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What you busy with?

Started by arseniy, September 18, 2010, 05:50:54 AM

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Hey dudes, how are you?
I'm preparing for a couple of work interviews in the next few days, checking my CV again and such. I also have some buracracy to deal with this time!

Is necro supposed/allowed to happen here?


Quote from: optomon on February 12, 2011, 02:24:19 AM
Overeducated and unemployed, I haven't done much since 2008 when I completed my BA, other than work on nintendo games that never get completed, hold minimum wage jobs for less than 2 months at a time, bomb job interviews, move into my mom's basement, lose all my money to medical debt, and get depressed. I recently enrolled back into school with the hope of getting a connection for job experience and learn new skills. Talking about what I do to anyone is not fun at all, and I often withdraw from people completely.

It's incredible what can change in just a couple of years. I had a BA in a field I hated, and wanted to evolve closer to software development. After returning to school for a year, I received a CIS certificate, which helped me land a part time job for six months at the college, and later a job as a software QA. I have been at that job for over a year now, and have been doing very well there. I have also been married to a wonderful woman in this time frame, and I am several months from finishing what is undoubtedly going to be my most ambitious work... Pyron. My life has become immensely stable and exciting, all thanks to a turnaround I've started around the time this post was made.


Wow, that's wonderful news optomon!


If you need a (former) Game beta tester to destroy try out your new game I'm available XD. but i am sure your own work as QA pretty much sorted that out for you yourself.

My YouTube channel for gameplay videos [includes TGL: Secret gameplays!]

Are you a Text Role-player? We have a TGL-themed RP going on, feel free to join!


8 years after we dont know corona attack whole word now life is looks like a game how to survive with strict circumtanses and sruviving from the disease i hope we all can survice this pandemix


I hope the means to cure or something(maybe better vaccines) will be found soon.