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Audio / Re: My interpretation of the title track.
October 03, 2013, 02:40:32 PM
Wow, this one is really atmospheric. Wholly impressed, all the way through. I like how you took a softer approach on the song. $100!!
General Talk - simple and fun / Re: What did I miss?
September 30, 2013, 04:17:50 PM
Now that would be an insane boss. Tougher than Optomom?
Introduction Area / Re: New to the Forums.
September 02, 2013, 09:10:58 AM
Welcome to site! We may be meager in force, but we hope enjoy what we have to offer in tribute to the classic!
In case anyone is interested, I'ma working on Amet and Rey's side, though I've one road block: I wanna involve them in Vandhald's plot, but I'm not quite sure how. I'll figure something out, but suggestions would help make it a team effort :redlander:
Introduction Area / Re: New to the Site!
August 25, 2013, 08:35:20 PM
Welcome to the elite(?) ranks of TGL fans!
Brownie points to ya for your article goal! It would really cool (and ridicules) if you were able inspire a resurgence of the game. Picture it: more and more people hunting down the game (or emulator), a great swell of popularity, petitions for its revival, and a wicked awesome remake!
... I'll stop dreaming now. ::)
As per the Gaidic run down, that sounds about right (I forgot to mention that Banier was also obscured because he aged at a human rate.)
To be perfectly honest, I sorta marked Banier for death, what I had in mind was him being killed by Erajiv when he personally attacks the fort. Of course, if anyone wants him to live, he could easily be an informant type, given his long time working on Naju.

I think that Vandhald's siege should restart pretty soon in the RP (a chance for new powers to be applied), peaking with the Terramute Dragon emerging  :o. I also see Erajiv personally showing up for some combat, but I just haven't figured out a good reason he would personally join the siege. Any ideas?
Post 75
Area 3: 5 Kilometers from Vandhald-- 8:00

Horaculous is grateful to finally have Vandhald come up on his monitors. His craft had run into several clusters of airborne nuisances, putting him behind schedule (a peeve of his) and inflicting more damage to the shuttle. He has an idea to save himself some time.
"Sebariel, I have an idea!" The veteran quickly appears in the cockpit.

"Get the crew into Halex's jeep. I can drop you off about three kilometers from Vandhald to ease your access to the Fort."

"Sounds like a plan. We don't need to risk getting this thing destroyed; Malcolms' AI claims we're at 56% hull integrity."

"Don't remind me. Ready up, and good luck sir."

Sebariel is able to make Maiorico ride in the vehicle after much persuasion, concerned that over exertion could put him out of action again. Halex has only one problem:

"Do we have to take the blob?" Smiley is gaily bouncing on the dashboard, exited to be reunited with his friend Letty.

"You are certainly not leaving him on my ship," says Horaculous with mock severity, "I'd likley crash with him messing around." Malcolm is more attentive to the real reason:

"Letty would not like us leaving him behind. Besides, he may yet be useful, since he surely knows more about this place than we do." Sebariel climbs into the passenger seat.

"I've got shotgun." he says, loading his.

"That's getting old, Seb." Halex rolls his eyes."

"So am I. Malcolm, take the turret. Rico, just don't fly off on us."

"Va bene, va bene (Alright, alright!)! Sheesh, I'm not a loose cannon!" Halex smirks to Malcolm,

"Just a few loose bolts." Malcolm nods, smiling behind his visor.

Flying low, Horaculous detaches Alexis, and heads off for area 5. The jeep suffers a mild fall, which would have been more hazardous without Halex's modifications. He then sends Alexis hurtling through the jungle, skillfully, if not recklessly, navigating through the trees. Soon Vandhald is visible; built upon a hill that rose above the jungle floor, the structure has visible evidence of being under siege. unsettling is the absence of any hostile forces: there were not even any indigenous creatures to be seen. Approaching the gate, Sebariel contacts the outpost:

"Vandhald control, this Lieutenant Talaince. Requesting entrance to the main gate."

"Talaince, this is control. You are cleared for entrance."

Inside, Halex parks Alexis near the armory. Sebariel exits and heads to talk to the Commanding officer of the place. As the others look around, taking in the scene of disarray and disrepair, Letty is seen heading towards them, accompanied by an odd looking individual. He seems to be a cyborg, with short silver/grey hair adorning his head and face, and appears quite aged. Smiley hops over to Letty, who scoops him up.

"Hey guys! I'm glad your here; Akrn went off into the jungle saying he was going to scout out the enemy or something. Rico! what are you..."

"I took liberty to personally introduce myself to our nemico (enemy)" Maiorico says with a roguish smile. Letty roles her eyes at him, while Halex laughs at the exchange. Malcolm is more interested in Letty's companion.

"Who is this friend of yours?" he asks, motioning toward the other cyborg. Letty looks over, and is about to answer when the aged one says,

"I am Guardian Banier, my friend." Rico turns with a jolt over at him.

"Guardian? Which generation are you from?? I could have sworn that only the last two generations were still in service..."

"Rico! Show him more respect! He is last survivor of Gaidic 3, the famous guardian unit before Akrn's over 40 years ago!"

"Yes, a relic from the past," Says Banier, nodding his head, "I've faithfully served Naju my whole life, finally being cast into obscurity with Gaidic 5 being initiated.'

Malcom nods respectfully, understanding the feeling of being forgotten. Halex glances between Rico and Letty, and then Banier, picking out differences.

"Hey, wheres your flight module? I thought the the wing pack was the defining trait of Guardians." Banier smiles at the question, as if it roused many memories.

"Ah, that thing gave out 7 years ago. Surprising I haven't followed in suit. Since my model was so outdated by then, the NSF wouldn't even replace it. That is when I stopped receiving missions."

"Oh, I'm sorry. That must be a painful topic for you." Halex was sincere, an unusual occurrence. Banier waves it off with an uplifted hand.

"I've stopped mourning long ago. I learned that sorrow only brings more remorse."

As their discussion ran its course, no one noticed a streaking figure jetting towards Vandhald. The soldier's excitement garners the groups attention, and Letty and Rico recognize the form as Akrn. He hurredly lands in the courtyard, and faces the cluster.

"Rico, Malcolm, Halex, good thing you're here. Where is Talaince?" Halex motions toward the base.

"Talking with command. What is up?"

"We have got trouble. Serious trouble."
It is now 9:10
-I've opted to call each generation/series of Guardian a gaidic, after the Japanese name for the game. The timeline of the gaidics should be simple and vague: it isn't worth making confusion.
--Before anyone starts to worry about a new character mixing things up, Banier is a non-combat roled character.
If you're here to troll, I'm sure you've got more important stuff to do than tread on a fan's input on an RP dedicated to an ancient video game. If you are earnest, you'd be better off checking the events that transcended with the Guardian fighters and Naju control, especially in episode 2.
If you're here to troll, I'm sure you've got more important stuff to do than tread on a fan's input on an RP dedicated to an ancient video game. If you are earnest, you'd be better off checking the events that transcended with the Guardian fighters and Naju control, especially in episode 2.
Post 70
Skies of Naju; 06:30 day 4

Maiorico rubs the back of his neck, still feeling stiff. Sitting in the back cargo bay of the shuttle, he practically is itching for some action. Being in the medical bay had made him anxious, while everyone else was up to something. So, when he heard about the deployment to area 3, he had snuck out of his room (reasoning that the operation was done, and that the dear bio-mechanics were trying to make him rest) and stowed away on the shuttle. Now he is just waiting for something interesting to happen.

Meanwhile, Horaculous receives a message from Akrn, warning of a flock of airborne creatures that were heading his direction. Horaculous groans when he reads the message, having enough with things attacking his ships.
"Hey, Sebariel, I need you to check this out." When he makes his way to the cockpit, Horaculous shows Sebariel the message with a visual of the creatures.
"We've had too much trouble with flying enemies to overlook this. What have we got on defensive equipment?" Horaculous turns on the ship's system lists.
"Looks like our best bet is a set of side mounted turrets. Problem is, they'll take a bit to fire up. Seeing as Letty and Akrn are a bout twenty minutes ahead of us, the turrets will still be charging when we intercept those buggers." Sebariel is worried, and nods.
"Then we'll have to hold out until they are ready. I'll alert everyone." He turns and heads out.
It is now 6:40

Part two: Area 7, 6:30

Callisto had been chasing the Guardian signal for hours, finally catching it down in another tunnel system. As he turned the corner, sadistic glee filled him as his weapon systems were brought ready to bare. Yet he doesn't see any guardians; just a small mechanical, mouse-like gadget. He jets up to the thing, which seems to be slowing down, and pins it by stepping on its tail. Then he yells. The blasted thing is giving off a guardian's radar signal. He had been duped. Screaming explicits, he hits the mouse with a fireball blast, which reduces it to shrapnel.

As Callisto flies out of the tunnel system, he feels Erajiv calling him. He hardly cares what he wants, still enraged that the Guardians had tricked him with such a simple tool. He resolves to head back to area 5, and investigate the area. Maybe if he doesn't find any of them, he would go see Erajiv.

It is 6:40 now.

Part 3
6:00-- Area 4

Amet brushes the overhanging branches out of his way, grimacing as he is showered with a small swarm of falling bugs. He and Rey had been on the move for what he figured to be 4 hours. The distant survivor had, for the better part of their traveling, been consistent in leaving Amet in a state of constant rush, often moving out of Amet's sight and leaving him to make his way shouting and blindly rushing through the overgrowth until Rey let him catch up. Fortunately, lately Rey had been more considerate, and over the course of the journey, he had taught Amet how to traverse the jungle. Shaking off the bugs, he hurries on.

Rounding a large tree, he comes to an abrupt stop at Rey's back.
"There it is." he says, pointing at a large, jade colored spire just cresting the horizon. Amet notices that around it, the vegetation seems to recede. He steps around Rey and pauses, looking around, and catching his breath.
"The Sky Stabber." Rey seems to have a distant look that is different than his usual spaced-out look. "About another hour of hard travel, and we'll see if the radio will work."
"Will work?" Amet doesn't like the possibility of all this time and hiking being for naught. Rey nods, and again starts moving, readjusting his packs and gear.
"There is always chance. Of course, we should first be worrying about the likelihood of predators about it. There is a reason I've only been there twice." Amet fidgets as they head back down into the jungle. He takes hold of his light sniper rifle, the one designed for closer ranged combat than the mighty heavy sniper. He flips the hybrid sight to red dot, looks back up, and presses forward.

-It is 6:40 on all sides.-
--I'm taking some creative liberty on this side of the story. Sorry of character inconsistencies.
---I thought it would be cool for Amet to have two guns, so... there it is.
I add my consent to the plans. I thinks that good bi-lingual guardian Maiorico should be operational by then. I was thinking that about the time everyone is rested up and good to go area three outpost (name idea- Vandhald) would be under attack by Erajiv's preemptive assault on the place. I would like to involve the Terramute dragon as his trump card and a great foe for the combined group. For a little more interesting work, I theorize that after the first wave of attack is repelled, some people (Lead by Halex, since he is sort of a reconnaissance/ observations expert) take a look around, and discover the dragons lair ( ::)) just before Erajiv awakens it. As always, just my ideas for the future.
I guess now we need someone to step up to the plate to start episode 3. At least, the prologue to cover what we arn't writing :redlander:. Once we get that, it'll be a little smoother sailing methinks.
Sounds good to me. Lets finish this episode. I'm fine with the travel reservations for the way back :redlander:
I like the plan for area 3. Maybe the group works their way underground after the attack (omigosh corridor time!). Of course, we can worry more about that as the current plans unfold.
Yeah, a little side story of sorts to keep brain food coming, since the main RP is too large for just a few people. Perhaps some peoples find a corridor and head into the sub-level of Naju? We could all contribute a character or two that combined would compose this little troop. Just an idea :redlander:

It could help too if we set some kind of climax or goal for the little story, so that every one can take turns filling events.
Hey! A new face ( ::)) Welcome to the elite (we like to think) community of TGL :redlander: