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The Plot Basic Discussion Thread.

Started by RandomSpriter, April 27, 2010, 10:24:19 AM

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Well, glad that more people decided to join in!

The aim for what I had in mind was a "Side story" to the main gameplay, in the same sense of TGL, there's more to find for most of the time, but you may be able to skip it.

Atleast we have something of a start which is

1: Guardian Selection Contest/Ceremoni
2: Failed to get the first spot, but the first winner became obselete/Not able to become Guardian, which later gets choosen as a second in row.
3: Guardian is something very rare, and decided in the teenage year to become. Several many years between each Guardian Ceremoni/Contest due to resources to "make" a Guardian
4: Becomming a Guardian makes you "more" then human, but you loose most of your Freedom and Humanity(To some extent, think Robocop?)
5: It's a New Character we shall play, not Miria(She may have Cameo at most.)
6: It's a Sequel to after the Naju.
7: We are trying to "bring the Aliens" from Naju back in some way, haven't decided yet.
8: The Landers will be back(Miria brought them along from Naju before it exploded, however, she is the only one able to percieve them, or communicate with them due to certain event that happened in Miria's adventure.
9: Why was Naju sent to Earth?(Biggest question so far.)

So! Keep brining ideas and we'll take which we sound the most enjoyable!

Arseniy, bring in your "pointers" as well, in case I missed something, but I think these are imo the more important points atm.


i like it so far. 1 small problem. the blue landers are not specifically for TGL. they (i think) are an IREM sprite in other IREM games....or maybe its Compile. anyways. that may be illegal


It's Compile's mascot, however, we may "change" them around a bit, but still call them landers.
Graphically atleast.


Hm.. Well
Compile not exist anymore.
What the copyrights laws? We doing a fan project. We not sell it, not put advertisements inside.

The contest can be different. For example the Dream Girl conest have some different competitions like singing, runing, etc. For example they put some sensors on the body while girl runs or other competition. The obvious side is that this sensors shows maybe a heart bits or something like that. I mean they do some competition but making a trick to get info if the girl can be the guardian. Like while they sing they get info about voice parameters and this parametrs used to get some info about person's abilities.

The contest tho is not the necessary. Most intresting part I find is that there no way to produce many guardians but only one guardian in a long period of time.

I see a big plus to have a great deep thoughtfull story for a game. it can be very skipable to not bother anybody who look for the action.

Having lot of interest from a side people who never played TGL is a big plus. They can add the donations and donations will be used to pay programmers or artists.


hmm... i dont know what any one will think of this..
but, has anyone ever seen the fifth element... where the perfect being was created and it was a woman with amazing skills... something like that would feel more real rather than humans deciding who is good enough to be a guardian and holding a contest in one part of the world..
just a thought
~~ Cleaveland


I think better to have some good girl from earth transformed into guardian than some clone created by aliens.
Sure 5th elements is great movie but... She can't transform into spaceship :3 :3 :3


im not claiming that lee-loo can turn into a space ship, just liking the idea of how she was created and thought that would be more intriguing than a beauty contest... but thats why we are here right? discuss!
~~ Cleaveland


im starting to like arseniy's story ideas. especially being able to skip it, for the people who want to just shoot stuff :)

but maybe if you do the story segment you will be able to obtain a couple upgrades right at the beginning of the game that you will miss if you skip the story

like a defense and/or a increase in shot speed


or maybe you get three automatic upgrades at the begining of the game.. if you skip the story you get the default upgrades, if you dont you can customize or something
~~ Cleaveland


Not to be a prune here, but keep this to the basic grounds for the possible plot.

As for the extra content, it depends on what others players here say, but keep that to the other forum. :P


Quote from: RandomSpriter on May 03, 2010, 09:38:31 PM
Not to be a prune here, but keep this to the basic grounds for the possible plot.

As for the extra content, it depends on what others players here say, but keep that to the other forum. :P
Yup. The ideas about upgrades is not a plot ;)



It's not bad. :P
Just at the wrong place.


Back to the topic!

What was the last order of ideas we had that sounded possible to be used?


It would be great to involve some real moral/ethic problems into the game with some phylosophical/psychological thoughts and ideas. But keeping it from the real facts cuz we not want the project to be closed by ideological reasons.

My personal opinion is that the story should be taken seriously. It can be fairy tail but has real parralels in our life. So this way it's not another game to waste time and forget about life problems but also plot and story that would give player some spirit food.

Anybody knows how strongly mythology has affect on the mind? That's why it's used everywhere from movies to advertisement but this is not a good education because commercial production has very thin interest that ends on money income.

We here doing non commercial game so we should try to put our best thoughts into it. It's our very little effort into the human culture. Doesn't it the best way to make game? When you not chained by money I think it is.

Would love to see real scientists involved. Tech or Psychologists it's both would be good to hear a good opinions from educated people. But only Good ones ;)


Moral/Ethric based Plot: I'm all for that, but we really need to figure out which setting of location we'll be doing.
Earth? Naju? etc etc. Of course we could also add in other characters at this setting that has some of the morale/ethic issues we could bring up?
How it interact with the player's heroine for example.

Plot being serious: That's what I had in mind as well from the beginning.
Heck, we may even add in death to the scene of the other characters(Visual maybe as well?)

Mythology: Not sure on what you mean on this.

Money means nothing to me, I prefer to value things that has no cost or rent on them. :P

And as for real proffesional Human connected opinions: I would advice not to. If we cannot trust ourself to see where we have something we can use for the help to create the game, we shouldn't even be here. :P

That's why every opinion from everyone who loved the original TGL needs to be heard.