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Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02-03
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Post 71 (quick post)
Edit 29 July: Altered the formatting a bit

(This is continuation of Post 70 Part 2)
Area 5, Mutena City
Time: 06:20, Day 4

< Lander Shrine Complex - The Dormitories >

             Sigurbelle Kiirla could be seen continuing the repairs of Guardian Samuel Laszlith (who is currently switched offline) - she had spent the entire night working on him and could be seen having trouble just staying awake, let alone trying to understand the schematics of Samuel's internal networks.

Killian, watching Siguebelle yawn for Lander-knows-how-many times -
             -- You sure you don't want to take a rest? We can always let the Bio-Mechanics back at the Base to do the work instead.
Siburbelle -
             -- You know I can't stand seeing Samuel like this. We just need to do as much as we can so he will be able to make it back to the Base. *goes back to Samuel and mumbles to herself* now where does this wire supposed to go?
Killian -
             -- Horaculous will be here soon, you take a rest.

             Sigurbelle gave Killian another glare which made him put his hands up with the "Alright, have it your way" expression. About 20 minutes later, Killian noticed that the signal from the Mousey he had released in Post 61 disappeared, this could mean one of the three things: [1] Its battery ran down, [2] It fell off a ledge and broke itself and [3] Callisto finally caught up to it and realised what went on. Taking no chances with possibility #3 Killian decided to leave the duo behind.

Sigurbelle -
             -- Where you going?
Killian, stopping at the doorway -
             -- Oh, just to get something  to eat... want anything?
Sigurbelle, thinks for a while -
             -- Just some sandwich would do, thanks.

< Lander Shrine Complex - Main Hall >

             In the hallways of the Shrine, Killian could be seen trying to find his way out of the place. While the Shrine itself is spacious and majestic for all people who worships the Landers - internally it's mostly derelict and a messy maze of hallways, storages, and corridors that are only matched by the messier network of Below-surface worlds... maybe.

             As he made it out of the maze and into the open of the main hall, he saw Aaron Sibelius, one of the Priests who run the Shrine and was directly involved in the Lander Festivals that took place yesterday, helping out the cleaning.

Aaron, stopping his work as he sees Killian -
             -- Yao, Guardian! Morning! You guys rested well? *yawns*
Killian, returning the greeting with an awkward wave -
             -- Not really, stayed up all night to keep an eye out for Sigurbelle and the other Guardian. Incase that guy came here.

             About a minute of looking around and observing all the cleaning work, it became clear to Killian that he can't stay here for long incase Callisto makes his way here.

Killian -
             -- say, do you know where the Training Grounds are? *takes out his sabre* I wanna try out my new sabre *looks back to where Aaron was and sees him already gone*
Zaffre, the Blue Lander that's with Aaron all the time (also the one that sold Killian and Letearia the weapon upgrades), through Killian's in-built Lander/Najuan translator -
             -- Just head about a kilometre north of here, there is a wide flatland that could be used for what you want to do
Killian  -
             -- OK, thanks for that *prepares his Flight module*
Zaffre, the Blue Lander, as Killian prepares to jet off -
             -- Bai, bai~ and good luck!

             Killian flew off into the morning sky, "Can't have this city come in any sort of danger from thatr Rogue Guardian", he though, as he try think up of different methods to take up Callisto should be arrive here

## End Post ##

== It's now 07:00 on this side of the plot.
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Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02-03
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Post 72
Area 3 air space 6:50

From the monitor of his drop ship, Horaculous spots a formation of pteradactyl like creatures bearing down on him.

-" Not this crap again... We got company, people." Malcolm stood at a window gripping his rifle. He could see them coming, and turned to his companions.

-" Without the turrets we only got our firearms. Hope you got good accuracy with those." Just then the lead dactyl took a dive at the ship, clinging to the side and thrusting it's long beak in the window. Faster than Malcolm's reflexes was halex, who wipped a serrated knife right into it's throat. Watching the corpse fall to it's doom, Sebariel grimaced.

-"Nice throw, but we'll need more sustainable means than knives.'

-"that was one of my favorites too. such a shame." Opting for his revolving pistol, Halex took one of the windows and took aim at another diver. Sebariel's shotgun was an ideal weapon for killing birds, but couldn't keep the large flock at bay alone. Malcolm's rapid fire rifle was much less accurate, but the riddling plasma still struck a few. but the huge bird beasts clung like flys, gouging the metal plating with their claws and beaks.

-"I just spoke with the ships mainframe, and he insists that at this rate the craft's hull integrity will drop from 86% to 0% in 2.3 minutes." Chyrl hardly seemed perturbed by her own verdict of impending doom.

-"Those freaking Turrets better hurry up charging!!!" Firing frantically, Halex looked to Sebariel, who was reloading. He suddenly dropped the shotgun and produced his psy blade.

-" I'll take the hull and try to shake them, keep the pressure on 'em!" Leaping to the window he climbed like a spider slashing at the cling ons. Squaking, most leapt away, but a particularly large one challenged him with outstretched talons. grappling with the scaley bladed appendages, Sebariel sliced several claws straight off, but the beast then lunged with a drill like beak. losing balance, the two began to plummet downward. This would have been the end of Sebariel if a sudden orange figure hadn't streaked up and caught him, letting the impaled beast fall onwards.

-"Ciao amico mio(Hello my friend), it's a bit  to far for you!"

-"Maiorico?! You insane fool, what are..?!"

-" Talk later, fight now!" Rico's superior mobility allowed him to deftly avoid the assaulting dactyls, while singling them out with crystalline energy bursts. suprised by this sudden barrage the remaining birds began a hurried retreat which took serious shouting from Sebariel to convince Maiorico to let them go, as they had to return to the ship. Back inside they recieved a warm welcome.

-"What a pain you are, Rico, i thought you were still in repairs!" Halex slapped his metallic back (with a bit of a sting.)

-"Aww they patched me together enough so I thought I'd join your little cruicera (cruise)!" Sebariel took his hand in a shake.
"Well I owe you my life, amiaco (friend), thanks." Malcolm suddenly realized something.

-"you knew he was here, didn't you Chyrl?" She gave him the equivelant of a shrugged response.

-"Of course. but you never inquired about the occupants of this ship." Smiley was bouncing in his seat.

-"Glepu jeeb nie guardian! Zip dip prew! (Another new guardian! He's come and saved us!)" Horaculous groaned in the pilot seat.

-"Great, now all hope of a quiet trip is gone. I hope you guys save some energy for when we arrive at that sieged outpost.

*End post. It is now 7:05*
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Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02-03
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Post 73 (2 parts)

Part 1
(This is continuation of Post 69)
Area 3
Time: 07:20

< Akrn and Leteria just arrived at Vandhald Outpost >

             The outpost itself appeared to have suffered moderate damage as result of the invasion, but the cadets here seemed to have managed to hold them off for the time being. As soon as the Guardians landed and made their way to the Outpost, Letearia was already helping the wounded while Akrn informed the lieutenant that they have been sent as result of the distress signal that was sent from here.

Akrn, after being briefed about the battle earlier -
             -- So you didn't capture an image of who was responsible for all these invaders?
NSF/SAFE lieutenant, handing Akrn some photos-
             -- These are all we have about the invaders themselves, not sure if there's anything useful in here...

             Akrn went through the photos of the creatures that attacked the Outpost - most of them are fairly standard creatures that normally appear in this Area: a Crab, some bouncers, flying bats, though nothing appeared to have caught Akrn's special attention. Once akrn obtained information on where the invaders origin all came, he armed himself with his standard rifles and set about heading into the forest.

Letty, seeing Akrn heading off -
             -- Hey! where you going?
Akrn -
             -- Just going to find out where they're all coming from
Letty -
             -- What?! On your own?! *stops her healing work and gets up* I'm coming too.
Akrn -
             -- You stay here and tend the injured! You getting all scared and figety (Post 49) will only impede our work. Besides, I just need enough info to relay to Horaculous, be back very soon! *heads in*

< End part >

Part 2
(This is continuation of Post 70 Part 3)
Area 4
Time: 07:20

< Enroute to The Sky Stabber >

             The journey itself had been pretty ordinary, although with Amet constantly swerving around watching out for any predators and moving a lot slower than usual has made Rey somewhat irritated. Just as he was about to yell at Amet to get a move on or he will be dumping him behind like it was unintentionally done earlier Amet spots something moving in the bushes a distance from them; Rey seemed to have noticed it too.

Amet, while keeping his scope firmly on whatever's moving behind the bushes  -
             -- Erm.... *waiting for ideas from Rey*

## End Post ##

== It's now 07:30 on all sides of the plot.

== Yeaaaah, not really feeling all that creative tonight x_x

== Whatever Amet finds in the bush is open for creativity, just getting this side of the plot moving in line with the rest.

[04 August 2013] Two things can happen in Area 3 - Akrn finds out about what Erajiv is up to and warns the group, or while he's still away the Outpost gets attacked again and Maiorico arrives seeing Letty struggling with Erajiv
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Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02-03
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Post 74
Area 3 within a few miles of area 4's border 8:00 AM

Akrn's years of training in the quiet years payed off, as he stealthily worked through the green basement floor of the forest. Not knowing what to expect, he assuemd everything was dangerous as he navigated the trees, his energy rifle at the ready. His cyborgic muscles carried him miles in little time, but he still hadn't seen a single hostile creature. Beginning to lose patience he decided to look for a few more minutes then leave. As he rounded a large tree trunk, he heard a noise that made him drop to the ground. A low, dirging voice, making inarticulate sounds. Either this was connected to the invaders or he just lost his mind. Creeping forward, he slid down a muddy trench into a large bush where he peered into a conspicous clearing. A large, blue metal clad creature stood in the center with it's back to him, arms raised and chanting some primordial ritual. Briefly mesmorized, Akrn suddenly heard a voice on his tac/com.

-Erajiv "You are late, Callisto, and have tried my patience.  I have need of you now to open the corridor in this area." Nowhere in his memory could Akrn find the name Callisto, or any semblance to this voice and creature. Either it had a communicator that matched his model, or maybe it was using some phsycic power to acess it? Deciding to see how long he could play along, he responded.

-Akrn "I've been delayed. Where is this corridor?" Hoping he could learn something, Akrn crossed his fingers. The voice spoke again.

-Erajiv "Are you a fool? The encroaching humans have built that structure over it, a sacrilige to the sanctity of this planet. The time has come to soummon the Terramute, to crush th- what are you, deciever?!" The creature abruptly ceased it's chant and whipped around, facing Akrn.  The jig was up, and Akrn rose, gripping his rifle ready to snap it up. Before he could respond, it snarled and raised it's long arm blade.

-Erajiv "A guardian? You seem so much like her, but you don't feel like any of the others... How dare you defile this land with your presence!" Akrn aimed his rifle at Erajiv and tried to ignore that first part.

-Akrn "I am indeed a guardian of humanity, so I must stop your schemes to destroy Vanhald!" Erajiv find's this amusing.

-Erajiv "Stop me? You!? The First couldn't stop me, only impede my progress! Her seals will be broken, and this world will be mine! Your not worth my time, so my hordes will smear your ruin upon the foliage!" Raising his left arm, Erajiv uttered a gutteral command then turned from Akrn. The surrounding forest suddenly became alive with noise, and glancing around, Akrn saw swarms of huge bats, jelly blobs, jumping rocks, and whirling green polyp like creatures around him.

Though indeed a skilled soldier, Akrn opted for the more reasonable approach.  Running like crazy out into the clearing, He leapt into the sky and performed a hasty fighter take off. As he blasted back to Vanhald, he could hear Erajiv's maniacal laughter and his echoing words. The First? Seals? Who and what was that thing? It was clear another attack was imminent, and Akrn had to hurry to warn Letty and the others.
*End of Post it is now 9:00*
-For chronological awareness, the meeting between Erajiv and Akrn took palce around 8:50-
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Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02-03
« Reply #34 on: August 11, 2013, 07:38:42 PM »
Post 75
Area 3: 5 Kilometers from Vandhald-- 8:00

Horaculous is grateful to finally have Vandhald come up on his monitors. His craft had run into several clusters of airborne nuisances, putting him behind schedule (a peeve of his) and inflicting more damage to the shuttle. He has an idea to save himself some time.
"Sebariel, I have an idea!" The veteran quickly appears in the cockpit.

"Get the crew into Halex's jeep. I can drop you off about three kilometers from Vandhald to ease your access to the Fort."

"Sounds like a plan. We don't need to risk getting this thing destroyed; Malcolms' AI claims we're at 56% hull integrity."

"Don't remind me. Ready up, and good luck sir."

Sebariel is able to make Maiorico ride in the vehicle after much persuasion, concerned that over exertion could put him out of action again. Halex has only one problem:

"Do we have to take the blob?" Smiley is gaily bouncing on the dashboard, exited to be reunited with his friend Letty.

"You are certainly not leaving him on my ship," says Horaculous with mock severity, "I'd likley crash with him messing around." Malcolm is more attentive to the real reason:

"Letty would not like us leaving him behind. Besides, he may yet be useful, since he surely knows more about this place than we do." Sebariel climbs into the passenger seat.

"I've got shotgun." he says, loading his.

"That's getting old, Seb." Halex rolls his eyes."

"So am I. Malcolm, take the turret. Rico, just don't fly off on us."

"Va bene, va bene (Alright, alright!)! Sheesh, I'm not a loose cannon!" Halex smirks to Malcolm,

"Just a few loose bolts." Malcolm nods, smiling behind his visor.

Flying low, Horaculous detaches Alexis, and heads off for area 5. The jeep suffers a mild fall, which would have been more hazardous without Halex's modifications. He then sends Alexis hurtling through the jungle, skillfully, if not recklessly, navigating through the trees. Soon Vandhald is visible; built upon a hill that rose above the jungle floor, the structure has visible evidence of being under siege. unsettling is the absence of any hostile forces: there were not even any indigenous creatures to be seen. Approaching the gate, Sebariel contacts the outpost:

"Vandhald control, this Lieutenant Talaince. Requesting entrance to the main gate."

"Talaince, this is control. You are cleared for entrance."

Inside, Halex parks Alexis near the armory. Sebariel exits and heads to talk to the Commanding officer of the place. As the others look around, taking in the scene of disarray and disrepair, Letty is seen heading towards them, accompanied by an odd looking individual. He seems to be a cyborg, with short silver/grey hair adorning his head and face, and appears quite aged. Smiley hops over to Letty, who scoops him up.

"Hey guys! I'm glad your here; Akrn went off into the jungle saying he was going to scout out the enemy or something. Rico! what are you..."

"I took liberty to personally introduce myself to our nemico (enemy)" Maiorico says with a roguish smile. Letty roles her eyes at him, while Halex laughs at the exchange. Malcolm is more interested in Letty's companion.

"Who is this friend of yours?" he asks, motioning toward the other cyborg. Letty looks over, and is about to answer when the aged one says,

"I am Guardian Banier, my friend." Rico turns with a jolt over at him.

"Guardian? Which generation are you from?? I could have sworn that only the last two generations were still in service..."

"Rico! Show him more respect! He is last survivor of Gaidic 3, the famous guardian unit before Akrn's over 40 years ago!"

"Yes, a relic from the past," Says Banier, nodding his head, "I've faithfully served Naju my whole life, finally being cast into obscurity with Gaidic 5 being initiated.'

Malcom nods respectfully, understanding the feeling of being forgotten. Halex glances between Rico and Letty, and then Banier, picking out differences.

"Hey, wheres your flight module? I thought the the wing pack was the defining trait of Guardians." Banier smiles at the question, as if it roused many memories.

"Ah, that thing gave out 7 years ago. Surprising I haven't followed in suit. Since my model was so outdated by then, the NSF wouldn't even replace it. That is when I stopped receiving missions."

"Oh, I'm sorry. That must be a painful topic for you." Halex was sincere, an unusual occurrence. Banier waves it off with an uplifted hand.

"I've stopped mourning long ago. I learned that sorrow only brings more remorse."

As their discussion ran its course, no one noticed a streaking figure jetting towards Vandhald. The soldier's excitement garners the groups attention, and Letty and Rico recognize the form as Akrn. He hurredly lands in the courtyard, and faces the cluster.

"Rico, Malcolm, Halex, good thing you're here. Where is Talaince?" Halex motions toward the base.

"Talking with command. What is up?"

"We have got trouble. Serious trouble."
It is now 9:10
-I've opted to call each generation/series of Guardian a gaidic, after the Japanese name for the game. The timeline of the gaidics should be simple and vague: it isn't worth making confusion.
--Before anyone starts to worry about a new character mixing things up, Banier is a non-combat roled character.
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Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02-03
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Post 76 (Draft)

(This is continuation of Post 75)
Area 3 - Vandhald Outpost
Time: 09:10

< Akrn informs the group about the incoming swarm >

Akrn -
             -- A large group of monsters coming this way, and fast, too. *The troops around the camp are visibly unnerved at this*
Letearia, calming everyone down -
             -- How bad can it be?
Akrn -
             -- Massive rush of them - looks like they're really intending to overrun this place until no trace of human activity ever existed here.
Maiorico, preparing his arsenal -
             -- Quel tizio (that guy) coming too? I have a score to settle with him!
Akrn, turning to Maiorico in surprise -
             -- Rico! The hell are you do--
Malcolm -
             -- He snuck onboard while we were preparing to come here. Still, his added fire power might be of help to us.
Maiorico -
             -- No injury will keep me the Guardian Maiorico down, grave o meno, so when and from where are they arriving?!

Akrn, moving away from Maiorico -
             -- So what do you guys suggest? Do you think we're able to try holding them off?
Halex -
             -- What choice do you think we have? We don't even have resources for any other option.
Letearia, coming out of the Armoury with supplies -
             -- Guess this place may still have some fight left *gives Akrn some spare Chips* Here, you'll need this.
Akrn, recharging himself while looking at Banier, his advanced age made him weary of his ability to assist -
             -- And you, sir? Are you able to--
Banier, taking a rifle for himself from Letearia -
             -- Eh, it's been a while since I was directly involved in any Guardian-assigned missions, don't count me out due to my age.
Akrn -
             -- Alright, just try keep the troops out of the line of fire, we the Guardians will try draw all the fire so there won't be any needless casualties.

             The first wave of monsters emerged from the vegetation and closed in on the camp

Maiorico, getting his charged rifles up -
             -- Oggi, mangeremo all'inferno per colazione! (Today, we dine in hell for breakfast!)

## End Post ##

== It's now 09:25 on this side of the plot.
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