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Help, need 11$ donation to pay for the hosting

Started by arseniy, October 01, 2016, 01:05:32 AM

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Hi guys,
Need a 11$ donation to pay for hosting(it's monthly payment). Usually I have this money but not this time.
If I don't pay, then site will be off. I'll make a backup for a case.
Contact me here or send directly to my mail gamebalance[at]gmail.com
You can make even 1$ donation, so it could be reached jointly.
Also spread a word somewhere if you can't send money but willing to help.


have you solved it yet ? I have shared this topic for about a week. Hope this one will not be closed.
Gaming Channel on YouTube, including many TGL stuff.


No no closed. But I'll save backup so next month when I get money the site will be back. I don't lose domain name.


OK cool. Finally got some deal finished and paid for the hosting  :redlander:
Soon should try to make the root page of the site with WordPress. So there can be something like a blog/news page.