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I was messing about...

Started by DuckBoy1987, September 06, 2011, 08:13:41 PM

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I used a code I found on gamefaqs, ALAN OOOO..., and using save states, as the screens are mostly random, I found a save room and it brought up this password:

X35l  ftQx    9Ztv  7Bst
t5tu   7RZv  ymfL  bIUl

First segment last digit is a lower case "L".
Last segment second digit is a capital "i".
And last segment last digit is a lower case "L".

This password will put you on an area of map that is one space from being on the map. The only catch is that you have to open and complete Corridor 1 to even proceed. You'll get the first key which allows you to enter the map.

Everything you start with is the same as the ALAN OOOO ... code, except there is an extra shield. While wondering about off map, I came across Corridor 14 and completed it, getting the shield. Sorry, but enjoy, and let me know what you think.

I also cracked a different code. I used the same method as mention before, but this game is unbeatable. The only reason I mention it is because you start with 30,000 chips. The game only reads 9999, but using the most expensive weapon in the game, the heat seekers, the ball with a 2 in it, I did the math. That weapon has a "use chip" value of 120. The highest "shot" value I could get it to was 250... do the math.

You only start with one gun and two shields, but for whatever reason, your attacks and defenses seem stronger. Also, you only start with 2 or 3 health, but I got mine up to 7 through a couple of blue bubble face guys, and score increases. But without anymore delay, here's the password:

4?RI  oHyW WaWX ozBI
ebRK gHtK   y8jP     aO8K

Both in the top row are capital "i"'s.

Let me know what you guys think.


If you are in the mood for some crazy tests, I think Teremocheck dumped a list of all valid passwords somewhere.


Teremochek? Hrm.. I think it was tummai or someone else. He posted a password generator.
I heard of ALAN password and it's awesome because it's some certain name :redlander:

BTW you could also share save state.


Quote from: arseniy on September 07, 2011, 06:42:19 AMTeremochek? Hrm.. I think it was tummai or someone else. He posted a password generator.
Ah yeah, I must have messed up.