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My idea for the plot

Started by Jigglysaint, March 24, 2010, 01:25:45 PM

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Naju has been destroyed.  The Earth is saved from Naju coliding into it, but the battle is far from over.

Apparently Naju was just one of 10 intergalatic defense stars that were designed to act as strategic attack platforms against hostile planets.  The alien life forms have only begun to wrech havoc against the universe, and their plans are to infest the remaining 9 planets and use them to utterly destroy all human life accross the cosmos.

The planet that was first comendeered to smash into earth was Naju 1.  It was send into orbit many years ago, and since then the pilots of the star had created a world for themselves, with a diverse ecosystem.  When the aliens landed, they transformed the landscape in their conquest.  The residents tried in vain to stop them, but before the final decendant of the original crew made an attempt to set the self-destruct sequence, he radioed Earth for assistance.

Now there are 9 more stars out there, and all of them are in danger of having their weapons system activated.  You must go to each planet and prevent the aliens from conquring the universe!

The plan would be to have 9 worlds to explore, each with their own unique maps, environments, keys, weapons, and seal puzzles.  It would be designed for the worlds to be played in any order, however contained within the worlds would be clues that would ultimately reveal who the aliens are, their reasons for targeting the worlds, and how to stop them.  A big factor would be that you can choose to destroy the world or save it.  When you start each world, the game would be on an invisible timer, and the aliens will invade more and more as you progress.  The machine that controls the orbit of each world needs to be protected against the aliens.  If you can protect it, the world is safe.  If not, then you must then activate the self-destruct mechanism.  Saving each world means you can then use their technology on other worlds, but destroying them will ensure that the planet will never fall into the wrong hands again.


I love this idea...i think 9 planets is a little much....maybe 5 or 6 would be better since i don't think anyone here is a professional at making video games...and that would be a lot of work(not saying it cant be done or we shouldn't try hard) also i think the planets SHOULD have to be played in order...it will help with the dif. balance , how many upgrades you have ECT. (unless we make the Dif. go up depending on how strong the player Avatar is, then they could be played in  any order)...i just cant see going to the "last" world with tough monsters with only a few upgrades


I agree. I don't see any chance to scale the core mechanics 9x without having them feel stale.
Have you even read about Dyson' speres? Perhaps played Prey? I think the structures presented here are somewhat similar to Naju in nature.

The Dyson sphere would be considerably bigger than Naju. It could easily incapsulate a few planets with little to no anomalies at all. It is possible a single Naju-like planet could be a small component of the sphere. If we stop to think, the creatures in TGL are mostly "very energetic". They even materialize power chips. Maybe Naju was specifically designed to grow an ecosystem allowing to store energy in bio-chemical form!
This would support the possibility of thousands, if not billions Naju-like objects.

The notion of energy storage is present in Prey. The sphere here is similar in size to Earth if memory serves, and comes here specifically to harvest our energy and proteins. Over the game it is depicted as a very powerful being, routinely bending space-time (even for mere storage requirements!) and dimensions (it can open a portal to the Realm Of The Ancients, which is the afterlife). It can also compress time-space and if memory serves, it even contains a compressed star.
When the game ended, it seemed unlikely that other spheres could exist, this thing was depicted quite unique, a force of nature and the universe in a certain sense, like life and death themselves.

In the game you spent a considerable amount of effort killing a single boss, only to discover there are hundreds of the same kind of the next room (!). In the same spirit, the epilogue seems to suggests there could be incredible amounts of those things and a power level which we cannot even imagine.