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New plot idea!

Started by Daniroth, June 27, 2010, 02:35:35 AM

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Maybe if it was kind of a prequel about the aliens that made Naju. I always wondered when I was little about learning more from the creators of Naju. Kinda like the "who created Halo?" of the nes era.

Instead of Naju being the place where the fighting takes place, it would focus on something along the lines of an alien invasion on Naju, and you would be protecting or rescuing everyone from it.


umm so the final end of that prequel will be set of the self destruct and then you die :::)))


No. If I can remember right, the game said Naju became evil. It wasn't always evil. So, I was thinking something had to start making Naju evil. Maybe I'm getting to in depth for a nes format.


There was a suggestion by me to make some history journal in the game where you can look and not look and it wont affect you to win game but if you look into it it will bring you an awesome mind blowing story. I think this prequel can be a comic inside this journal.

For me it's more intresting to get continue of the story. I m not a fan of prequels :)  :bluelander: :bluelander:


Well your idea too is a little interesting to me. Nemno Th it is similar to idea Mass Effect 2. As one race took the control over other race...