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Should there be someone to talk with

Started by arseniy, April 07, 2010, 03:25:12 AM

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we need more poeple to recruit new members....but at the same time we want real devoted fans and not just forum trolls. thats why there hasnt been much activity lately


Well, trolls or new members or not. We've still have a few devoted here that can give ideas that we can debate if it should be in or not.

There's plenty of things that can be added here, even if it's only ideas or designs or details.


i honestly loved playing optomons TGL remix.. sick as buttons.. i would love to just see another edit of TGL.. wish there was a simple tool for that..
~~ Cleaveland


I would like to play new stuff with some better gfx and maybe lil different. Maybe few of new weapons. Also TGL has few useles weapons is

Well the catchy plot is also a thing many would look for.

We just need to keep the game unique as original and try to avoid making it into another Gradius etc...
That is why I like TGL has main blaster always shoot forward.


i find the laser weapon to be usefull at some points
~~ Cleaveland


yeah!  :bluelander: the laser is definitely not useless


Quote from: RagnarokNAJU on June 17, 2010, 08:15:06 PM
i find the laser weapon to be usefull at some points
Well I found no much use of them compare to other weapons.


Guardian must be cyborg like in original TGL.



I think the final graphics interpretation should truly be coupled by environment conditions.
I believe having no armor at all is a suitable decision for harsh, hot environments. At least initially the look and feel should be similar. The sprites proposed in the other thread (where are they?), which are pretty much an improved evolutionary version are ok.

I don't think there should be talking. At least not routinely. Talking could eventually be replaced by a "action" button which triggers special events in certain conditions. Story telling would be carried out in different ways.
Some examples could be:

Context: a room of stasis pods filled with blue landers.

  • Trigger: action performed in front of a stasis pod.
    Result: "I wonder why those landers are here. Those pods must have a special purpose. Something is very different here".
  • Trigger 2: action performed in front of another stasis pod.
    Result: "Sensor scan reports fuzzy results for this machinery. The only thing I can tell is they're active. Those landers look somewhat different. Maybe it's just the statis fluid."
    Note: loop to result 1
  • Trigger 3: action performed in front of a certain stasis pod.
    Result: "This pod is damaged. It has been shut down some time ago. It's probably completely useless right now."
    Note: this pod can be destroyed, leading to a secret room.

Context: a generic maze room. There's a well in the center, apparently made of the same material of red pyramids.

  • Trigger: 'touch' well, all enemies killed (first time). Action while touching other times.
    Result: "Do I see a bucket down below? Is really this what I think it is?".

Context: a generic maze room. Various pieces of robot soldiers were scattered around in the previous rooms, but this time the pile of scrap is bigger than usual. A robotic arm can be easily spotted.

  • Trigger: action performed in front of the arm.
    Result: the arm and a rusted chest is pulled out of the scrap.
  • Trigger 2: action performed in front of the chest.
    Result: "I do not recognize the model of this machine. Scanning reports an holographic storage unit could be still functional inside. Power chips could be used to provide temporary power and partially repair communication lines. Use 100 chips? Y/N"
    Note: if yes, the chest will blink for the next 5 seconds, or until read (see below).
  • Trigger 3: action performed in front of the glowing robotic chest.
    Result: Pull a random "memory" out of the pool and display. All the memories have glitches, but they tell some sort of story, in this story some kind of alien race tried to destroy Naju with an invasion of apparently robotic soldiers. Some examples could be:

    • A short message of unreadable text made of apparently alien glyphs.
    • A set of per-creature statistics (good place to slap concept art?)
    • Short pre-rendered movie from the point of view of this unit of a heavy battle.
    • A partial, annotated 3D map of the labyrinth.
    • A few funny passwords from the original game
    • A machine-based log of events such as (yes, I know logs are already abused but come on. They are, because they are good).
      U000.000.00: this is unit 102.
      U000.000.13: mark GOOD.
      U000.040.20: lift off.
      U230.501.30: Approaching target orbit
      U230.580.50: Land. Set origin.
      L0.000.44: <ERROR: data too complex to decrypt>
      L0.001.70: Initial enemy confrontation. Tactical analysis confirmed. Proceeding to exploration.
      L0.015.33: Unit 112 fail.
      L0.015.34: Unit 118 fail.
      L0.015.40: Unit 111 suffered major damage. Proceeding to shut down for assimilation.
      L0.017.01: <ERROR: storage corrupted>.
      L0.506.44: Units 57-70 failed rendezvous. Assuming units destroyed. Need more data for new tactical analysis.
      L0.515.70: <UNKNOWN> units 12-20, units 21-30, units 31-40.
      L0.521.13: Confirmed destruction of units 57,60,64,65,70. Functional components assimilated.
      L0.530.15: Shields lower than 15%, structural integrity compromised.
      L0.530.16: Unit shut down.
      L1.007.79: <UNKNOWN>
      A0.000.00: this is unit 12.
      A0.012.34: Unit 22 fail.
      A0.012.37: Unit 104 suffered major damage. Proceeding to shut down for assimilation.
      A0.012.38: >50% units lost. 38% surface. Mission status CRITICAL. <ERROR> new tactical analysis.
      A0.012.40: Unit 104 assimilated.
      A0.015.00: <ERROR: data too complex to decrypt>
      A0.015.01: Unit shut down.
      A0.018.00: <UNKNOWN>
      R0.000.00: this is unit Ax00.
      etc... This is very long... and ends with unit being destroyed.

The whole point of this is that we would be trying to tell a story, or even various stories. Dialogue is a good medium, but considering the original game, I am unsure it fits.


My suggestion was some sort of diary or something like that where story reveals step by step and it's not necessary to read it at all.

I think some talks is good stuff tho. Not much but few phrases by each side in dialogue is not bad thing.


As long as they're exceptionally rare encounters, it shoud be fine.


Note'd UserK, I like the idea of your Context and action triggers. ;)


Thank you, I spent some time on this!