Here you can find great collection of videogame music covers and remixes for The Guardian Legend game!
Unknown – The Guardian Legend – Aqua Corridor Remix
The Guardian Legend “Volcanic Corridor Theme” by John Pett
TheSoSoMusician – The Guardian Legend (NES) – Corridor 1 – Underwater Corridors Theme (All Instrument Cover)
Raccoon Cemetery – The Guardian Legend (NES) – Title Music Cover
Russell Cox – Guardian Legend Naju Overture OC ReMix
Bixenter(Arseniy Shklyaev) – Sea Overworld
Bixenter(Arseniy Shklyaev) – Forest Fly
Basty Music – Blue Flight
Vemix – Hypotermia
Bixenter(Arseniy Shklyaev) – Crystal World Super Expansion v2
Necron – Alien Flight
Prozax – 8 Bit Rox
Sinclair Research – The Guardian Legend Theme
Trivium&TGL – In Waves+Aqua Corridor
Un1v3rsum – Guardian Legend
Zer0Funk – Forest Labyrinth
munky – Big Blue & Round
Shnabubula – Red Spiders
Shnabubula – Starflake Jazz
The Advantage – Guardian Legend Corridor
7,9 Bit – The Guardian Legend – Title Theme
7,9 Bit – The Guardian Legend – Ending Theme
7,9 Bit – The Guardian Legend – Game Over
Black Ace – Let’s Start
Black Ace – Flying With Fish
Black Ace – Naju Cracker
EvilPickle Music Dept – Opening
EvilPickle Music Dept – Under WaterDream
EvilPickle Music Dept – Naju’s Horrid Beast
EvilPickle Music Dept – Deep Green
iSometimesWriteMusic(Just Cool Guys) – Title Intro Screen
Zyk0 – The Legend of Lightning Larry
Phi-Human – Xenogenesis
Brunzolaitis – The Guardian Legend: Another World
The Wingless – Hyperion
The Wingless – Rosenthorne
The Wingless – The Scarlet Halls of Night
Saverio Paiella – Intro Theme
Saverio Paiella – Red Boss Theme
Saverio Paiella – Aqua Corridor
Saverio Paiella – Blue Boss Theme
Saverio Paiella – Informations
GamBit A.K.A. I3()p()|-| – Forest Labyrinth (Acoustic cover theme)
GamBit A.K.A. I3()p()|-| – Forest Labyrinth (Electro cover)
Koelsch1 – This is the End
unknown artist – Blue Land
Wizwars – The Guardian Legend
DJ Opposite – Intro
Beatdrop – Ace of Space
Kew Alex The Gamer – The Guardian Legend
xBlitzerx – The Guardian Legend
Mr. RK – Ending (Arrangement)
Nikita Laptev – Game Over

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