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Idea for a Spirtual Sequel

Started by BlackVortex, April 20, 2011, 07:08:15 AM

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let me explain how this got started...
I'm a musician, and I know people who make 8bit music, I who grew up on NES and love it so much.
I bought a special cart to convert MIDI into Data to control the NES's Sound chip, and recently made a tune with it
I thought it sounded like space ship shooter music... so I decided to make a short game using TGL sprites....

Then i thought... what if i could make a full fleged game? a Sequel to the original... but without claiming it as a sequel
Here is my idea: Mission: Home

The game starts off with a female android in hibernation drifting through space, until she arrives at earth.
A group of people on earth see her fall to the ground and bring her back to their base. She has no name but a serial number CL1,
so the crew dub her Ciel, The crew realize she is the prototype battle robot they sent a long time ago, to stop an alien planet from
colliding with the earth that never came back. It is explained that her successor the MRA2 completed her mission, but debris from the planet that was destroyed fell to earth and carried the threat to earth, all the while MRA2 was destroyed in the explosion. Earth was completely ravaged, Most the population evacuated to Earth2, while the military stayed behind. This small crew is all that is left. Then abruptly a message displays on the screens of computers long thought useless, New Earth is planning to Bomb Earth as a last resort, and assumes everyone dead already, and if not, it is for the greater good. They have 12 hours till launch. Ciel is unable to fly through space, due to the crach, so the crew has only one resort... For Ciel to travel the dangerous surrounding area, and set off the Distress beacons to stop the launch.

Ciel has to fly to the areas and then go to the bases where the Beacons are, but they have become infested with the aliens. Once all the lesser bases were activated, ciel had to go to the old Main base, Unlike the other places it is deadly quiet, with no monsters... As she goes to activate the last beacon she is stopped by a being, similar to her... MRA2. Ciel Question MRA2 and MRA explains that she is the mother alien, who managed to corrupt MRA2's body and came back to earth to destroy it.  She was locked inside the main base, and now she is free she can infect NEw earth.  Ciel then must Fight MRA2 before time runs out. After the battle the is won, Ciel activates the final beacon, but to late, the launch has started.

New earth watches in terror as they know they are going to kill the last people on earth. Ciel finds the Wings she needs to go to space, and prepares for takeoff, then suddenly she is struck down, MRA2 was not destroyed.  MRA2 Stabs Ciel's wings pinning her to the wall, smiles, then takes off on her own to space. She flies into space abut MRA2 is back in control of her body. She decides to collide with the missile Killing Mother alien and herself. The missile hit, and a huge explosion is seen. Ciel then makes her way back to the base, where she is considered a hero who helped destroy the mother alien, and to stop the missile. (unknown to them about MRA2) Ciel is seen with a melancholy look, as she holds MRA's sword....     The world rejoices. after some credits We are shown that the blast neither killed MRA2 or Mother Alien, but separated them, Mother alien Heads for a new planet, while MRA2 is quick to chase...   (and teaser words MISSON: Seek and destroy )

also here is shoter gamel I made with TGL sprites in game maker... I'm not good at programing...



I think it's fairly good work! Makes more sense than having "corridors" going "in" the planet, brillantly solved issue.


I cannot beat the boss. I shoot him for 3 minutes or something and it's bored already.


Yeah! The boss has turned out killing. Especially when but is angry. ;D
The good beginning. If to add it is a little animation and to make correct explosions it will be even better! :redlander:


It's not terrible, but I would definitely lower the rate of fire from the ship. Every enemy is a 1 hit kill, and even the boss I noticed if you position yourself to the left most part of his body, you are basically untouched. Kudos for making a demo, but the music itself isn't really fitting either. The music is good, just not what you would expect from TGL. It doesn't really scream "Here I am starting a new journey, or continuing one. It could fit somewhere else I am sure so don't think I am saying it's bad, because it's not. You did a good job on the project and with much work, it could definitely go somewhere. Keep up the good work, and don't be afraid to ask for help and criticism. That will help develop a good game. Keep in mind if you are selling it to the population, you want their opinions, and here IMO is the best place you will get them on a TGL inspired game.
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