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Suit Design Ideas

Started by RandomSpriter, August 09, 2010, 05:05:29 PM

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So that's where I got the idea from on the current sprite suit design I'm doing. :P
From the other thread we had a discussion about the suit and making it more "modern" but within the realm of what the former DP suit that Miria used in the original TGL.

There's plenty of ideas, but I suggest this one(Not done yet.) of Lydia.

If you have any own ideas or anything, then please say so or even show your own.
Still need to fix the backpack engine but never been good with mechas.



Updated first Suit Design and this Backpack of the same gear that Lydia is supposed to have.
Trying to keep it simple yet somewhat "techy". Never been good with mechas as said. :P

Also. "Valkyrie Company"? Might be their codename.


Will be quite reworked once I have time, especially the outer shells to make it more "Robotic" cyborgical.
I do enjoy the Backpacky Engine, but we'll see how it goes, thinking of going with Shoe Engines with a mix.

Alittle fantasy can go a bit way, I'll see how this goes on as later on.