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WOW! Adventure went SHMUP suddenly!

Started by arseniy, April 05, 2010, 08:01:38 PM

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Wow that was outstanding. Too bad the save state was so close to the start of the epic glitch.
I used unlegal weapon and it made only one music channel left. I turn reverberation on the saundcard to record this single channel with it. It sounded great and I saved state again to make video start from begining of the music loop but then....  :grimgrin: it happend...



Wow! That's really cool! I almost forgot what music that was. The fun thing about that code is that you can do that anywhere.
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Gimme the code. Maybe you written in RomHacks but I not understood how to use it ???
OH and BTW notice the music played faster like 1.4 times.


It's the same code in RAM address $0030: Mode of gameplay; #50 for shooter sequence, #52 for "TGL" mode. You can also change it back and walk around in it untill you enter a room. Btw: I found a way to enter completed or uncompleted corridors. All you have to do is stand in the middle and go to RAM area $00A0 and type in 03.

I haven't written any guides for any sites yet.
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0030 seems only switch to the walker when I fly in the corridor but it not make me fly when i m in adventure mode :(


Actually you are walking in every mode.  The difference is that the ship sprite is loaded instead, and the weapons are set to do different things when $30 is set to 50.  If you enable flying in an overworld room, it will start scrolling the background(as garbage), and if you do that in flying mode, it stops the screen.


Oh finally I got how to use it. You have to freeze 0030 to 50. I was trying to use cheat support tool where u set RAM once - no freeze option there.
Why the single set not works? When single set $30 to 50 in corridor it turns you into wrong sprites miria and if u set $30 to 50 frozen then u will be ship with scroling. I mean weird after scroling is there u can remove the freeze of $30 and scroling stays.


The graphic for the area and corridor is at RAM area $005C:

Name      HEX
Area 0  - 05
Area 1  - 06
Area 2  - 07
Area 3  - 08
Area 4  - 09
Area 5  - 0A
Area 6  - 0B
Area 7  - 0C
Area 8  - 0D
Area 9  - 0E
Area 10 - 0F
Corridor Uncleared - 18
Chip Shop - 12
Chip Shop Empty - 17
Save Room - 11
Message Room - 13
Corridor 21 Empty Room - 10
Corridor Cleared - 14

I use FCEUX emulator.
Currently extending the game.