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OK! :redlander:
-For the record, I figured how they knew each other's names; Malcolm was called for by the spartans, and another SAFE agent addressed Sebariel by name within earshot.
-Also, for the concern of how the heck the Guardians are going to get away from Callisto, here's what I got: Since they can't beat the psychopath, maybe with the smokescreen and radar jamming, Callisto blindly charges through the smoke and crashes into something (hey, it happens :P) or they lose him in a cavern/tunnel network. Something simple but realistic to shake him.
-P.S.; I've edited P43 to remove the Covenant reference.

General Talk - simple and fun / Re: Random Stuff!
« on: May 21, 2013, 06:53:15 PM »
Who would win in a fight; Halo's 343 Guilty Spark, or Portal 2's Wheatley? (note; contestants have only themselves to use. No sentinels, turrets, flood, or discouragement beams.)

Legend of Zelda (the original) is about a young boy imprisoning an evil princess :o and freeing a mighty pig demon of sorts (Ganon is one ungainly villian). He then sets to work sealing away the shards of the triangular key, and completes his quest by returning to an old man to give him a wooden sword.

While I'm thinking about, what do we need to know about Horaculous? I want to be able to include him when we can and need to.

I personally think the Gaurdians should be cyborgic. They are too human to be fully machines :redlander:. I also think we could let the Landers have speaking parts, seeing as they were fairly intelligent ::) in the game.
I'll admit I don't fully understand what UserK wants me to do with SAFE, but I'll try to establish it here.

SAFE is a private corporation, earthern based and operated. I was pretty much trying to make it my contribution to Naju's personal universe. It was an early contracted group for Naju's security to complement the local security force. Thusly it works with NSF (Naju security force) with general harmony. SAFE units have more free volition concerning deployment and missions, but follow orders of importance or ones that come from high up. Let it be noted that the actual SAFE staff is fairly small, so that NSF still bears most of the responsibility. Sebariel and Halex have been here long enough to know all the basics of Naju and such, but don't know everything.

Introduction Area / Re: Ohai TGLHolics
« on: May 21, 2013, 05:14:02 PM »
Welcome to the eccentric yet faithful community of The Gaurdian Legend! :redlander:

-Edited post 58. Hope that helps.-
--I think that Callisto should reveal his spite in parts, more like in the first encounter he says he's trying to kill Tetharil, and more bits of the story popping up as more encounters come.--
Alright, I hope we can get through the confusions here. I'll try to do my part:
Rico being alive: I seem to have a looser grasp on the bio-mechanical nature of the GF's than I thought. Sorry about that. Just how much of the Guardians is machinery? By constructed, I kinda imagined them to be almost entirely machines. I just didn't want to kill off Rico yet, as he is one of my favorite characters. I was thinking that Erajiv had KOed him, thought him dead, and tossed him aside, hearing Seb coming up. Seems a little to soon to start killing main (I think them to be) characters.

The fight:: I thought from the start that Erajiv was far beyond Seb in power. I just wanted it to be a little reserved in intensity/stakes, since it was the first encounter.

Erajiv being a threat: I was thinking for Erajiv to really get to deadly work, attacking the area 3 facility (due to it being near a corridor) and basically decimating the place. I know that we need a crazy dangerous enemy, but given this being the first post with him in action, I didn’t want to overdo it. There is still alot of room for him to prove dangerous. Besides, Callisto is also hopefully to be quite a problem.

Episode 1 characters being gone: We can either explain that Einhander’s crew has left, has disappeared, or try to assimilate them into the plot again. I personally hope to get the other peoples that haven’t shown up yet into the thick of it.

Naju Essence being diluted: I think we should introduce some Najuan ruins, or maybe the Blue Landers to bring the story back home. It could be cool if we had Erajiv be a Naju native, maybe one who betrayed the race when it was first attacked. Maybe we just need to brainstorm some real TGL type events to base the RP.

SAFE: I don’t want this group to make things worse, so I’ll keep it at that SAFE is a private company that has hired out Sebariel, Halex, and probably some NPC class peoples for Naju safety. I never really meant for Seb to always be the leader, unless everyone else thinks it is working.

Outside influences: I agree that UNSC shouldn’t be heavy in this. I think that we should keep it at that Naju knows about the UNSC and that UNSC possibly is investing in Naju. Malcolm should keep the fall of Reach secret, so we avoid any need to mention or dwell on it.

Stats: I agree that could be for faithful to the original, but their just for relativity.

So we all agree that Souperion is officially awesome at fight scenes? :redlander:
You sir, flatter me. I also like your posts; good story developments.
And yes, I liked the idea of the crater being perpindicular (the seal was flat, but there was the cave thanks to impact), because I figured that the laser hit it at an angle. That, and it made Seb's plan be more practical, because he sure coudn't take Erajiv alone.

To keep up with the team, I'll do my character stats/ skilliness. (They both are inherently more frail than most, because they are mostly normal ( ::)) humans.
-Sebariel: Reflexive blocker. Psionics vary, primarily support/tactical applications.
HP: 11. Def 3. -- Blade Power: 6-- Shoty--4.
Halex: Highly elusive, good cover/camo. Has active camoflage function to blend in (short term).
-HP: 9. Def 2. --SMG Power: 3. medium range--Revolver: 4. medium range.

Post 58
Naju Front side—Area 9: corridor 19 crater. 13:45 (Immediately following post 56 part 2.)
(Note: The crater is in the form of a large cave-like opening.)

Sebariel takes off at a sprint towards the surface, drawing his shotgun. He never liked the sequence of a crash, then silence. As he comes to the mouth of the crater, he see’s something coming at his head out of the corner of his eye. Swinging the shotgun up, he blocks the blade of a massive creature with a dark countenance. Sebariel quickly realizes he can’t out muscle the monster, and deftly allows the monster to finish the swing, with him stepping aside and swinging his fist up, striking its chest. With a slightly winded growl/grunt, the blue creature returns the favor, sending Sebariel into a dirt wall. Wiping the blood from his face for the second time that day, Sebariel glares.

-“Oh, it’s on.” Bringing up the shotgun he somehow managed to hold onto, he gives the creature a blast, which knocked the assailant back.
-“Petty worm! Lie down and die, for it will be more pleasant than what I may do while you struggle!” The monster brought the fearsome blade up again, and coiled the arm back while advancing on Sebariel, who managed to get himself out of the wall.
-“I’m not acquainted with the aspect of surrender. What did you do to Maiorico!?”
-“If you refer to the paltry guardian, he is unlikely to stir again.”
-“You will regret that. Very. Much.” With energy blade now readied, he charges at the creature, which parries the attack and sends Sebariel tumbling onto the ground.
-“You cannot overcome me, weakling. Erajiv is far above your disgusting pettiness.” His blade charged with electricity, he thrusts at Sebariel. Rolling aside, he dodges and finds himself on his feet.

Moments later, the two are locked in mortal combat. Sebariel knows he is losing. His shotgun was ineffective against the monster’s armor, though the shots had angered him. Ducking a strike, he glances about for an idea. His eyes briefly rest on an old looking fusion coil, likely a mining power source, lying near the mouth of the crater. An idea strikes him, and a blow from Erajiv nearly does as well. Breaking for the cavern maw, he, positions himself between Erajiv and the coil.
-“Just what are you after anyway? Is this fight necessary?” Erajiv laughs at the human, both for running and for trying to communicate.
-“You, fool, are meddling with me. You need know nothing else before you die that you are in my way.” With that, he again charges his blade, and starts to lunge at Sebariel.
-“I think I can fix that!” Sebariel shouts, as he sidesteps the attack. Swiftly bringing up his shotgun, he aims at the fusion coil Erajiv is unknowingly charging towards, and, with a wild yell, pulls the trigger.

The explosion isn’t massive or exceedingly forceful, but it does the job. Erajiv is thrown into the cavern, and as he roars, the explosion’s force causes a cave in. When the dust settles, Sebariel, sore, strained, and cut-up, starts looking around for his departed friend. He finds Maiorico some 15 meters from the cavern, from the looks of it thrown. There is a large gash in the back of the metallic head, with blood oozing gently from the flesh and circuitry exposed. Rolling Rico onto his front, Sebariel sees if he can save him.

After bandaging up Rico's head, and stopping the blood flow, he starts fiddling with wires, trying desperately to figure out if Rico was still alive. He brings two wires together, and a spark shoots out.
-“Bzzzzert, wirrrr, zzzzzirrrrptyuuuup. Error, error, file not fou-fou-found.” Sebariel almost woops with relief. Rico still had some life in him, though it seemed that it was just programming that was making him speak. As Sebariel continues, his cyborgic companion’s AI keeps going.
“*Error code 37 has occurred. Si prega di consultare il manuale utente (Please consult user Manuel.”
-“101110100111010100 codealopogal fulmination logarithm. Please blow on cartridge.”
Pressing a few select buttons on Rico's internal control board, Sebariel crosses his fingers.
-“**Look at you, hacke-r-r-thank you for choosing Naju RnD. May I take your order?”
-“A miracle would be a good start.”
-“Please insert pie to proceed. Binary tracflowsion optimized and toasty. Provide Tesla algorithm now.”
-“ARRRGG!” In frustration, Sebariel kicks Rico's flight module.
-“Ooh, mia testa (my head). Uhhhg.” Rico stirs, limbs feebly stirring.
-“Rico! I thought I lost you there!” Rico looks up at Sebariel painfully, and groans again.
-“Where are we? What happened?” Gathering Rico in his arms, Sebariel heads to the jeep.
-“I’ll tell you on the way. We need to get you patched up in Naju central.”

As the jeep moves off, the soil of the collapsed cavern stirs. A large blue arm bursts out. Erajiv pulls himself from the ground, growling with indignation at being outsmarted by the wretch. The thrill of battle had carried away his caution, and toying with the human cost him greatly. The sealed entrance angers him greatly, but he knows that there are more, many more corridors that may be freed.

It is now 13:50 on this side. The trip back may take up to 30 minutes.
*Diablo 3 reference
**System Shock Reference.

Post 54     
12:30 PM Western Area 0: Refugee Camp- Immediately after Post 52 Part 1   

Sebariel looks back at Halex, his countenance one of steely resolution.
"Yes, I'm going to get to the bottom of this, right now. I won't let this turn into another Ghathic!" He turns on the jeep, and spins out, heading back toward area 9, calling out,
"I?ll be back in a few hours, if at all!" Rico starts running after him, then whips around.
"I'm going after him! Arrivederci (see you later)!? With that Rico shifts into fighter mode and jets after the jeep. Halex rubs his forehead in annoyance, while Letty bewilderedly looks around.
?What?s up with Sebariel? What?s Ghathic? Why can?t anyone act normally around here?? Halex, looking up, sighs, and starts walking back to the tent, motioning the others with him.

?Ghathic is?was, a small settlement, far off in a remote corner of human space. Long story short, SAFE was informed of seismic uprising around the area, and ordered a small force, myself and Seb included, to keep an eye on the place. Turns out, the seismic was an upwelling of some kind of a nerve gas that burst from the ground around the area, which made the people violently ill. Our force was withdrawn from the town to avoid contamination, and then, a few days later, we were sent in to clean up. This stuff tweaked the people, bad. Made them into monstrous things. What was worse is that they were still human, just with hideous bodies. They plead for help, even as their bodies were warped and going out of their control. Seb and I had to mercy kill these people, without even having the chance to try to help. It hurt him, in the head. This was major controversial point for SAFE, and Sebariel, who once trusted it so much, was more than a little displeased. He was angry with SAFE for the carelessness of that operation, so much that he almost left.?

Letty was unsettled by the tale, as was Malcolm, who had removed his helmet to eat earlier.
?Is this why he hates the UNSC for the Szeroa massacre so much? Was that what made him hate Spartans as he does?? Halex nods, mournfully. He seems ready to space out into thought, but shakes his head.
?Well, I think he will be fine. Rico too. Let?s just let them be for now. We have enough to worry about on hand. Once we have finished with these refugees, we ought to head Naju Central. I need to file a report, and we all need to be ready for what?s next.?
-Time here is now 12:40-

Meanwhile, Sebariel arrives at Luir. Driving around the village, he contemplates where to look. After a moment, he resolves to go to the mining facility nearby, where the Guardian had first encountered the monsters. Once he reaches it, he jumps out, and starts to head towards the crater when he hears on his com,
"Ehi! Signore!" Turning around in surprise, he see's Maiorico landing behind him.
"Rico? What are you doing here?"
"Trying to figure out what you're doing here, Signore. Besides, I wanted in on whatever action is going on!" Sebariel had to laugh. He liked the flamboyant Guardian.
?Just call me Sebariel, amico (friend). I?m here to find the corridor entrance.?
?Bene! I love explosions!? Sebariel smiles again, and motions for Rico to follow him. The two begin to approach the crater, cautiously. Wading through the wreckage, they find a large, broken metal seal, that seemed very old but in very good condition, despite the large fracture splitting the two slides.
?This doesn?t look like a mining seal.? Sebariel looks around, seeing if it had any semblance to nearby structures.
?Maybe it?s the seal, Seberial. Shall we take us a look?? Rico walks up to the seal, and looking around and finding nothing threatening, turns to Sebariel, who is walking up to the entrance.
?Yes, we need to find the root of this problem.?
--They are now around 1:30--

Just saw this:
couldn't help but imagine it eventually happening  between Sebariel and Malcolm sometime XD
YES! That would be hilarious, though I think Rico would love to get into that action too.

As for plot/ antagonist, I got an idea for debate. I was thinking a corrupt Guardian of sorts, maybe the one Tetharil used to know, or just one that has appeared. Basic idea is that this black Gardian is trying to undo the locks, maybe to unlock the invaders' mastermind, IT. Perhaps he/she attacks area 0 to obtain terraforming technology to uncover the locks. While I'm thinking about it, I kinda like how we're starting to get going here!
Also, for the record, here's a quicky on Halex, since he may be more involved.

Name: Halex Cyphru
Age: 34
-SAFE member, friend of Sebariel. A scout by profession, dressed in full camo with lotsa observation gear and such. Roughly 5.10, dark brown hair. He uses an SMG and Revolver. Light hearted and practical, he is a skilled observer. His Jeep (nicknamed Alexis) is a 5 seater, including the turret.
He sometimes seems a little touched in the head, result of frequent solitary deployment. Over all easy to get along with, eccentricities not withstanding.

Post 50

9:00 AM- Over area 9-

Sebariel isn’t new to pressing matters, but the situation is far from optimal. He glances behind them, and reckons that there were too many for Rico and Letty to handle alone, and the Claw Bot was now visible. He realizes it is time to take chances.
“Alright, we can do this. Rico, Letty, evasive maneuvers, lead them away! Malcolm, I’ve got an idea, but it puts us at risk…”
“Just tell me what to do.”
“We can’t draw these things into the safe zone. You and I are going to have jump.”
“You serious?”
“We can handle it on the ground, if we work this right, but we can’t jeopardize these people and the safe zone. I might be able to reach a friend, too.”
“Got it. Hold on to me!”
Without another word, Malcolm takes hold of Sebariel, and jumps out into the wasteland below, activating his armor lock.
Rico watches the chopper soar away, and then diverts his eye to the incoming invaders.
“Letty, if you’ll watch my back, I’ll break their ranks, va bene?”

“K, just be careful.” Letty is still in a bit of a panic, but Rico’s confidence strengthens her resolve. The two start darting across the sky, Letty filling the air with energized death, Rico with his new grenades. Down on the ground, Malcolm fires off his pistol, while Sebariel is fixed on the Claw Bot. He had sent out his distress call, and was trying to figure out how to stop the chrome menace. Its rockets were easy enough to handle, but its laser was going to be a problem before long. The cannon opened up, gathering energy for another blast. An idea burst into his head. Focusing hard, he directed his psionics at that point, trying to force it upon the Claw bot.
Momma mia!” Rico rolls away as the energy combustion emits a shockwave through the air. Slightly enraged, he launches a grenade at the Bot, and is quite pleased as the detonation blows the Claw Bot’s main cannon apart.
Magnifico! How do you like that!?”
“Nice work Rico! Keep yourself in the game though!” Letty dives to shake off some pursuing aircraft. There are simply too many enemies to handle. Malcolm and Sebariel stand back to back, with only blade and hammer to meet the chargers.
“Looks pretty hopeless, Sebariel. Any more bright ideas?”
“Beyond staging a courageous last stand, not much. It’s been a heck a ride, but…”
“Stop. Hammer time.”

Just as both air and ground are filled with invaders, the four hear something different. An engine roar. Coursing across the wastes at a reckless speed is some manner of armored jeep, with plasma machine gun mounted on the back. The machine comes crashing through the host of foes, and Malcolm, seeing an opportunity, leaps onto the platform, taking control of the gun.
“Halex! You crazy beast!” Sebariel recognizes the driver, and the reckless driving style.
“No time to talk, brother. Keep wrecking!” As Malcolm mows down charging robots, Halex zips through the machines. Letty, seeing an opening and hatching a plan, again dives.
“Malcolm! Hold out your arms!” Bewildered, Malcolm quickly complies, looking up. Letty, flying low, snatches him up with the flight module hitches. Pulling up, she heads straight at the Claw Bot, which was still firing missiles off manically.
“Letty, what are you…?”
“Just get ready to smash it!” Coming within meters of the robot, Letty lets go of Malcolm who, without time for the hammer, swings his fist at the damaged section with all the force he can muster. The impact sends him sailing off of the robot, with Letty coming in to pick him up. The blow shatters the Claw Bot’s plating, and the burning wreck crashes to the ground. Rico sails in, shifting to walker mode on top of the wreckage with one leg up on the bot.
“Mess with the best, die like the rest!”

Halex pulls up to the crash, as Letty lands next to Rico, giving him a playful punch in the shoulder. Malcolm stands next to the two, and Sebariel comes to Halex.
"Good to see you again, Halex."
"I'm glad I got here in time, though it looked like you and those gaurdians had it pretty well under controll."
"Thanks anyway. Say, what are you doing here? I thought you said you were heading to area 3."
"I was, and it turns out, Area 9 isn't the only with trouble."
"More Terraforming disasters?" Letty doesn't like that idea at all.
"No, ma'am, but something like it. I wasn't able to pinpoint the problem, but it needs attention. We also havn't had any luck looking for the lost Guardian."
"Amet! Our Piasano still lost out there!" Rico looked to Letty, who nodded in agreement. Malcolm, looking around, adds in.
"How is the progress on the airport? That could be a lot of help right now." Sebariel looks around, and nods.
"We certainly have a lot of options right here for our next objective. I personally wanted to interview some of the survivors, but that is less urgent than other matters. It comes down to this; what should we do?"
-It is now 10:00- (I'll be adding a short description of Halex in the sign up sheet soon)

Voting / Re: Bosses!!
« on: May 03, 2013, 04:22:41 PM »
i think It's "smile" is more like "hold still so i can eat you!" like creepy grin XD
I think It just wants a hug. What a drag man... floatin' in space, waiting for the player to finally get through the game to fight him.  :redlander: The player is probably the first thing he has seen for years! :P
I think Zib-Zub and Crawdaddy were just the least inventive, even for a 25 year old game.
"We need more bosses for the water world!" "Okay boss. We gots our best men making some outrageously terrifying yet majestic bosses. They'll be ready in about..." "Naw, we don't got time. Put some Sea food sprites in the game, and we'll call it good." ???

System Sock- The all-powerful computer has gone nutz (much like the original ::)) and believes it wears socks... and it also thinks it lost one. Now being insane, it forces you, the facility's janitor, to hunt down the sock or die. Epic point and click adventure ( 1 hour 13 minutes gameplay) with typed commands too!
Gear of War- RTS/RPG, sci-fi/fantasy game! Take control of a black blacksmith in the undertakings of designing and forging arms and armor! Thousands of materiels, hundreds of outcomes! Once you've armed your army, take them to war in colossal battles in space and on land. Lotsa abilities, beard styles, and overall excessive explosions!
Sol Calibur- Earth is under attack from aliens (Inventive, I know ::)) and you have one daring idea to ensure survival: utilize the power of the sun to unleash a serious UV smack down. Defence gameplay, plenty upgradeables, renewable energy source. Build more solar arrays to get more ammo!
Sam and Ax- Same as original... only a little sharper.
Call of Duty: Back ops.- Play as a muscular chiropractor plying your trade. Different techniques, perscriptions, and customers. Get real good and you can do famous people... mabey Morgan Freeman.
Angry Bids- Auction house fury! Play through 6 auction houses, trying to get the best items for your collection! Earn money by investing stuff to sell later!
Dead Pace- You may be a slow, obese zombie, but you have dreams 8)! Subject yourself to a rigorous training regimen and diet to finish marathons! Good things, you rarely have to land in first. Get cool jerseys, epic shoes and other junk related to running. Go for it champ!

I think my favorite video game boss is Wheatley, from portal 2. He might not be much of a fight, but just his taunts, jabs and hilarious raging makes him unforgetable.  :redlander:

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