Optomon VS Megaman

Optomon is tough but Megaman is pretty strong too. Could he beat that monster? Or will Optomon smash him with his deadly attacks?

Poll should appear here. If not appearing, maybe something blocking it, or crowdsignal server has troubles.

Trying polls on the front page. Maybe with time it could work and enough people would vote! Voting polls are very fun in the game’s Russian fan group, in VK.com (Russian social network) https://vk.com/theguardianlegend (by the way I am one of the admins there). So we should try to build such thing here too.

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Which Contra is better?

Too bad we don’t have an active community over here. So I brought the poll I created in Russian retro community. The question is – which Contra do you like more? And it’s about Contra and Super Contra(Super C) on NES. I think result is interesting. I wonder if similar results would be in other countries?

500 people voted at the time I write post. It will be more votes with time. But it’s quite enough to say that in Russia people like both of the games quite same. Below is screenshot of the poll. With translated text.

Which Contra game do you like more - public poll.