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Just a thought

Started by Manna, February 20, 2011, 07:16:36 AM

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Seeing as how fan work occupies kind of a vague legal slot and all, why not kick around an 'original' but 'highly inspired' game that just happens to play similarly? Kind of like how Journey to Silius was intended as a Terminator tie-in game, til Sunsoft lost/failed to acquire the license?   ;)

I like the idea from one of the other threads about exploring the 'corruption' of Naju, on that note. Maybe you could play as the guy leaving all of the clues behind, and rather than escaping an exploding planet at the end, the precursor succumbs to his wounds with the last boss after placing a seal over it in the planet's core.


I must admit that I was not really concerned about the legal status. I had some thoughts about this but it seemed all the shareholders were dead (in the sense of out of business) or moved to very different companies so I hoped that won't be a problem.

The idea is very interesting. After all it seems like this is tolerated...
Although Capcom has the money and we have not...


Well, there's a difference between 20+ Years of difference, and A few months difference.

Besides, As I said before, if we gain to "cash in some dough" for creating a Fan Sequal, I'll rather just steer clear of this.
I'm trying to make a game here from a game that I loved in the past that never got it's great view on the shelf of Games.
I'm not into it for the money, but for the fun of trying to see how they made the game and I love it.

As stated before though, I have 0 Programming skills and my art is amateur on sprites..
Doesn't stop me though. :p

So in the final words: If we don't cash in on this, We'll be fine, They MAY sue us, but that's probably not possible with the difference of when BrotherHound was still in existance.


I don't think anybody is going to sue anybody without sending a letter first. I agree, we should be safe.