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Should there be someone to talk with

Started by arseniy, April 07, 2010, 03:25:12 AM

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Sounds intresting but I would not make separation from Miria to Alyssia. I would keep Miria I think it's better name. The idea of phasing is nice.


Awww. :(

I would love to see Miria and Alyssa at same time on different char to keep not making the japanese fans and the American fans angry about it.
And this is a solution to it.


Miria Alyssa Niitani?  :P


That also reminds me, the Alyssa Description personality may be another Guardian we can add.
Hmmm. Planning planning.


Quote from: arseniy on May 08, 2010, 10:53:17 AM
I would keep Miria I think it's better name.

I totally agree.. At least as the prominent first name
~~ Cleaveland


I know it sounds weird, but I really don't want to terminate Alyssa :(
Nor Miria. Since Japanese call her Miria(Creators name gave it to her.) and Alyssa(Fanbase gave her that name.)
Destroying one or the other shouldn't be done. =/


Renia: Renia Bellem?re
Nationality: France
Actual Age: 28
Color: Blue
Personality: Composed, steadfast and stern. Thinks mostly about her current situation and usually takes the safest route possible for her team of Guardians. Acts like a protective mother of her "family". Can make some rash judgements during stressful situations but usually never let a bad turn change her current act. If any of her Guardians would be in trouble she would follow them to give them a chance to survive. But if one person do endanger the whole group, she would be willing to sacrifice that person for the whole group.

Lydia: Lydia Lebedev
Nationality: Russia
Actual Age: 24
Color: Green
Personality: Quiet personality, only uses her words when asked to. Prefers to observ and then act after what she seen or experience. Seems to be the Guardian with the most battle experience even due to her younger age. Her silent nature however doesn't stop her from smiling and being overly friendly in her appearance. Rather fond of her fellow Guardians.

Maria: Maria Forsberg
Nationality: Sweden
Actual Age: 18
Color: Yellow
Personality: Quite unsure about herself, as she's the newly added Guardian that just has done her training simulation Graduation. Somewhat of a coward, and very much a liability in the Guardians Mission, She is trying to better herself, but it's going very slow in her improvement. Her booksmartness however is the best ability she has. Capable of learning otherwordly cultures and languages in a fast succession with her curiosity.

Name: Miranda Evans
Nationality: North America
Actual Age: 20
Color: Deep Red
Personality: Does everything she is told by her government, driven by her honour which she values highly no matter what situation may arise for her. Miria and Alyssa are in a very rivalry relation with eachother. Alyssa is more of the "Slave" kind, due to her nice and polite she follows most of the orders given to her by those of higher status and positions. She really misses her life before she was turned to a Guardian and regrets becoming one.

Name: Hokuto Niitani
Nationality: Japan
Actual Age: 20
Color: Light Red
Personality: Stubborn, almost having a "I am unkillable" personality. Her mindset is that she is able to overcome most of the hinders that come against her. Due to her overconfidence she was put under the command of Guardian Group Alpha to handle her rather brash attitude with a more calmer Commander to make her learn from a proffesional Guardian. Even with her rather strong willed sense of confidence, she does indeed think about her comrades as more important then her own safety.

Miria: Currently MIA/KIA


There's some ideas I had.

1: The hero doesn't speak, just listens to the people they "talk" to.
Example: Zelda or most RPGs.

if 1 = true: if she doesn't talk, she doesn't need a backstory either.

This would probably "unpersonalize" her, but it still depends on how we are to do this.


The original Macross anime in the early 1980s is a science-fiction TV show about transforming mechs that can change between a humanoid form and a jetfighter form. It has a character named Miria, who is an alien pilot who joins the human forces. Her own transforming fighter mech is painted red and white.

Obviously, when Compile developed Guardic Gaiden, it borrowed these ideas from Macross. So, the heroine of Guardic Gaiden is also named Miria; her suit is colored red and white; and she can change between a walking mode and a flying mode. Interesting, isn't it?

Here is a link to the opening movie of "Macross M3" (Dreamcast), a spin-off game. Miria is the female pilot who wears red. Note the transforming fighter mechs:



Obviously a coincidence? XD

Now what does this have to do with the topic at hand, eh Arseniy? ;)


Quote from: RandomSpriter on May 16, 2010, 11:07:38 PM
Obviously a coincidence? XD

Now what does this have to do with the topic at hand, eh Arseniy? ;)
Well not a coincidenca really. Faididi told me about that. He written that great walkthrough for TGL. Her power suit is also not an original TGL idea. When something hits Miria there is a circle shield around her. That is why she can walk in bikini. I not know where it's first was made but well TGL had ideas around from different places but of course the mix is unique.


I think we should scrap the Bikini part in the sequel. :P


Quote from: RandomSpriter on May 17, 2010, 05:21:15 PM
I think we should scrap the Bikini part in the sequel. :P
U mean to set some other cloths - not bikini?
I will agree on that veeerryyy much. Bikini etc in the anime and games is just an attraction trick but that provides people with so wrong information about reality. Real warrior can't be like that. I mean real fighter care about functionality of his stuff.


I'm fine with a skimpier suit :P
Other cloth(Or rather suit) design is a good thing to think about.

Might be worth to create a new thread for "New Guardian Suit design"!


wouldnt less or tight clothing be good for agility and movement? despite the sexual attraction being "dis-liked" I think it makes some sense personally  :3
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I have an idea, let me just draw it up(Kinda busy this week myself so it'll be slower then usual.)


I'm gone for 1 week and there's barely anyone here? :P

How weird.

Well, atleast back for a while now. So back to the table of contents.