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Invisible Doors

Started by Grimgrin, March 28, 2010, 06:35:45 PM

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Here's a video that I made when you can enter a room from any spot. Even the one's that doesn't have the blue one's.

Currently extending the game.


did u used the cheats to make boss appears in the corridor? Actually it's rare the corridors over 21 not crashes the game for me on VirtuaNes


Yes! The RAM address for this code is in $0070 and type in 02 to make the boss appear and type in 04 to defeat the boss and type in 05 to finish the area. What I thought is that when you completed the glitch corridor, I thought it will crash but while I was looking at the memory viewer, I had to wait until the screen comes on.
Currently extending the game.



All the outer walls act as warps.  Certainly much easier than what you guys where doing.