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Zodiac: The Guardian Story

Started by C-Dawg, January 14, 2015, 09:27:24 AM

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For those who want to watch other people play instead of playing it yourself, we now have a Lets Play in progress.  You can check the first video here:


The Let's Player uploads new segments every 2 days. 

Note that the version he is playing does not have the bonus features I'm finishing up on my side:
4 endings, from worst to best, obtained by taking alternate plot routes through the game;
Boss Rush mode; and
Fighter Rush mode (we know it as TGL mode)


OKay that's really cool! It takes so long before you go into the ship mode. He played for half hour and didn't. And he plays better than me. The game wasn't easy last time I played it.

[EDIT] I browsed through his lets play and I see spaceship mode only in 10th video. And they are all around half a hour so to meet the ship mode have to play around 4 hours. Oh.. I was hope it'll be a bit more often.
The background is really lovely. Looks like inspired by The Guardian Legend organic stages? Tho there are lot of this type of stages in SHMUPS but that definatyelly look like it would fit TGL 16 bit.



Well, the LPer actually stumbled right past the first Corridor without finding it in the first video where he goes to Aries.  Even so, yes, there's a really big gap between when you start the game and when you start coming across Corridors regularly.  That's by design.  Because Zodiac has more things going on than TGL did, I need to spend more time teaching the player about other aspects of the game.  I don't toss in the Corridors until later.  Even so, remember that this game is taking people 30 - 40 hours to finish, so finding a corridor 4 hours in isn't that bad, really.

But, yeah, Zodiac isn't TGL.  It just borrows some themes and insights from that game, and, I think, improves on them in a unique direction.



Yeah, see, I keep trying to impress upon you how large this game actually is.  The LPer is maybe 1/10 of the way through the game so far.


Er... I can't play the music while playing the game. Any reason? Although I have the latest demo version, but the audio doesn't seem to play.
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