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Should there be someone to talk with

Started by arseniy, April 07, 2010, 03:25:12 AM

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In original game Miria hang around alone with no one to talk with. At least  :bluelanderbig: could talk but no they have same phrases.
So is it OKay and an original feature compare to other adventure RPGs or is sequel need to have talks with someone?


i think the guardian should have a communicator like watch on her wrist to communicate with the landers, kinda like in power rangers!  :P
Hoping and praying for a Virtual Console release someday!


i think it depends on where the new game takes place.


i am all for someone to talk to. i very much like the earth plot idea mentioned in the plot post. there could even be towns ala other rpgs. cut scenes and plot events, all of that! :)  :heart:

i would really love for the rpg element of the game to be expanded upon. a more elaborate than the original level up style system would be very cool. also in addition to weapons, how about incorporating equipping armor?


As far as I know, I have thought up currently 3 other Guardians as well.

Miria(The second in command.)
Lydia(Third in Command)
Renia(First in Command)

Of course, just the name and their personality is done, not sure on the designs yet. >.<

There's also something of a thought of the "HQ" of Earth and some top officials of them.
And then we have the..."stranger" in the making too.
"Kaero" so far the only name I can think of. But he's not exactly of that plane of existance. :P


lol I like Kaero name - sounds great!


Renia: Renia Bellem?re
Nationality: France
Actual Age: 28
Color: Blue
Personality: Composed, steadfast and stern. Thinks mostly about her current situation and usually takes the safest route possible for her team of Guardians. Acts like a protective mother of her "family". Can make some rash judgements during stressful situations but usually never let a bad turn change her current act. If any of her Guardians would be in trouble she would follow them to give them a chance to survive. But if one person do endanger the whole group, she would be willing to sacrifice that person for the whole group.

Miria: Miria Niitani
Nationality: Japan
Actual Age: 20
Color: Light Red
Personality: Stubborn, almost having a "I am unkillable" personality. Her mindset is that she is able to overcome most of the hinders that come against her ever since her victory of the Naju Incident 2 years ago. Due to her overconfidence she was put under the command of Guardian Group Alpha to handle her rather brash attitude with a more calmer Commander to make her learn from a proffesional Guardian. Even with her rather strong willed sense of confidence, she does indeed think about her comrades as more important then her own safety.

Lydia: Lydia Lebedev
Nationality: Russia
Actual Age: 24
Color: Green
Personality: Quiet personality, only uses her words when asked to. Prefers to observ and then act after what she seen or experience. Seems to be the Guardian with the most battle experience even due to her younger age. Her silent nature however doesn't stop her from smiling and being overly friendly in her appearance. Rather fond of her fellow Guardians.

Maria: Maria Forsberg
Nationality: Sweden
Actual Age: 18
Color: Yellow
Personality: Quite unsure about herself, as she's the newly added Guardian that just has done her training simulation Graduation. Somewhat of a coward, and very much a liability in the Guardians Mission, She is trying to better herself, but it's going very slow in her improvement. Her booksmartness however is the best ability she has. Capable of learning otherwordly cultures and languages in a fast succession with her curiosity.


interesting!!! pretty good back story!!!!

i think the leader should be blue instead of green


Miria: Alyssa Evans
Nationality: North America
Actual Age: 20
Color: Deep Red
Personality: Des everything she is told by her government, driven by her honour which she values highly no matter what situation may arise for her. Miria and Alyssa are in a very rivalry relation with eachother. Alyssa is more of the "Slave" kind, due to her nice and polite she follows most of the orders given to her by those of higher status and positions. She really misses her life before she was turned to a Guardian and regrets becoming one.

She and Miria was the 2 guardians that was sent to Naju, however, they both lost eachother as they gained entry but continued their adventure without eachother.
(Story later. :P)


Miria and Alyssia is same character it's a name in different countries.
Hm.. Why you think it's good idea to make it like this is 2 different characters?


ill vote no on making Alyssa and Miria 2 different chars

unlesss if there could be some sort of switch mode and you could play as Alyssa and Miria! that would be sweet!

but it would conflict with the original story and that is not good so i still vote no


as far as I know it's just a different name for guardian in countries :3



However RandomSpriter gives a good idea to have a short profile for the hero. We gotta think about it!


It involves actually phasing Naju, as you mentioned before Arseniy.
Naju wasn't destroyed.

What if Naju was "phasing" during the encounter. What happened on one side of Miria's phase didn't happen to Alyssa's side, and vice versa?
What if this civilization that created Naju was so advanced that inside Naju was SEVERAL different existances? Phases that is. What if every entryway into Naju had different existances? This would make Naju become way more bigger then it looked from the outside.

HEY they built a fricking Space Station the size of a planet, who knows what they could've done, eh?

Miria's journey inside of Naju may have been the real adventure(Due to her linage of Japanese, she has black hair.) But the TGL SHMUP was Alyssa's adventures(And it's her in the final picture.)

(Another idea why this could work, is that the Naju Aliens actually could see all phases, which made them successful on taking over Naju. Also another hint to this is the bosses with grappling moves, like IT's arms, was aiming into the emptiness while Alyssa or Miria was in different locations.)
NES Sprite AI limitations can be used for "filling" the plotholes.^^