The cat sat on the back of its owner for 16 hours, while he was streaming a game for 17 hours.

I bet you don’t know Zhenya Bagatsky. He is a hardcore gamer from Russia. He plays games for his own fun. How I know about him? He is one of the admins in Russian retro gaming comminty that I often visit. I also heard he was a good arm wrestler.

So he posted another video play through. This time the “Namida no Soukoban Special” game on Famicom Disk System. I am not a fan of Sokoban, so I didn’t even read the annotation. But what I saw was something strange on his back. So curiously I clicked the video and figured that was a cat. And then I noticed the stream was pretty long. So I asked him about that.

And he said that the cat jumped on his back after a hour of the stream and then kept sitting for the rest of 16 hours of the stream.

Too bad he has bad lighting. That’s so adorable and amusing.

Video is split in 2 parts. Because youtube limit is 12 hours. But if you really need then here is the link to the sinlgle 17 hours video on Twitch:

The moment the cat jumps on the back is at 1:06:37

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Game similar to The Guardian Legend

Some people wonder. What are some games that are similar to The Guardian Legend? So suddenly I discovered such game. It’s on FDS(Famicom Disc System) and it’s called – Akuu Senki RAIJIN. I would say it’s more similar to predecessor – Guardic. If you did not know The Guardian Legend is actually a sequel to Guardic. It even has a name like “Another Legend of Guardic” in manual. And some Japanese fan arts put ALG on their arts.

As I understood player can can decide to transform between mecha and starship. But it’s possible only on certain platforms. Player can fly in all 4 directions and walk also in 4 directions. So he can’t walk diagonally.

I do not know the details because I just discovered this game. I was browsing youtube for recent The Gaurdian Legend videos and luckily there was video “The Guardian Legend But Worse”. Sometimes people asking what are the games similar to The Guardian Legend? So this might be really interesting as this game is similar to both TGL and Guardic(prequel of TGL).

I would say that the game looks nice. But the gameplay seems not really good. I also think that it would be hard to understand what to do in the game and how to progress. There is no map to help. Maybe there is some helpful manual comes with the disc? Necessary instructions often contained in manuals back then . Music is almost always the same and there is no boss theme when the bosses appear.

However the game doesn’t seem terribly bad. So that’s it, this is the similar game, please welcome – Akuu Senki RAIJIN