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Games / Rollie (NES)
« on: September 10, 2019, 01:17:09 PM »
In case anyone is interested, my first official video game is on kickstarter right now, an NES platformer called Rollie

The official site for it

Other than the way some things are coded, I can't say there are too many things TGL related since it is a completely different type of game (it is more like Super Mario Bros). The other important thing behind this is that I was able to build a game engine from scratch and might be able to use it for future projects.

Rom Hacks, MODs, Plugins / TGL:SE on NES cart
« on: February 12, 2013, 02:06:46 PM »

I decided to have Guardian Legend Secret Edition put on cart, so it could be played on NES. I requested to have it available for selling on this site, "Lost Classics":

This would be for NES cart, I'm not exactly sure what cart would be used outside North America. I do not care about profiting from this game or that someone else is. The cart label is just something I cooked up a couple years back, using one of the fan arts I found on this site.


Work / What's everyone's role in this project?
« on: July 26, 2012, 01:10:40 PM »
So I'm trying to figure out what exactly everyone's role is on the new Guardian Legend game that is being made, or even what officialt progress has been made. I know teremochek seems to be making the bulk of the main game, but someone else is also doing a flash game too. Maybe the project could use a little more organization, maybe an official web page or blog on it, or does that already exist?

Rom Hacks, MODs, Plugins / Pyron
« on: February 29, 2012, 09:53:09 AM »



Here is a game I've been working on for about a year now, and that I aim to finish within this year. It's a complicated NES rom hack to the point where it resembles its own game. The gameplay is like Metroid, but it contains obvious influences of TGL. I built a website for it to demonstrate what the game is all about, what is in it, etc.

I hope to put up a video of the gameplay at some point, but for now just enjoy the website.

This isn't a Guardian Legend hack, but I figured that it's appropriate since I recall it was discussed at one point whether or not another game's soundtrack could be put into Guardian Legend. It is very possible to do this in theory, but not easy. I pretty much accomplished it here, but because of the differing ram values used by the engine compared to the original one, the game is not fully operational in it's present condition. If one is going to move the soundtrack of one game into another, you had most likely have to make a LOT of changes. I did this because I'm trying to make a Konami based framework to homebrew my own NES games.


This is the Crisis Force soundtrack in Simon's Quest. Use the B button on the title screen to toggle through songs before pushing start, and when you do press start a song will play on the following screen. You cannot actually play the game unfortunately, as the newly imported sound engine overwrites certain vital ram from the original game that I didn't bother to move around. The tough part was figuring out how to move the DPCM data, but I managed to crack its format, which seems pretty much universal across all NES games as far as I can tell.

Audio / "Zelda 2" TGL cover.
« on: March 29, 2010, 02:06:34 PM »
As many of you know I'm a rom hacker. My strong point is music hacking.

At one point I was working on a Zelda 2 hack that never quite panned out that was going to have a completely different plot from the original game and basically had no trace of Zelda whatsoever. I intended the game to have a series crossover; the final stage would be like the crystal area from the Guardian Legend and the game's final boss would be yours truly. The only surviving bit from this idea are tracks 8 & 9 from the game's soundtrack. Thought you guys might find it interesting.


Rom Hacks, MODs, Plugins / Modifiying corridors
« on: March 12, 2010, 05:55:20 PM »
This topic for discussion of corridor level modification.

The pointer table at 0x10024 is where to look first. The first two pointers (6D 82, ED 81) are data for the game's two nonplayable flight sequences (entering/exiting a corridor, and the escape from Naju just before it explodes). The following are for the games for the games 23 corridors, starting with the beginning stage (45 80), then followed by corridor 1, 2, 3, etc. all the way up to 21 and the final stage (11 85). Each corridor level data block will start with the bytes "00 00 04". From there it gets complex, and I'll discuss it more in detail here as time moves along.

A little bit of talk has gone around about the reverse engineering of Guardian Legend. In light of it, I'll introduce this.  It is a hacked version of the game. This is pretty much the embodiment of what I've modified in the game. Every now and then, I change some things around in it. The map is different, the corridors are mostly similar with some different bosses, and maybe a couple of other minor things. You should play it if interested in a somewhat different TGL.


Version 3.2

Wonderland / Possible Hidden Menu?
« on: February 10, 2010, 03:29:53 PM »

A strange account of a glitchy menu supposedly accessed from the password screen lead me on something of a wild goose chase. I spent a long time trying to find what the user described in the game's rom for countless hours and came up empty. My null hypothesis is that he typed in a password that landed him in an off map glitch area of the game (which are well known for their extreme random glitchiness) and produced the glitch menu. However, I haven't been able to conclude that it' s a glitch. Certainly perplexing.

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