throwing Akrn everywhere went by, Callisto realised that Akrn is simply wasting his time and energy in getting any useful lead on the whereabouts of his arch-nemesis, Tetharil. Now barely functioning, Callisto realised that he should better off finish Akrn off so he can find the other Guardian, Samuel, which was with him earlier above.

             As Callisto raised his sabres up again ready to deal Akrn the final blow, his arm quickly overloaded with pain when the sabre he was just holding was forcefully knocked out of his grasp. Growling and holding his wrist, he stared eye to eye with Guardian Killian Rhodallister who has just arrived and was standing firmly in front of Akrn, guarding him from any further attacks from Callisto.

Akrn -
             -- Killian! You finally came!
Samuel, heavily damaged from earlier crash landing, also comes -
             -- Akrn! You alright?!
Callisto, growling at Killian -
             -- More Guardians?!
Killian -
             -- Right! And your opponent now is Guardian Killian Rhodallister!
Akrn, electronically into Killian's UI -
             -- Killian, you can't win against him! Think up of some way to get us out of here first instead!
Killian, responding through the same -
             -- Don't worry, Samuel already told me about him, I have something in plan for that!

             Callisto recovered from the earlier setback, recovered his sabre, and stared charging at Killian. Killian, without responding to his movements, instead displayed a small, white spherical thing he had been holding with his other hand - this made Callisto slow down somewhat, anticipating at what Killian is thinking.

             A second later, Killian forcefully threw the sphere downwards. The sphere exploded on impact into a dense puff of smoke that obscured everyone's visual sight into nothing but white - not only that, it also released powerful electromagnetic waves that knocked out everyone's (except Killian's) internal radar and other detection systems. The static that resulted from the jamming device was so strong that Samuel could be seen suffering electric spasms and have trouble standing still.

             Callisto was not put off by the temporary blindness, and he proceeded to release his weaponry at where he believed to be where the Guardians were.

Killian, yelling for Akrn and Samuel while attempting to dodge Callisto's barrage of artillery -
             -- Both of you! Hold my arm quick! We need to get out of here!

             Locating Akrn and Samuel, Killian grabbed hold of their arms and, the only one with functioning propulsion, jetted them all away from Callisto and the crevice while he continued its barrage of wild attacks.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

*Up at the original location where they were, in front of the entrance to Area 7*

             The group brainstormed up ideas to try shake Callisto off while they make their escape; although none of the ideas they came up with had any practical use due to the heavily damaged state of Akrn and Samuel were currently in. Seemingly out of options, Akrn asked Killian for one last card of the deck.

Akrn -
             -- Killian, did you carry those "Signal Mouseys" with you?
Killian, initially confused at what Akrn was referring to, but realised it a split second later -
             -- Eh? Oh you mean these? *removes another small spherical thing from his inventory*
Samuel, curious -
             -- What is it?
Killian, clicking a small button on the sphere, the sphere disassembles itself into a small, mouse-looking toy-like gadget with a flashing light at the top -
             -- It's one of the Military's beta "signal generator" gadget, basically it simulates the signals us Guardians emit, so whoever would be searching for us could get confused at which is which. *look around, sees the entrance into Area 7* How about let's send that rogue Guardian in there? *releases the Mousey and watches it head off into the cavern* Alright, let's get out of here quick before he comes back up and finds the real us!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

*a short while later, on another location*

Samuel, still hungover from the earlier signal-jammer attack, observing the damage Akrn has suffered, to Killian -
             -- Could you call Sigurbelle over and repair Akrn?
Killian -
             -- That would be hard; she's still helping out at the Airport and... Horaculous was summoned by the SAFE people for unrelated situation in Area 9... So we're basically stuck for next few hours at least.
Samuel, searching for ideas -
             -- What shall we do now? With our current state we are not going to even make it back to the nearest city with a repair depot, let alone back to Naju Central or the area where Amet is trapped in.
Killian -
             -- There is a small Outpost located at the foot of the mountain slopes, if we make it we might be able to take up residence there for a next few hours and see what happens.

              Having ran out of all other possible options, Akrn reluctantly agreed and the trio slowly and cautiously made their way down the slopes towards the Outpost. Now not only does the problem associated with finding Amet remained hanging over their heads, they now have one, more disaster-inducing problem associated with that rogue Guardian.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

             Back at the original site, Callisto climbed out of the crevice having recovered from the smokescreen and the signal-jammer that knocked out parts of his internal systems. He was infuriated at the idea that he had let not one, but three Guardians slip through his grasp, also having obtained zilch lead about the whereabouts of his arch-nemesis.

             His anger soothed slightly when, after his internal Radar system kicked back on, detected strong signals that matched the Guardians he just met inside the cavern that lead to Area 7. His face is one of devious delight that he believed he now has them again and of the belief they cannot outrun him no matter what they tried.

             With that, Callisto reloaded his weaponry and made his way into Area 7, content that he will find the trio somewhere in there.

## End Post ##

== It's now 16:40 [+/− 10 minutes]

== Callisto has not realised that he has been duped yet by the faux-signal generator.
== Akrn will be somewhat surprised that the faux-signal tactic actually worked and the news of the dupe reaches them.

== Time needed for the trip to the Area 5 Outpost up for interpretation, no earlier than 17:00 on arrival. Horaculous will at this time still be en route carrying the people of Luir back to Naju Central, so they're stuck there for good few hours. Which means, without Sigurbelle, the Guardians will have almost no repairs and limited restocks in the meantime.

== Killian could update Akrn and Samuel on the findings of Amet's situation at this time too.

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Post 62
-Area 0, many miles from Naju Centeral: 16:10-- 30 minutes after post 59 part 1-

Sebariel startles awake, rudely interrupted from a much needed nap by his pager going off. Groggily he fumbles with the com, opening the channel.
?Talaince, this is colonel Shores, over.? Sebariel shakes his head, trying to alert his senses.
?I?m here, sir. What do you need??
?I?ve new orders for you, Lieutenant. After you make it to Naju central, you and Cyphru need to head to the area 3 military outpost. We?ve been picking up energy anomalies in the area.?
?Anomalies, sir??
?That?s all I can tell you, Talaince. We don?t know anything else, which is what you need to find out for us. Shores??
?Sir, requesting permission to take Letearia and Malcolm with me.?
?Granted. What is the status of Gaurdian Maiorico?? Sebariel hangs his head at remembering Rico?s wounds.
?He is alive and stable, but will need extensive medical attention.?
?Understood. I?ll look for the best for the job. Shores out.?

Sebariel stretches and stands up. He had been sitting down outside the medical bay. Letty had been insistent on treating Rico to the best of her ability, and now Rico was resting quietly, after complaining a fair bit about being laid up. Letty herself was probably resting. Sebariel starts looking for Malcolm, while opening his and Halex?s personal channel.
Halex is enjoying a chance to rock out on Alexis?s radio, filling the air around with loud, lively rock as he courses after the shuttle. His shoulder-mounted com starts buzzing, and he ruefully turns down the music.
?You got Halex, how may I help you??
?Halex, this is Sebariel. We?ve got new orders.? Halex further turns the music down.
?I?m listening, brother. Where we going to??
?Area 3, the forest. We are heading to a NSF (Naju Security Force) outpost.
?Roger, as soon as I get a nap. I?ve been up since 3 AM! Oh, and by the way, Seb.? Sebariel thinks he knows what is coming.
?I found a scratch. On Alexis. Not happy.? Halex is trying to sound severe, but Sebariel catches on to his good humor.
?I?ll make up to you two when we get back. Sebariel out.?

Sebariel finds Malcolm in the cockpit chatting with Horaculous. The anthropomorphic lemur had been cluing Malcolm in on Naju?s basic geography, and things to know, and the two were now making banter about aircraft.
?Shuttles are alright and all, but I?ve always liked the feel of fighters. The power, the speed! It makes my hair stand on ends!? Horaculous says energetically. Malcolm smiles.
?I suppose that expression had more physical meaning for you than most.? Sebariel draws nearer.
?Hey, Malcolm. Just as a heads up, when we get back we are being reassigned.?
?Alright. Where to?? Malcolm steps away from the pilot?s chair and faces Sebariel.
?To an NSF outpost in area three.? Horaculous perks up.
?You need a ride there? I don?t have anything going on after this that I know of.?
?We?ll see when we get to central. We still have a ways to go. Where is Letty?? Malcolm speaks,
?She?s taking a nap in the cargo bay.? Sebariel nods.
?Fair enough. We?ll fill her in later. How long till we get there?? Horaculous checks some flight instruments, and says,
?About an hour 20 minutes.? Sebariel nods, and walks out of the cockpit.
-END POST- It is now 16:20
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Post 63
Skies of Naju, en route to Naju Central
Time 16:40
This post reestablish's Malcolm's story to configure with Halo's altered universe.

?Energy charge complete. How?s your shields?? Malcolm steps from an energy pod. Checking his HUD, he is pleased to see his shielding has been restored.

-?Shield recharging systems back online. You may find they last longer without over exertion from portal usage.? Chyrl reminded Malcolm how he burnt the shields saving Sebariel (post 48). Responding to the operator of the shuttle?s science bay,

-?Back to full strength. Thanks.?

-?Don?t mention it! I?m just glad your suit works with Power Chips. They also run that S-Rifle we gave yah. Still can?t believe you UNSC guys use ballistics?? Since the NSF couldn?t reproduce ammo for his weapons, Malcolm received standard issue guns. As he left the science bay, heading back for the deck, he addressed Chyrl.

-?MJOLNIR shield technology is designed to preserve life. I just used it for Sebariel instead.?

-?You?re trusting a SAFE operative, who disbanded from UNSC. That will prove dangerous.? Though she was designed to draw conclusions, she was never tested with other people, so Malcolm isn?t sure if that was an opinion or not. Entering the shuttles deck lobby, he sees the man in question approaching.

-?So did they patch your shielding up, Spartan?? Malcolm:

-?Affirmative. And got a fresh load out.? The two walk over to a bench and Sebariel turns to Malcolm:

-? You?ve been a major help today, Malcolm. But what you haven?t explained is what your doing here on Naju.? Malcolm looked at his knees and Chyrl spoke to his neural channel:

-?You?ll compromise Aperture research, and endanger me. What you were doing at Isotope 4 was classified, me included.? Malcolm knew Chyrl was an experimental AI and top secret, as was his arm mounted portal device.

-?My previous deployment was at a security staff for an UNSC space station. Then rebel forces attacked us and I was ordered to evacuate as they took the station. I blind jumped a slip space warp and wound up on Naju.? Sebariel slowly nods.

-?Hmm. Was She with you at that station?? Malcolm snapped his head to face him.

-?He already knows I?m here. We?ve been compromised.? Chyrl was approaching a state of panic. Malcolm didn?t know how much Sebariel had learned, but he couldn?t just confess that he was part of an experimental training program for the SPARTAN program with Aperture.

-?That is classified intel. You know civilian interference with Spartan deployment is a federal offense to the UNSC.? Sebariel coolly met his gaze.

-?I?m not trying to interfere, Jurthain, I just was curious as to why a Spartan crashed on Naju with a sentient AI. You two are safe here, the UNSC founded the original colonization of Naju. I take it that?s why you need to contact Aperture. Well, comms should be functional soon, and I?ll see to it you get your contact.? Malcolm studied his face. He seemed to earnest, and it was true the UNSC once owned Naju. Chyrl was unconvinced.

-?Don?t get too comfortable. He has his own interests, Malcolm, and I don?t think any of them are ours.? Malcolm noted that Chyrl said Sebariel could hear her as Sebariel raised an eyebrow.

-?Alright Talaince. We?ll continue to assist operations here in any way we can. If you agree not to block my neural channel, I?ll open Chyrl to my suits comm. when she has information.? Sebariel?s face doesn?t change, but Malcolm spots a change of light in his eyes.

-?You seem a different plate of steel than other Spartans. I agree, and promise to protect Chyrl, Lieutenants oath. Now one last question: what?s with this bruiser?? Motioning to Malcolm?s gravity hammer.

-?Ahh, prototype melee weapon using aerial faith plate and masher technology.? Chyrl sighs.

?Since your telling him everything, you could include its capable of emanating a gravitational shock wave with force enough to crush titanium.? Sebariel chuckles.

-?At least I understand that last part.?

*End Post Time 17:00*
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Post by: RubyC42 on June 03, 2013, 02:30:00 PM
Post 64 (Quick post)

This is continuation of Callisto's side of the story after Post 61

Area 7 interior
Time: 17:20

             It's been an hour since the chase began deep inside Area 7, and Callisto was determined to catch up to the signal source even if it took him another hour to do so. He was convinced that he has locked onto the Guardians he was just fighting earlier outside [Post 61] and that he had the second chance to finish them off right here right now.

             Couple more hundreds of metres farther into the Area Callisto realised that he is not gaining up to the signal source - though this was expected in the mazy set up that was Area 7 - maybe, he though, he will stumble upon a short-cut that will lead him up to the Guardian and blast him into the hell of Naju core, just like how it was done on him many years ago.

             Then, out of nowhere, a Bouncing Medusa ( bounced out into his direct path, caused the pair to crash into each other and tumbled on the floor. Enraged, Callisto grabbed it by the "tentacle" and flung it away from him, yelling, warning and waving his sabres around at other nearby monsters to not get in his way or he will slice them up like sushi.

             Another few minutes of the chase went by - Callisto then found himself in a metallic chamber that did not match the environment of Area 7 he was just  in - this one appeared to be rather spacious, cubical, and well sheltered. At the middle of the floor stood the seal that blocked the passage to the deeper, Below-Surface worlds. The wall decors had been reclaimed by nature, but a faded "r" followed by "17? could just about be seen behind layers of soil that had accumulated during the years.

             Callisto remembered earlier in the day when Erajiv, the monster that saved him from the perils of Below-Surface Worlds [Post 55] was hellbent on releasing all Corridors on Naju, Callisto thought that - if he was to "help" him by releasing this Corridor, maybe Erajiv will recognise him more than just a mere "tool" and will allow him to do whatever he wished from that point on.

             Callisto bent down and tried to open the seal by hand, but couldn't even budge it. Annoyed, he got up and shot at the seal a couple times - but his weaponry didn't even leave any visible markings on the seal. Increasing frustrated, Callisto attempted each and every other weaponry he has on the seal, even moved around the room to find any hidden switches - he just cannot get the seal to open.

             Returning to his senses, he realised that the signal he was just chasing was now nearing the outer rim of his internal radar - it threatened to drift out of its range altogether if he didn't get a move on.

             With that, Callisto gave the Corridor seal one last glance before turning around heading off, resuming the cat-and-mouse* chasing of the signal.

## End Post ##

== It's now 18:00 [+/− 15 minutes] on this side of the plot.

== * - BA DUM TSHH

== Callisto has still not realised that he has been duped by the mousey.

== This post also established that the native enemies of TGL are NOT hostile to Callisto, which is expected after Callisto spending years down there, the native monsters probably accepted Callisto as one of his own by now.
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Post 65 (2 Parts) - Work In Progress
== This post attempts to bring every plotlines back in sync with each other.
== This post introduces the Lander Shrines for the first time.

Edit 6th May - added a small draft paragraph to allow Souperion/Spudacus to link up.

Part 1
(This is continuation of Akrn/Killian/Samuel's side of the story after Post 61)
Area 5 - Naju Security Force (NSF) Outpost
Time: 17:05

Other Plotlines as of this time:
Callisto - Inside Area 7 [Post 64]
Erajiv - On his way to Area 3
Sebariel/Malcolm - Still en route to Naju Central [10 minutes past Post 63]
Amet/Rey - Approx. time when Amet loses patience with Rey [Post 53]

             **The Guardians will find that the communication systems inside Area 5's outpost has been busted as result of SHODAN/Terraforming Disaster [Post 07], Killian, being the only "healthy" guardian, has been sent to the nearest City to try contact Naju Central from there**

< End part >

Part 2
(This is continuation of the above part)
Area 5 - Mutena City
Time: 17:40

 Other Plotlines as of this time:
Callisto - Inside Area 7, attempting to open Corridor 17 [Post 64]
Erajiv - On his way to Area 3
Sebariel/Malcolm - Just arrived back at Naju Central
Amet/Rey - Approx. time when Amet finishes hunting for food and start making his way back to Rey's Camp [Post 56 Part 1]

             Killian spent the last couple of minutes reporting in the recent happenings to Colonel Shores. Including the Rogue Guardian Callisto and the amount of medical attention that Akrn and Samuel need at this delicate time. Killian even had to raise his tone (rare for a Guardian, especially when dealing with Military Officials of higher rank than Akrn and Tetharil) to press the urgency of the situation to Shores just to request Akrn's personal engineer - Sigurbelle Kiirla - to be sent here ASAP.

Killian, still talking on the phone -
             -- Wait, why can't she come here? .... So they're still not back yet?! .... right... right... ok, yeah I get it. We'll hang on out here for a little longer while your bureaucracy handle all the 'travel rearrangements'. Ok, Guardian Killian out. *hangs up, storms out of the phonebooth* Goddamn it. *holds head*

             **Killian, while walking around for supplies to bring back, finds a large group of religiously-clad civilians heading to a particular location - curious, Killian finds out through Aaron that the festival celebrating Landers are about to take place and he urges Killian to join in**

## End Post ##

== It's now 18:00 on this side of the plot.

== The Festival will not start for another hour

== Killian Rhodallister really hates the Administration.

Title: Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02
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Post 66
Naju Central Air Port: 17:45
-Sebariel's group has reached NC and is being redeployed to escort Sigurbelle Kiirla to Akrn in area 5.-

?So, let me get this straight: We are going to escort Sigurbelle to area 5 to help out the GF?s?? Halex feels unreceptive, but asks anyway despite his growingly apparent fatigue. Malcolm, looking up, responds
?Yes Halex. Command has deemed our support necessary because they were attacked by a ?rogue Guardian? who singlehandedly beat the elite Guardian Akrn.?
Halex seems to mostly hear that, nodding and grunting as he finishes putting a strap on his thigh. This was one of many knife belts he had put on; Halex was a skilled knife thrower, and favored them over his firearms.

The group is restocking on ammunition and prepping for redeployment. Rico was again indignant at being left behind, voicing his lower opinion of the injury and need to settle a score. As bio-mechanics wheeled him away, Sebariel patted him on the shoulder, saying,
?You will have your chance, Maiorico; you will have your chance.?

Finally a jeep was seen coming down the road. Sigurbelle was being brought to the new ship that was assigned for the mission. Horaculous had readied the craft and was eagerly awaiting the chance to try it out. It was much smaller than the shuttle they had used earlier, and was designed for quick response missions. Shores had cleared its use for the assignment to get support to the Guardians as fast as possible. Sebariel is already inside, knowing that command wants them en route ASAP. As Sigurbelle steps out of the vehicle, Letty walks up to meet her.
?It?s been a while Sigurbelle. It?s good to see you again!?
?Same here, Letearia. I?m glad to see you?re holding up.? She sighs, a mixture of exasperation and worry. ?First the Compile disaster, the area 9 crisis, Rico getting cracked and now Akrn again. One problem after another; this does not bode well.?
As they talk, Malcolm comes on over. Sigurbelle, seeing him, widens her eyes.
   ?Is that a Spartan? What is he doing??? Letty cuts her off.
   ?It?s a long story. I hardly understand it myself, but what is important is that he is a friend.? Waiting for Letty to finish, Malcolm addresses Sigurbelle.
   ?Good day, ma?am. My name is Malcolm, and I have been assigned to be your personal escort for this assignment. It is an honor to work with you.? Sigurbelle smiles at him.
   ?Thank you Malcolm, but why am I being assigned a bodyguard? I just need to get to Akrn to repair him.? Malcolm nods respectfully.
   ?Akrn and the other Guardians were attacked by someone who apparently beat Akrn alone. What?s more, Colonel Shores said that the assailant is still out there, and he says that there is reason to believe that this rogue Guardian is after the others.?
Just about then, Sebariel comes out of the ship, and calls out to the three standing by the jeep.
   ?Let?s go people! Shores wants us on the way as fast as possible!? He turns to the craft as the others start moving. He grimaced as he reflected on Command?s general insensitivity to the ground operatives. Do this, do that, make it snappy. They always want things done now.

?Hang on, let me get my stuff.? Sigurbelle says, as she reaches for her supplies which were stored in two heavy duffle bags. Letty, gauging their weight by looks, comments.
?Good grief, what are you bringing? Enough parts to make a new Guardian??
?It isn?t exactly easy to repair Akrn. His model calls for a lot of fine parts, and these will often either need to be replaced or fixed with equally fine tuned equipment.? Her face contorts as she bears the combined weight of her load. Malcolm, ever the gentleman, says,
?Here, let me help you with that.? And deftly takes the bags and starts walking to the ship, with no apparent sign of exertion.
?What do they make those Spartans out of??

On board, the ship takes off with an elated Horaculous behind the wheel.
   ?Man, I?ve heard of these NCI-34 Neutrinos, but the opportunity to fly one! Man!? He tests the sensitivity of the controls, causing the craft to swerve and dip in perfect response. Naturally, the others were are less enthusiastic about its responsiveness.
?Horaculous, you big furball! Stop trying to crash!? Letty voices the thoughts of just about everyone else on board.
   ?Hey, you should appreciate the refinement of this piece of machinery! You can direct your flight on a whim, but machines like this take real skill!?
Letty only rolls her eyes. Sigurbelle is checking on her equipment, and Malcolm is feeling out the plasmatic pistol he was issued. Halex watches with a little wonder, noting how the weapon is slightly dwarfed in the Spartan?s hands. Yawning, he turns to Sebariel, who is looking at a holographic map produced by his tactical pad. Turning, he addresses Horaculous in the cockpit, which is a only a few feet from the passenger bay which had 8 seats.
   ?How long do you think it will take us to get there, Horaculous?? The same looks at a graph on the dash board, and calls back.
   ?Technically, 30 minutes, if we had triple this thing?s fuel capacity. It can go way fast, but guzzles gas like that. To make her last there and back, it?ll take a couple hours.
   ?Then we?ll make do with what we have. I?ll fill in Shores.? Halex then has a thought, and asks,
   ?Hey, Seb, what is going to happen to the area 3 outpost, since we aren?t going there??
   ?Shores said that with the airport partially operational again, they will be able to deploy the NSS frigate Irem for support, though he wants us over there all the same once we are done.? Halex nods, and is about to start to take a nap, when another thought comes to him.
   ?Poor Alexis is all alone now. The girl has had a rough day.? He is acting melancholy, and Sebariel laughs.
   ?I told you I would make it up. I arranged for a skilled mechanic to clean her up.?
   ?He had better follow the owner?s manual spot on??

It is now 18:00
-Bio-mechanic is the term I adopted for those who are able to repair/heal Guardians-
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Post 67 Long post ::)
Flying above area 5 19:00.
-about an hour until arrival at area 5

Part 1
The occupants of the Neutrino aircraft are mostly quiet and passive, as many have had a long day. Halex, disregarding safety, is snoring gently sprawled across two seats, Letty and Sigurbelle are quietly talking, Sebariel leans against a wall his head hung down, and Malcolm is idly fingering his rifle. Horaculous in the pilot seat yawns as he gazes out at the setting sun over the mountains, which he dislikes, favoring area 3?s lush forests. He casually looks out the side window and becomes entranced by what seems to be a floating rock, keeping ahead of the craft. He watches in fascination as it begins a large arc, strangely leaving duplicate images in its wake until there?s a complete circle of eight. Just as they break formation, heading towards him, it hits him.

-?Bogeys! Hang on!? pulling a very sudden turn, the unstrapped in Halex is thrown to the floor

-?Whaddafrikineck?!?? As the occupants are violently thrown in their seats, Sebariel hoists Halex in a strap.

-?Horaculous, sit rep, what was that?!?

-?The incredible flying rocks of doom, of course, what else!?? as he finishes, several more appear around the ship.

-?Do a barrel roll!!!? Letty cries as they?re surrounded. Whirling around, nearly giving Halex vertigo, Horaculous shouts back:

-?Shut up willya, I know how to fly!? despite his efforts, a few smash the sides of the ship. Chyrl calmly declares:

-?In case you?re interested, according to the schematics on the Neutrino, its hull is currently at 73% integrity. I advise much less violent trauma to its delicate parts.? Halex adds:

-?Pedal to the metal, fuzzy face, get us out of here!? As he activates the nitros, Horaculous darkly says:

-?Call me fuzzy face again and I?ll hand you your vestigial tail bone?? Dipping low in an attempt to shake them, the motion causes Sigurbelle to lose the spare parts she had been holding.

-?Ack!? trying to grab them, she unstraps her seat. As she reaches out, a sudden hit to the back unhinges the bay door, which slams open. Completely losing balance, she tumbles out, barely snagging the edge with one hand, screaming. Sebariel and Letty yell out and start to release themselves, but Malcolm had already lunged out for her. Just as the ship pulled up (Horaculous couldn?t hear them) and she lost her grip, Malcolm performed the dramatic pose of hanging on by one arm, grasping her in the other. Heaving her to Sebariel who was holding onto the door hydraulics reaching out to them, he began to pull himself up. But an unlucky collision caused the whole ship to shudder so violently that his grip was lost, and he plummeted down. Barely keeping hold of the ship and Sigurbelle, Sebariel gasps as the Spartan plunges into an open tunnel, lost to the world below.
Approximately 5 minutes have passed.

Part two
?Again with the falling. You should have been an ODST. At least I could?ve been warned about the great risk you?d be putting me through.? Chryl was rarely encouraging, and now no exception. As Malcolm crashed and turned down a subterranean tunnel of darkness, his senses scrambled by violent motions, he reached out for anything to hold. After what seemed eternity, he suddenly found himself dangling by a stalactite in a wide cavern full of crystalline ore. Looking below, he was greeted by a huge pit of stalagmites. His couldn?t hold on for long, and needed a miracle.

-?Alright Chyrl, see any way out that doesn?t include impalement or broken bones??

-?If you insist, there happens to be a minute surface area below us that is flat enough for quantum portaling. If you?d use your device to create an exit on the cavern wall to your left, you could have a somewhat softer landing. Provided you haven?t reconsidered being an orbital drop-?

-?I?ll take it.? He let go, and turning to his left aimed his arm at the wall. Three pronged devices popped from his bracer and he fired a blue portal on it. Now facing the approaching ground, he tilted until above the bare patch, and fired the orange portal. Next thing he knew, he was violently flung through the portal and rolling on the stony ground.

-?There?s two of us in here, remember?! All your crashing is scrambling my programming!? As he painfully pulls himself from the ground, he mutters,

-?For such an expensive piece of software you sure complain a lot.? He hears a sudden sound echoing from the tunnel above. Groggily reaching for his rifle, expecting pursuers, he is shocked by what he see?s drop from the tunnel;

-?Letty?? She shifts to fighter mode as she enters the more spacious cavern (the tunnel was too small) and lands next to Malcolm.

-?You?re alive! Oh I?d never forgive my self if I didn?t get a chance to thank you for saving Sigurbelle!? fussing over his battered armor, she helps him to his feet.

-?I aim to please. Did the rest make it??

-?When you fell, Horaculous pulled a number on the Neutrino and left those freakin? asteroid things behind. I jumped to try and track you down, thank the stars I did!? Malcolm refocuses and takes in the area.

-?We?re in foreign territory and need a way out of this cavern. Let?s get moving and find a- wait?? a new noise suddenly echoed. A strange, light jumping sound. Letty quivered as she raised her crossbow, glancing about. What horror was about to pounce them in this glittering underworld? Sidling up back to back, Malcolm activates his night vision, then snaps to his right, rifle pointing at? a Redlander.

-?Zipuu, meet greet boingji! Jippo zoom zoom festyfall, gladdy hop hop guardian!
The sheer shock of this greeting caused Malcolm to just stare in a dumbfounded stupor. Letty though, was in amazement.

-?A red Lander?! We thought they were extinct! It?s so CUTE!!? fumbling for words Malcolm manages,

-?So, not hostile??

-?Clippi bip friendie, jippo zoom zoom festyfall!? Malcolm looks over at Letty, hoping for enlightenment.

-?I think it?s speaking an ancient version of Najuan?? conjuring up her best memory of the language, ?it?s excited? something about quick moving? a party? No, festival?? Chyrl suddenly spoke up.

-?If you don?t mind, my access of your files on Najuan have surmised this? round creature wants us to follow him to some rhythmic ceremonial ritual? or festival, pick your language.? Malcolm has put away his rifle.

-?Allright, it seems to know this area then. Let?s see if he?ll lead us out.?

-?flous bii boing boing! Movie zoom pathay voip plais!? Smiley begins to bounce down a dark tunnel, with Letty and Malcolm hurrying to keep up.

-?Oh, if there?s more a whole festival of them, I can?t wait see this!!? Letty beams in anticipation.

End post approx 19:30.
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Update: 21 July 2013

As the latest few posts of Episode 2 caused too much branching of the plotline, an agreement was made after a short discussion with the current RPers to skip the remainder of Episode 2 and start with Episode 3.

Therefore, the plotline of the remainder of the Episode 2 will be given as summary form following:

> The Lander Festival (Post 65, 67) will proceed with nothing out of ordinary. Guardian Killian Rhodallister and Guardian Letearia Mechiko reunites (together with Malcom Jurthaen), meets the Landers who offer them upgrades to their weaponry. They also take with them a Blue Lander for use to heal Akrn Salthic back in the Area 5 Outpost (Post 65)

> The group return to Mutena City where they link up with Horaculous, Sigurbelle Kiirla, Sebariel Talaince, and Halex after they made late arrival as result of an earlier trouble en route (Post 67). As the aircraft was damaged, Horaculous decided to split the group into two: Sigurbelle, Killian, and the heavily damaged Guardian Samuel Laszlith remain behind in Mutena City while the rest join Horaculous on the first journey back to Naju Central.

> Callisto, meanwhile, eventually discovered about the faux signal that was duping him earlier (Post 64); enraged, he leaves Area 7 and heads to join up with Erajiv in Area 3

> Guardian Amet Velpiks, meanwhile, remain trapped in  the wilderness of Area 4 with Rey Seightmour...

Episode 03

Episode 03 will start back at the base of Naju Central. In the morning of Day 4 after the characters who have arrived here earlier in previous day have taken their much needed rest.

Horaculous, meanwhile, is waiting for the aircraft to finish repairing so he could leave and bring the rest of the group back.

The group have not yet been briefed on the present status of Area 3 Outpost.

Title: Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02-03
Post by: Spudacus on July 23, 2013, 10:56:17 PM
Post 68
Naju Central, NSF Barracks
Day 4 6:00 AM

Sebariel had just completed a much needed nap and was beginning to sign back into the NSF battlenet for operations updates. He had hardly entered his password when Malcolm entered the room holding a PDA.

-"Lieutenant, I just received new orders to relay to you, and it's urgent. I'll brief on the way to port." Grunting as he rose to his feet, Sebariel gives a small grin.

-"The job's never dull. Where we headed?" Malcolm hands him the PDA on the way out the door.

-"Area three. We just received a distress signal from Vandhald outpost, they're under attack from a massive swarm of invaders."looking at the report on the PDA, Sebariel grimaces.
-"That place is down to 30% personnel due to deployments trying to keep the cities safe, let's move it!" Picking up the pace, the two run out the building to see Halex and his dear Alexis.

-"Escort service ready, destination, stairway to heaven!"

-"We sure need some godspeed, Halex, nail it!" He barely gave Sebariel and Malcolm time to get in the before charging down the road. Soon they arrive at the port, where shuttles are launching and landing as the backed up traffic finally starts moving. Taking a detour, Halex enters the subterranean private military hangar where a drop ship awaits.

-"This time my lady's got her own seat! I've got orders to find the origin point of the invaders, so I'll leave you and the guardians to see to the assault." As Alexis is being attached to the vehicle bay, they board the ship piloted by none other than Horaculous.

-"Aaack, back to ol' troop transport again. Oh well, welcome aboard and fasten your seat belts. Akern and Letty have already left, since they're faster than this thing"

-"Preiw mool zing flap! Guay blippu Letty!" Sebareil flinches as he turns to see Smiley strapped in a seat.

-"We're bringing that lander? What's he got to do with this?" Horaculous throws up his hands.

-The chatterbugger and Letty couldn't stand to part ways, so she pleaded for me to bring the nut along. If you can ignore his gibberish, we're taking off!" And in a few minutes they did just that, streaking off to Area 3. Sebariel looks over at Malcolm and chuckles.-

-"Sure meet the characters on this planet, huh, Malcolm?"

-"I'm pretty sure I have the most interesting character uncomfortably close to my brain." As they both laugh Chyrl groans.

-"it's so nice to be appreciated. Just be sure you don't do any more meteor impressions on this mission, would you?

*End Post time 6:15. it may take an hour or two to arrive at Vanhald.*
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Post 69 (quick post)

(This is continuation of Post 68)
In the skies en route to Area 3
Time: 06:20, Day 4

             Guardians Akrn Salthic and Letearia Mechiko flying in the sky

Letty -
             -- So, how long til we get to Vandhald?
Akrn, checking the navigation statuses -
             -- About 40 minutes, the others should arrive an hour after that too, we're just going there to get first sights of what's happening, intervening only if necessary.
Letty -
             -- I just hope it won't be like what happened in Area 9 yesterday, that was already one hell of a battle...
Akrn -
             -- I think we're going to see a lot more of that, Letty. Maiorico and Sebariel reported yesterday about the open seal towards the Below-surface worlds at that Area, opened by an unknown blue humanoid [Erajiv]. If he made it there to Area 3 in the meantime there is a high probability it might have also attempted to open the seal there, since every Area has one.
Letty -
             -- Did you get any info on the Rogue Guardian?
Akrn -
             -- Nope, only managed to submit a request to the Operator at the Database Chamber within Corridor 21, hopefully there will be anything useful in there about him and what he is after...

             As  they get closer to Area 3, the pair observed that a number of Pterodactyluses-like birds ( flying past them in the opposite direction, towards Naju Central as if they're migrating

Letty, as they flew past -
             -- Did you see that?
Akrn -
             -- Yep, I wonder where they're going, though. I'll send Horaculous a message to inform him of those birds so he should watch out for them in case they collide.

## End Post ##

== It's now 06:30 on this side of the plot.

== the birds will attack Horaculous's shuttle - for being mistaken as a flying food [ ::) ] or already possessed by Erajiv's powers
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Post 70
Skies of Naju; 06:30 day 4

Maiorico rubs the back of his neck, still feeling stiff. Sitting in the back cargo bay of the shuttle, he practically is itching for some action. Being in the medical bay had made him anxious, while everyone else was up to something. So, when he heard about the deployment to area 3, he had snuck out of his room (reasoning that the operation was done, and that the dear bio-mechanics were trying to make him rest) and stowed away on the shuttle. Now he is just waiting for something interesting to happen.

Meanwhile, Horaculous receives a message from Akrn, warning of a flock of airborne creatures that were heading his direction. Horaculous groans when he reads the message, having enough with things attacking his ships.
"Hey, Sebariel, I need you to check this out." When he makes his way to the cockpit, Horaculous shows Sebariel the message with a visual of the creatures.
"We've had too much trouble with flying enemies to overlook this. What have we got on defensive equipment?" Horaculous turns on the ship's system lists.
"Looks like our best bet is a set of side mounted turrets. Problem is, they'll take a bit to fire up. Seeing as Letty and Akrn are a bout twenty minutes ahead of us, the turrets will still be charging when we intercept those buggers." Sebariel is worried, and nods.
"Then we'll have to hold out until they are ready. I'll alert everyone." He turns and heads out.
It is now 6:40

Part two: Area 7, 6:30

Callisto had been chasing the Guardian signal for hours, finally catching it down in another tunnel system. As he turned the corner, sadistic glee filled him as his weapon systems were brought ready to bare. Yet he doesn't see any guardians; just a small mechanical, mouse-like gadget. He jets up to the thing, which seems to be slowing down, and pins it by stepping on its tail. Then he yells. The blasted thing is giving off a guardian's radar signal. He had been duped. Screaming explicits, he hits the mouse with a fireball blast, which reduces it to shrapnel.

As Callisto flies out of the tunnel system, he feels Erajiv calling him. He hardly cares what he wants, still enraged that the Guardians had tricked him with such a simple tool. He resolves to head back to area 5, and investigate the area. Maybe if he doesn't find any of them, he would go see Erajiv.

It is 6:40 now.

Part 3
6:00-- Area 4

Amet brushes the overhanging branches out of his way, grimacing as he is showered with a small swarm of falling bugs. He and Rey had been on the move for what he figured to be 4 hours. The distant survivor had, for the better part of their traveling, been consistent in leaving Amet in a state of constant rush, often moving out of Amet's sight and leaving him to make his way shouting and blindly rushing through the overgrowth until Rey let him catch up. Fortunately, lately Rey had been more considerate, and over the course of the journey, he had taught Amet how to traverse the jungle. Shaking off the bugs, he hurries on.

Rounding a large tree, he comes to an abrupt stop at Rey's back.
"There it is." he says, pointing at a large, jade colored spire just cresting the horizon. Amet notices that around it, the vegetation seems to recede. He steps around Rey and pauses, looking around, and catching his breath.
"The Sky Stabber." Rey seems to have a distant look that is different than his usual spaced-out look. "About another hour of hard travel, and we'll see if the radio will work."
"Will work?" Amet doesn't like the possibility of all this time and hiking being for naught. Rey nods, and again starts moving, readjusting his packs and gear.
"There is always chance. Of course, we should first be worrying about the likelihood of predators about it. There is a reason I've only been there twice." Amet fidgets as they head back down into the jungle. He takes hold of his light sniper rifle, the one designed for closer ranged combat than the mighty heavy sniper. He flips the hybrid sight to red dot, looks back up, and presses forward.

-It is 6:40 on all sides.-
--I'm taking some creative liberty on this side of the story. Sorry of character inconsistencies.
---I thought it would be cool for Amet to have two guns, so... there it is.
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Post 71 (quick post)
Edit 29 July: Altered the formatting a bit

(This is continuation of Post 70 Part 2)
Area 5, Mutena City
Time: 06:20, Day 4

< Lander Shrine Complex - The Dormitories >

             Sigurbelle Kiirla could be seen continuing the repairs of Guardian Samuel Laszlith (who is currently switched offline) - she had spent the entire night working on him and could be seen having trouble just staying awake, let alone trying to understand the schematics of Samuel's internal networks.

Killian, watching Siguebelle yawn for Lander-knows-how-many times -
             -- You sure you don't want to take a rest? We can always let the Bio-Mechanics back at the Base to do the work instead.
Siburbelle -
             -- You know I can't stand seeing Samuel like this. We just need to do as much as we can so he will be able to make it back to the Base. *goes back to Samuel and mumbles to herself* now where does this wire supposed to go?
Killian -
             -- Horaculous will be here soon, you take a rest.

             Sigurbelle gave Killian another glare which made him put his hands up with the "Alright, have it your way" expression. About 20 minutes later, Killian noticed that the signal from the Mousey he had released in Post 61 disappeared, this could mean one of the three things: [1] Its battery ran down, [2] It fell off a ledge and broke itself and [3] Callisto finally caught up to it and realised what went on. Taking no chances with possibility #3 Killian decided to leave the duo behind.

Sigurbelle -
             -- Where you going?
Killian, stopping at the doorway -
             -- Oh, just to get something  to eat... want anything?
Sigurbelle, thinks for a while -
             -- Just some sandwich would do, thanks.

< Lander Shrine Complex - Main Hall >

             In the hallways of the Shrine, Killian could be seen trying to find his way out of the place. While the Shrine itself is spacious and majestic for all people who worships the Landers - internally it's mostly derelict and a messy maze of hallways, storages, and corridors that are only matched by the messier network of Below-surface worlds... maybe.

             As he made it out of the maze and into the open of the main hall, he saw Aaron Sibelius (, one of the Priests who run the Shrine and was directly involved in the Lander Festivals that took place yesterday, helping out the cleaning.

Aaron, stopping his work as he sees Killian -
             -- Yao, Guardian! Morning! You guys rested well? *yawns*
Killian, returning the greeting with an awkward wave -
             -- Not really, stayed up all night to keep an eye out for Sigurbelle and the other Guardian. Incase that guy came here.

             About a minute of looking around and observing all the cleaning work, it became clear to Killian that he can't stay here for long incase Callisto makes his way here.

Killian -
             -- say, do you know where the Training Grounds are? *takes out his sabre* I wanna try out my new sabre *looks back to where Aaron was and sees him already gone*
Zaffre, the Blue Lander that's with Aaron all the time (also the one that sold Killian and Letearia the weapon upgrades), through Killian's in-built Lander/Najuan translator -
             -- Just head about a kilometre north of here, there is a wide flatland that could be used for what you want to do
Killian  -
             -- OK, thanks for that *prepares his Flight module*
Zaffre, the Blue Lander, as Killian prepares to jet off -
             -- Bai, bai~ and good luck!

             Killian flew off into the morning sky, "Can't have this city come in any sort of danger from thatr Rogue Guardian", he though, as he try think up of different methods to take up Callisto should be arrive here

## End Post ##

== It's now 07:00 on this side of the plot.
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Post 72
Area 3 air space 6:50

From the monitor of his drop ship, Horaculous spots a formation of pteradactyl like creatures bearing down on him.

-" Not this crap again... We got company, people." Malcolm stood at a window gripping his rifle. He could see them coming, and turned to his companions.

-" Without the turrets we only got our firearms. Hope you got good accuracy with those." Just then the lead dactyl took a dive at the ship, clinging to the side and thrusting it's long beak in the window. Faster than Malcolm's reflexes was halex, who wipped a serrated knife right into it's throat. Watching the corpse fall to it's doom, Sebariel grimaced.

-"Nice throw, but we'll need more sustainable means than knives.'

-"that was one of my favorites too. such a shame." Opting for his revolving pistol, Halex took one of the windows and took aim at another diver. Sebariel's shotgun was an ideal weapon for killing birds, but couldn't keep the large flock at bay alone. Malcolm's rapid fire rifle was much less accurate, but the riddling plasma still struck a few. but the huge bird beasts clung like flys, gouging the metal plating with their claws and beaks.

-"I just spoke with the ships mainframe, and he insists that at this rate the craft's hull integrity will drop from 86% to 0% in 2.3 minutes." Chyrl hardly seemed perturbed by her own verdict of impending doom.

-"Those freaking Turrets better hurry up charging!!!" Firing frantically, Halex looked to Sebariel, who was reloading. He suddenly dropped the shotgun and produced his psy blade.

-" I'll take the hull and try to shake them, keep the pressure on 'em!" Leaping to the window he climbed like a spider slashing at the cling ons. Squaking, most leapt away, but a particularly large one challenged him with outstretched talons. grappling with the scaley bladed appendages, Sebariel sliced several claws straight off, but the beast then lunged with a drill like beak. losing balance, the two began to plummet downward. This would have been the end of Sebariel if a sudden orange figure hadn't streaked up and caught him, letting the impaled beast fall onwards.

-"Ciao amico mio(Hello my friend), it's a bit  to far for you!"

-"Maiorico?! You insane fool, what are..?!"

-" Talk later, fight now!" Rico's superior mobility allowed him to deftly avoid the assaulting dactyls, while singling them out with crystalline energy bursts. suprised by this sudden barrage the remaining birds began a hurried retreat which took serious shouting from Sebariel to convince Maiorico to let them go, as they had to return to the ship. Back inside they recieved a warm welcome.

-"What a pain you are, Rico, i thought you were still in repairs!" Halex slapped his metallic back (with a bit of a sting.)

-"Aww they patched me together enough so I thought I'd join your little cruicera (cruise)!" Sebariel took his hand in a shake.
"Well I owe you my life, amiaco (friend), thanks." Malcolm suddenly realized something.

-"you knew he was here, didn't you Chyrl?" She gave him the equivelant of a shrugged response.

-"Of course. but you never inquired about the occupants of this ship." Smiley was bouncing in his seat.

-"Glepu jeeb nie guardian! Zip dip prew! (Another new guardian! He's come and saved us!)" Horaculous groaned in the pilot seat.

-"Great, now all hope of a quiet trip is gone. I hope you guys save some energy for when we arrive at that sieged outpost.

*End post. It is now 7:05*
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Post 73 (2 parts)

Part 1
(This is continuation of Post 69)
Area 3
Time: 07:20

< Akrn and Leteria just arrived at Vandhald Outpost >

             The outpost itself appeared to have suffered moderate damage as result of the invasion, but the cadets here seemed to have managed to hold them off for the time being. As soon as the Guardians landed and made their way to the Outpost, Letearia was already helping the wounded while Akrn informed the lieutenant that they have been sent as result of the distress signal that was sent from here.

Akrn, after being briefed about the battle earlier -
             -- So you didn't capture an image of who was responsible for all these invaders?
NSF/SAFE lieutenant, handing Akrn some photos-
             -- These are all we have about the invaders themselves, not sure if there's anything useful in here...

             Akrn went through the photos of the creatures that attacked the Outpost - most of them are fairly standard creatures that normally appear in this Area: a Crab, some bouncers, flying bats, though nothing appeared to have caught Akrn's special attention. Once akrn obtained information on where the invaders origin all came, he armed himself with his standard rifles and set about heading into the forest.

Letty, seeing Akrn heading off -
             -- Hey! where you going?
Akrn -
             -- Just going to find out where they're all coming from
Letty -
             -- What?! On your own?! *stops her healing work and gets up* I'm coming too.
Akrn -
             -- You stay here and tend the injured! You getting all scared and figety (Post 49) will only impede our work. Besides, I just need enough info to relay to Horaculous, be back very soon! *heads in*

< End part >

Part 2
(This is continuation of Post 70 Part 3)
Area 4
Time: 07:20

< Enroute to The Sky Stabber >

             The journey itself had been pretty ordinary, although with Amet constantly swerving around watching out for any predators and moving a lot slower than usual has made Rey somewhat irritated. Just as he was about to yell at Amet to get a move on or he will be dumping him behind like it was unintentionally done earlier Amet spots something moving in the bushes a distance from them; Rey seemed to have noticed it too.

Amet, while keeping his scope firmly on whatever's moving behind the bushes  -
             -- Erm.... *waiting for ideas from Rey*

## End Post ##

== It's now 07:30 on all sides of the plot.

== Yeaaaah, not really feeling all that creative tonight x_x

== Whatever Amet finds in the bush is open for creativity, just getting this side of the plot moving in line with the rest.

[04 August 2013] Two things can happen in Area 3 - Akrn finds out about what Erajiv is up to and warns the group, or while he's still away the Outpost gets attacked again and Maiorico arrives seeing Letty struggling with Erajiv
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Post 74
Area 3 within a few miles of area 4's border 8:00 AM

Akrn's years of training in the quiet years payed off, as he stealthily worked through the green basement floor of the forest. Not knowing what to expect, he assuemd everything was dangerous as he navigated the trees, his energy rifle at the ready. His cyborgic muscles carried him miles in little time, but he still hadn't seen a single hostile creature. Beginning to lose patience he decided to look for a few more minutes then leave. As he rounded a large tree trunk, he heard a noise that made him drop to the ground. A low, dirging voice, making inarticulate sounds. Either this was connected to the invaders or he just lost his mind. Creeping forward, he slid down a muddy trench into a large bush where he peered into a conspicous clearing. A large, blue metal clad creature stood in the center with it's back to him, arms raised and chanting some primordial ritual. Briefly mesmorized, Akrn suddenly heard a voice on his tac/com.

-Erajiv "You are late, Callisto, and have tried my patience.  I have need of you now to open the corridor in this area." Nowhere in his memory could Akrn find the name Callisto, or any semblance to this voice and creature. Either it had a communicator that matched his model, or maybe it was using some phsycic power to acess it? Deciding to see how long he could play along, he responded.

-Akrn "I've been delayed. Where is this corridor?" Hoping he could learn something, Akrn crossed his fingers. The voice spoke again.

-Erajiv "Are you a fool? The encroaching humans have built that structure over it, a sacrilige to the sanctity of this planet. The time has come to soummon the Terramute, to crush th- what are you, deciever?!" The creature abruptly ceased it's chant and whipped around, facing Akrn.  The jig was up, and Akrn rose, gripping his rifle ready to snap it up. Before he could respond, it snarled and raised it's long arm blade.

-Erajiv "A guardian? You seem so much like her, but you don't feel like any of the others... How dare you defile this land with your presence!" Akrn aimed his rifle at Erajiv and tried to ignore that first part.

-Akrn "I am indeed a guardian of humanity, so I must stop your schemes to destroy Vanhald!" Erajiv find's this amusing.

-Erajiv "Stop me? You!? The First couldn't stop me, only impede my progress! Her seals will be broken, and this world will be mine! Your not worth my time, so my hordes will smear your ruin upon the foliage!" Raising his left arm, Erajiv uttered a gutteral command then turned from Akrn. The surrounding forest suddenly became alive with noise, and glancing around, Akrn saw swarms of huge bats, jelly blobs, jumping rocks, and whirling green polyp like creatures around him.

Though indeed a skilled soldier, Akrn opted for the more reasonable approach.  Running like crazy out into the clearing, He leapt into the sky and performed a hasty fighter take off. As he blasted back to Vanhald, he could hear Erajiv's maniacal laughter and his echoing words. The First? Seals? Who and what was that thing? It was clear another attack was imminent, and Akrn had to hurry to warn Letty and the others.
*End of Post it is now 9:00*
-For chronological awareness, the meeting between Erajiv and Akrn took palce around 8:50-
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Post 75
Area 3: 5 Kilometers from Vandhald-- 8:00

Horaculous is grateful to finally have Vandhald come up on his monitors. His craft had run into several clusters of airborne nuisances, putting him behind schedule (a peeve of his) and inflicting more damage to the shuttle. He has an idea to save himself some time.
"Sebariel, I have an idea!" The veteran quickly appears in the cockpit.

"Get the crew into Halex's jeep. I can drop you off about three kilometers from Vandhald to ease your access to the Fort."

"Sounds like a plan. We don't need to risk getting this thing destroyed; Malcolms' AI claims we're at 56% hull integrity."

"Don't remind me. Ready up, and good luck sir."

Sebariel is able to make Maiorico ride in the vehicle after much persuasion, concerned that over exertion could put him out of action again. Halex has only one problem:

"Do we have to take the blob?" Smiley is gaily bouncing on the dashboard, exited to be reunited with his friend Letty.

"You are certainly not leaving him on my ship," says Horaculous with mock severity, "I'd likley crash with him messing around." Malcolm is more attentive to the real reason:

"Letty would not like us leaving him behind. Besides, he may yet be useful, since he surely knows more about this place than we do." Sebariel climbs into the passenger seat.

"I've got shotgun." he says, loading his.

"That's getting old, Seb." Halex rolls his eyes."

"So am I. Malcolm, take the turret. Rico, just don't fly off on us."

"Va bene, va bene (Alright, alright!)! Sheesh, I'm not a loose cannon!" Halex smirks to Malcolm,

"Just a few loose bolts." Malcolm nods, smiling behind his visor.

Flying low, Horaculous detaches Alexis, and heads off for area 5. The jeep suffers a mild fall, which would have been more hazardous without Halex's modifications. He then sends Alexis hurtling through the jungle, skillfully, if not recklessly, navigating through the trees. Soon Vandhald is visible; built upon a hill that rose above the jungle floor, the structure has visible evidence of being under siege. unsettling is the absence of any hostile forces: there were not even any indigenous creatures to be seen. Approaching the gate, Sebariel contacts the outpost:

"Vandhald control, this Lieutenant Talaince. Requesting entrance to the main gate."

"Talaince, this is control. You are cleared for entrance."

Inside, Halex parks Alexis near the armory. Sebariel exits and heads to talk to the Commanding officer of the place. As the others look around, taking in the scene of disarray and disrepair, Letty is seen heading towards them, accompanied by an odd looking individual. He seems to be a cyborg, with short silver/grey hair adorning his head and face, and appears quite aged. Smiley hops over to Letty, who scoops him up.

"Hey guys! I'm glad your here; Akrn went off into the jungle saying he was going to scout out the enemy or something. Rico! what are you..."

"I took liberty to personally introduce myself to our nemico (enemy)" Maiorico says with a roguish smile. Letty roles her eyes at him, while Halex laughs at the exchange. Malcolm is more interested in Letty's companion.

"Who is this friend of yours?" he asks, motioning toward the other cyborg. Letty looks over, and is about to answer when the aged one says,

"I am Guardian Banier, my friend." Rico turns with a jolt over at him.

"Guardian? Which generation are you from?? I could have sworn that only the last two generations were still in service..."

"Rico! Show him more respect! He is last survivor of Gaidic 3, the famous guardian unit before Akrn's over 40 years ago!"

"Yes, a relic from the past," Says Banier, nodding his head, "I've faithfully served Naju my whole life, finally being cast into obscurity with Gaidic 5 being initiated.'

Malcom nods respectfully, understanding the feeling of being forgotten. Halex glances between Rico and Letty, and then Banier, picking out differences.

"Hey, wheres your flight module? I thought the the wing pack was the defining trait of Guardians." Banier smiles at the question, as if it roused many memories.

"Ah, that thing gave out 7 years ago. Surprising I haven't followed in suit. Since my model was so outdated by then, the NSF wouldn't even replace it. That is when I stopped receiving missions."

"Oh, I'm sorry. That must be a painful topic for you." Halex was sincere, an unusual occurrence. Banier waves it off with an uplifted hand.

"I've stopped mourning long ago. I learned that sorrow only brings more remorse."

As their discussion ran its course, no one noticed a streaking figure jetting towards Vandhald. The soldier's excitement garners the groups attention, and Letty and Rico recognize the form as Akrn. He hurredly lands in the courtyard, and faces the cluster.

"Rico, Malcolm, Halex, good thing you're here. Where is Talaince?" Halex motions toward the base.

"Talking with command. What is up?"

"We have got trouble. Serious trouble."
It is now 9:10
-I've opted to call each generation/series of Guardian a gaidic, after the Japanese name for the game. The timeline of the gaidics should be simple and vague: it isn't worth making confusion.
--Before anyone starts to worry about a new character mixing things up, Banier is a non-combat roled character.
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Post 76 (Draft)

(This is continuation of Post 75)
Area 3 - Vandhald Outpost
Time: 09:10

< Akrn informs the group about the incoming swarm >

Akrn -
             -- A large group of monsters coming this way, and fast, too. *The troops around the camp are visibly unnerved at this*
Letearia, calming everyone down -
             -- How bad can it be?
Akrn -
             -- Massive rush of them - looks like they're really intending to overrun this place until no trace of human activity ever existed here.
Maiorico, preparing his arsenal -
             -- Quel tizio (that guy) coming too? I have a score to settle with him!
Akrn, turning to Maiorico in surprise -
             -- Rico! The hell are you do--
Malcolm -
             -- He snuck onboard while we were preparing to come here. Still, his added fire power might be of help to us.
Maiorico -
             -- No injury will keep me the Guardian Maiorico down, grave o meno, so when and from where are they arriving?!

Akrn, moving away from Maiorico -
             -- So what do you guys suggest? Do you think we're able to try holding them off?
Halex -
             -- What choice do you think we have? We don't even have resources for any other option.
Letearia, coming out of the Armoury with supplies -
             -- Guess this place may still have some fight left *gives Akrn some spare Chips* Here, you'll need this.
Akrn, recharging himself while looking at Banier, his advanced age made him weary of his ability to assist -
             -- And you, sir? Are you able to--
Banier, taking a rifle for himself from Letearia -
             -- Eh, it's been a while since I was directly involved in any Guardian-assigned missions, don't count me out due to my age.
Akrn -
             -- Alright, just try keep the troops out of the line of fire, we the Guardians will try draw all the fire so there won't be any needless casualties.

             The first wave of monsters emerged from the vegetation and closed in on the camp

Maiorico, getting his charged rifles up -
             -- Oggi, mangeremo all'inferno per colazione! (Today, we dine in hell for breakfast!)

## End Post ##

== It's now 09:25 on this side of the plot.