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Multiple planets

Started by Roundcreatureinnextroom, May 10, 2010, 07:51:55 AM

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Quote from: laizhensil on February 20, 2011, 11:53:23 AM

3)  Is it feasible?  Is it time efficient?  Obviously there are some incredible things which could be put into the game if we all had our druthers, but for a fan project, keeping it simple might make it easier to realize the idea.

~~ Cleaveland


There is the need to elaborate in more detail what those "planets" should require.
If they are just a theme change, then they would be completely redundant with just entering a blue pyramid.
Which would be bad.


planets are just theme change. but it works :D


Flying between planets also opens some possibilities and problems - approaching a planet for the first time would probably require completing a SHMUP sequence before you can land and explore, like the approach to Naju in the original TGL, but what about if you want to then move between planets you have already 'discovered/unlocked'?  Do you complete a SHMUP sequence each time, or can you just travel between them more freely after you have 'opened the way' so to speak?


A shmup entry only once sounds most feasible.


Well that else it is possible to think up about it. We will admit on each planet there is an infection source. At first as it is flown up to a planet, then we land on it, we find the boss, we kill him, and we fly to the following planet.

Though still quite good idea that was a little NAju. - On one Naju you find a key from pass on another. You fly to Another, there you find still a key. It is more interesting. But also it is more confused   :-\


We should only have backtracking in games when there's only a bonus, giving the player a chance to either go all out explore everything, or continue the story.
Just feels more like it'll be the better choice for the players.

Of course, getting the best ending in the game requires some effort. ;)

So far, there's 3 Endings, each with their own boss/Story.