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...I came to the conclusion I don't want to contribute more for the time being. I'm afraid this condition will turn out to be permanent.
Oh man, I'm sorry. I was a bit afraid of how spontaneous plot development is in an RP. I can understand though. However, if you want/need a way to feel more involved, may I suggest that you concoct an additional character to add to the mix? Maybe a bit of a bridge that could help Rey when he returns to civilization. I'm not saying that Rey needs to join the main group; we just need to give him a role, I guess, once he and Amet reach civilization. Perhaps they reach area 3 (They are in the adjascent area 4, right?), and possibly its security outpost? If either of the groups found 'em, we could probably skip the telling of Amet and Rey's story (for time's sake) by using a prerequisite.

I guess if we can just get the Characters on your side involved, I'm sure it will be more excited. Maybe the two see a passing jet over head, and take the gamble to follow it (unknowingly to area 3.) We'd hate to lose your input :-\.

Now, for the other side of the story, I didn't really have any idea what would happen en route to area 5, so whatever you guys think would be interesting, I'm cool with. If they lost Malcolm, rather than Sigurbelle, that would probably mean that they would have to keep going to get aid to Akrn and such (having him paired with Letty would give them more confidence in abandoning him, too ::)).

Introduction Area / Re: Hello world of TGL!
« on: June 16, 2013, 07:15:18 PM »
Howdy hi hey! We bid you welcome to our meager yet loyal community! I hope you enjoy what this site has to offer.

Post 66
Naju Central Air Port: 17:45
-Sebariel's group has reached NC and is being redeployed to escort Sigurbelle Kiirla to Akrn in area 5.-

?So, let me get this straight: We are going to escort Sigurbelle to area 5 to help out the GF?s?? Halex feels unreceptive, but asks anyway despite his growingly apparent fatigue. Malcolm, looking up, responds
?Yes Halex. Command has deemed our support necessary because they were attacked by a ?rogue Guardian? who singlehandedly beat the elite Guardian Akrn.?
Halex seems to mostly hear that, nodding and grunting as he finishes putting a strap on his thigh. This was one of many knife belts he had put on; Halex was a skilled knife thrower, and favored them over his firearms.

The group is restocking on ammunition and prepping for redeployment. Rico was again indignant at being left behind, voicing his lower opinion of the injury and need to settle a score. As bio-mechanics wheeled him away, Sebariel patted him on the shoulder, saying,
?You will have your chance, Maiorico; you will have your chance.?

Finally a jeep was seen coming down the road. Sigurbelle was being brought to the new ship that was assigned for the mission. Horaculous had readied the craft and was eagerly awaiting the chance to try it out. It was much smaller than the shuttle they had used earlier, and was designed for quick response missions. Shores had cleared its use for the assignment to get support to the Guardians as fast as possible. Sebariel is already inside, knowing that command wants them en route ASAP. As Sigurbelle steps out of the vehicle, Letty walks up to meet her.
?It?s been a while Sigurbelle. It?s good to see you again!?
?Same here, Letearia. I?m glad to see you?re holding up.? She sighs, a mixture of exasperation and worry. ?First the Compile disaster, the area 9 crisis, Rico getting cracked and now Akrn again. One problem after another; this does not bode well.?
As they talk, Malcolm comes on over. Sigurbelle, seeing him, widens her eyes.
   ?Is that a Spartan? What is he doing??? Letty cuts her off.
   ?It?s a long story. I hardly understand it myself, but what is important is that he is a friend.? Waiting for Letty to finish, Malcolm addresses Sigurbelle.
   ?Good day, ma?am. My name is Malcolm, and I have been assigned to be your personal escort for this assignment. It is an honor to work with you.? Sigurbelle smiles at him.
   ?Thank you Malcolm, but why am I being assigned a bodyguard? I just need to get to Akrn to repair him.? Malcolm nods respectfully.
   ?Akrn and the other Guardians were attacked by someone who apparently beat Akrn alone. What?s more, Colonel Shores said that the assailant is still out there, and he says that there is reason to believe that this rogue Guardian is after the others.?
Just about then, Sebariel comes out of the ship, and calls out to the three standing by the jeep.
   ?Let?s go people! Shores wants us on the way as fast as possible!? He turns to the craft as the others start moving. He grimaced as he reflected on Command?s general insensitivity to the ground operatives. Do this, do that, make it snappy. They always want things done now.

?Hang on, let me get my stuff.? Sigurbelle says, as she reaches for her supplies which were stored in two heavy duffle bags. Letty, gauging their weight by looks, comments.
?Good grief, what are you bringing? Enough parts to make a new Guardian??
?It isn?t exactly easy to repair Akrn. His model calls for a lot of fine parts, and these will often either need to be replaced or fixed with equally fine tuned equipment.? Her face contorts as she bears the combined weight of her load. Malcolm, ever the gentleman, says,
?Here, let me help you with that.? And deftly takes the bags and starts walking to the ship, with no apparent sign of exertion.
?What do they make those Spartans out of??

On board, the ship takes off with an elated Horaculous behind the wheel.
   ?Man, I?ve heard of these NCI-34 Neutrinos, but the opportunity to fly one! Man!? He tests the sensitivity of the controls, causing the craft to swerve and dip in perfect response. Naturally, the others were are less enthusiastic about its responsiveness.
?Horaculous, you big furball! Stop trying to crash!? Letty voices the thoughts of just about everyone else on board.
   ?Hey, you should appreciate the refinement of this piece of machinery! You can direct your flight on a whim, but machines like this take real skill!?
Letty only rolls her eyes. Sigurbelle is checking on her equipment, and Malcolm is feeling out the plasmatic pistol he was issued. Halex watches with a little wonder, noting how the weapon is slightly dwarfed in the Spartan?s hands. Yawning, he turns to Sebariel, who is looking at a holographic map produced by his tactical pad. Turning, he addresses Horaculous in the cockpit, which is a only a few feet from the passenger bay which had 8 seats.
   ?How long do you think it will take us to get there, Horaculous?? The same looks at a graph on the dash board, and calls back.
   ?Technically, 30 minutes, if we had triple this thing?s fuel capacity. It can go way fast, but guzzles gas like that. To make her last there and back, it?ll take a couple hours.
   ?Then we?ll make do with what we have. I?ll fill in Shores.? Halex then has a thought, and asks,
   ?Hey, Seb, what is going to happen to the area 3 outpost, since we aren?t going there??
   ?Shores said that with the airport partially operational again, they will be able to deploy the NSS frigate Irem for support, though he wants us over there all the same once we are done.? Halex nods, and is about to start to take a nap, when another thought comes to him.
   ?Poor Alexis is all alone now. The girl has had a rough day.? He is acting melancholy, and Sebariel laughs.
   ?I told you I would make it up. I arranged for a skilled mechanic to clean her up.?
   ?He had better follow the owner?s manual spot on??

It is now 18:00
-Bio-mechanic is the term I adopted for those who are able to repair/heal Guardians-

I've just had a busy few weeks, and have been re-re-revising plans ( ::)) to make 'em more interesting. I'ma working on it though!

Okay, post is up. I hope that Sigurbelle was acting in accordance with Ruby's thoughts on her character. Incase you don't know, the frigate Irem is in the same nature of the Compile in the respect that Irem was another part owner of TGL (sob).
If there are any other concerns, lemme know :redlander:.

Audio / Re: Aliens Dubstep
« on: June 04, 2013, 06:23:40 PM »
Sweetish, man.

I think it is good that we introduce some non-permanent characters. I like the Idea of getting the story lines back within a 30 minute radius of each other  :). I like the layout.

Should we say Killian pulled off the distress cal around 17:30? That would give group 1 (Seb, Malcolm, Letty) time to get transport (Via Horaculous, methinks) with Sigurbelle and head that way. If you guys want, I'll take care of the reassignment post for group 1.
And since this could end up being a little important, how long should Rico be out of commision? a few hours? An episode? If applicable, should he come with the group and recieve medical attention from Sigurbelle (poor girl, she is really a medic right now  :) :-[) during the journey?
Since I never quite picked it up, which area are Rey and Amet in again?

Aaand another piece of food for thought: should Callisto find the peoples at the Festival or should we have a different, less personable problem pop up for the occasion?

I'm open to having area 3 put off. We could have Shores dictate that what ever is going on in area 5 requires more immediate attention. Lets keep the groups together a little more, so personalities can keep bouncing off each other.

The festival/ celebration/ shindig sounds like a pretty good idea. I agree that the Landers ought to be kinda smart yet goofy, prehaps a little naive. Increasing their rarity is a good idea as well. I like the idea of red Landers being harder to understand/ more cryptic. Prehaps they are revered by their blue bretheren (hey, finding those always made my day :redlander:. It also seems tactical to me to have the Lander's be secondary targets of Erajiv and/or Callisto, although more of either bad guy getting them if they get the chance but focusing on more important goals. That would make the little buggers  :bluelander: a fairly important ensemble in our story. Perhaps Akrn gets an upgrade from one/ gets healed. A little power boost could help him be more set apart from the other GFs.

Ps: Post number prob solved!

Just for story direction, should we have the Guardian group in area 5 call for help? If so, I was thinking that we could use Horaculous to get Sigurbelle to them, and probably with an escort for safety reasons (maybe Malcolm, maybe just NSF troops.) I was figuring that there would be a break before the next deployment for medical attention, re-arming, and rest (poor Rico is probably going to stay out for a while :'()
Since it will come up eventually, I was kinda thinking that the outpost in area 3 would be attacked when the group, whoever ends up going there, has already arrived.
Also, I think that it would be cool if we had the area 5 Guardian stumble upon some Najuan ruin/landers. I don't know how to have that contribute to the story but hey, it's a start for bringing the TGL feel home  :redlander:

Post 62
-Area 0, many miles from Naju Centeral: 16:10-- 30 minutes after post 59 part 1-

Sebariel startles awake, rudely interrupted from a much needed nap by his pager going off. Groggily he fumbles with the com, opening the channel.
?Talaince, this is colonel Shores, over.? Sebariel shakes his head, trying to alert his senses.
?I?m here, sir. What do you need??
?I?ve new orders for you, Lieutenant. After you make it to Naju central, you and Cyphru need to head to the area 3 military outpost. We?ve been picking up energy anomalies in the area.?
?Anomalies, sir??
?That?s all I can tell you, Talaince. We don?t know anything else, which is what you need to find out for us. Shores??
?Sir, requesting permission to take Letearia and Malcolm with me.?
?Granted. What is the status of Gaurdian Maiorico?? Sebariel hangs his head at remembering Rico?s wounds.
?He is alive and stable, but will need extensive medical attention.?
?Understood. I?ll look for the best for the job. Shores out.?

Sebariel stretches and stands up. He had been sitting down outside the medical bay. Letty had been insistent on treating Rico to the best of her ability, and now Rico was resting quietly, after complaining a fair bit about being laid up. Letty herself was probably resting. Sebariel starts looking for Malcolm, while opening his and Halex?s personal channel.
Halex is enjoying a chance to rock out on Alexis?s radio, filling the air around with loud, lively rock as he courses after the shuttle. His shoulder-mounted com starts buzzing, and he ruefully turns down the music.
?You got Halex, how may I help you??
?Halex, this is Sebariel. We?ve got new orders.? Halex further turns the music down.
?I?m listening, brother. Where we going to??
?Area 3, the forest. We are heading to a NSF (Naju Security Force) outpost.
?Roger, as soon as I get a nap. I?ve been up since 3 AM! Oh, and by the way, Seb.? Sebariel thinks he knows what is coming.
?I found a scratch. On Alexis. Not happy.? Halex is trying to sound severe, but Sebariel catches on to his good humor.
?I?ll make up to you two when we get back. Sebariel out.?

Sebariel finds Malcolm in the cockpit chatting with Horaculous. The anthropomorphic lemur had been cluing Malcolm in on Naju?s basic geography, and things to know, and the two were now making banter about aircraft.
?Shuttles are alright and all, but I?ve always liked the feel of fighters. The power, the speed! It makes my hair stand on ends!? Horaculous says energetically. Malcolm smiles.
?I suppose that expression had more physical meaning for you than most.? Sebariel draws nearer.
?Hey, Malcolm. Just as a heads up, when we get back we are being reassigned.?
?Alright. Where to?? Malcolm steps away from the pilot?s chair and faces Sebariel.
?To an NSF outpost in area three.? Horaculous perks up.
?You need a ride there? I don?t have anything going on after this that I know of.?
?We?ll see when we get to central. We still have a ways to go. Where is Letty?? Malcolm speaks,
?She?s taking a nap in the cargo bay.? Sebariel nods.
?Fair enough. We?ll fill her in later. How long till we get there?? Horaculous checks some flight instruments, and says,
?About an hour 20 minutes.? Sebariel nods, and walks out of the cockpit.
-END POST- It is now 16:20

General Talk - let's get serious / Re: T-Shirt with TGL
« on: May 29, 2013, 05:50:00 PM »
One can hope!

I just never have played portal 1 yet (pity me :'() so I can only say what I've experienced :)

General Talk - let's get serious / Re: Dream
« on: May 27, 2013, 09:33:57 PM »
I'd say this dream has some uncanny prophetic meaning. It could mean that somehow, you will have some uncanny, unintentional contribution to the future of TGL :redlander:

General Talk - let's get serious / Re: T-Shirt with TGL
« on: May 27, 2013, 09:30:16 PM »
I would pay money for a TGL T-shirt! Even though I would spend every social minute wearing it explaining the game! :redlander:

General Talk - let's get serious / Re: Awesome idea - Ringtones!
« on: May 27, 2013, 09:28:42 PM »
I would totally pay $1:20 for a good TGL ring! :redlander:

General Talk - let's get serious / Re: Music section.
« on: May 27, 2013, 09:27:54 PM »
The song section is practically my favorite part of the site after the RP :redlander:

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