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Begining of story idea

Started by arseniy, January 08, 2010, 08:47:59 AM

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I think the plot for sequel would be cool if it was revealed that Earth commandership sent Miria to destroy Naju by other reasons(unknown ones!) and the destroying of the Naju was not really happend. Miria was a descendant from a race from Naju(she didn't know). Blue Landers transported Naju to a parralel world when Miria thought it was destoryed(it was supposed to).

Maybe Miria got old and died and some of her descendant read her Guardic Gaiden and decided to find Naju and a real reasons of the agressive mutations happend there + why it was decided to destroy Naju and why it was fly to the earth?

Doesn't that sounds intriguing?  :D


Interesting idea.
My alternative: Naju falls to the ground. And the earth is destroyed. The little managed to escape. Miria it is compelled to fly for the next planets to infect with their terrestrial life. There it is expected by a new surprise!  :o

Viper Leo

Hi there, well, maybe a remake will be a interesting too, but now go deep in more background story like the origins of Naju or the nature of Miria herself, thats my opinion  :D


BTW, how can we tell Naju was destroyed really :skull:
When it all explodes and go dark there is no stars become visible :bluelander:


Some of those ideas can overlap. Developing the character can be done on a different story level WRT the main storyline. I believe those are all quite interesting.

I'd say that some pieces of Naju could have survived the destruction, yet be a sufficient threat. This however doesn't sound nearly as awesome as your ideas and, by the way, the ending sequence delivers to me a pretty accurate sense of mass destruction.