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Destructive walls in adventure mode idea

Started by arseniy, January 10, 2010, 08:42:26 AM

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In essence, there can be many different ways.
As said, Certain Digit, Time, Level, Weapon usage, Order, Combination, Trigger Action in certain Order, Code and other sounds like an good idea to open up "optional" pathways.

I agree with this.


I disagree with this!
There must be a well defined set of "condition types", possibly with variations.
strong hints for the player.

Under no circumstances the player should just drop its avatar down a cliff (looking exactly like all others) just because "there could be a 5UP at the bottom". This could have been an acceptable secret in 1980 but I'd consider it plain out bad practice in 2010.

And that was a year ago.


strong hints of course. I think everyone is for it.


Landers, old message, (Trigger hints.) etc etc.

Not just random things.
In essence, like the old puzzles from the hints of text in the original TGL.


In The Indie Game Legend, Paul added some secret passages. They are often marked by dust on the floor.
In other words, the floor looks like an exit, but on a wall.
Can be used a few times.


Yes we can do a hints like that. Not words but visual.