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Cargo Commander

Started by UserK, September 21, 2013, 05:58:45 AM

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A game by "Serious Brew", I bought on humble bundle (or maybe Indie Royale) for 1 USD quite some time ago. I left it sitting in my HD for no real reason up to now - I guess real life took too much.

It's a procedurally generated game. You get to visit the various sectors in space, the content is generated by the name you give the sector. Every sector is then pooled in a server for global rankings!
Of course I'm going through TGL-themed sectors!

Ok, let's get back for a moment. What is the game, before going to the worshipping?

You have a container house floating in space. The game is divided in "waves"... it's not a tower defense though! When ready to start a wave, pull a lever in on the bridge. After a few seconds, containers will start colliding with your house and you got to explore them to retrieve the goodies.
The gameplay mechanic is surprisingly compact yet rich. I think we could describe it as action platformer.
Give this game a try if you can - standard price is 9.99.

That said, here are a few TGL-related sectors I tried:

  • TGL - this is unfortunately a fairly unremarkable sector
  • Alyssa - easy, well flowing
  • Naju - easy, packed with goodies and a good mix of enemies
  • Redlander - nice challange, a lot of goodies
  • Miria - don't go there, cannot be solved.
  • Optomon, Fleepa - unfortunately, pretty much unremarkable
  • Corridors, surface - low on action and goodies, not much fun :(

Stay away from:

  • oort - I believe this one cannot be solved "cleanly", must catch the pass in open space before it is warped away


That's funny idea to generate stages by names.