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New girl name

Started by arseniy, April 28, 2010, 01:01:07 AM

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I still stick to that it's the perspective of the character that makes the morale, not other way around.
If the person is not fit to play a game, or try and reproduce it in real life, that state of mind clearly is not the fault of the game, but the person itself.

Besides, there's not many morale choices available in the sequel, really. We're using very few people to be in the story.


Quote from: arseniy on May 23, 2010, 06:42:10 PM
Well at least it should be count.
Look what people become playing games. Their moral feelings lowered. Some go out and shoot. Some start to beat their teacher. Many have results that are not obvious.

I just suggest to keep that in mind. The questions about moral and ethic actually are as hard(if not harder) as the most top physic science problems.

no offence dude but that is complete bullsh....  you cant blame video games for kids shooting people or beating there teacher. what about Terminator movies. or 90% of rap (most of it is murder songs or beatin there wife doing drugs. etc.) or pro wrestling for that matter, we all know its fake but i guarantee that some kids think its real

ive played video games for 20 years and i believe that i have good ethics and morals . i also listened to Eminem back when he was good and i like terminator movies

its not the games or movies or music. its people. some people are just stupid, or angry at the world for whatever reason, but that also is a rediculous reason. my dad died 3 years ago, but i didnt go on a killing spree

some people are just weak.     you build your morals and ethics by observing things and making you own opinions. if you chose to build your ethics around something you saw in a video game you are not very smart

sorry for getting off topic. i just had to throw that in there


~~ Cleaveland


Well no. The games do affect and movies too. And books too. It's well known in psychology but not very well known for general public. The killing is the edge but there is more not obvious hidden affects. Human has lots of things going on in him which he not awares. Some processes even not possible to percive. The subconcious processes is a fact.

Take aspirin as example. It was discovered that this medication was_not harmless and now they say it even dangerous to take it. Only when really necessary. It has very bad affects together with good.

This medication examples can be compared to the games because medication affects can be very obvious while psychological is too hidden. Also I should remind you some medications or other things(for example GMO) can show the affect only for the next or next next generation. So really your point looks very unthoughtfull. Games exist for very shot period. The smoking also was not known as a health harmfull action for a long time. But even smoking is known health-harm many people still doing it. So same will be with computer games. But saying that games or movies not do a big affect on the psychology is mostly because of non-knowledgeable.


I like games but also I like mental health. That's the point :bluelander:.


I would lie if I said that games actually doesn't affect your personality.
It gives an experience and makes you feel emotion(Aeris FFVII death anyone?, or Terra's?)
You can learn alot from games, depending on why you watch or play the game from your perspective.
It does make a impact on us, however, if the mind of the person who think this works in reality, it's the persons mind that is at the fault, not the game itself.

There's a thin line between where Insanity and Sanity is "The normal standard." for humans. :P

Anyway, Move this topic to General Forum to continue on with this, it's interesting ;)

SO! About the Female hero name!

Here's a few example, Letter order.

A: Anne, Ann-Frid, Aewena, Azeline, Alemia, Archienna, Adelle, Aer?n, Aileen, Amelia.
B: Bridget
C: Celine, Caileen, Cecilia, Cindi, Colleen
D: Darcelle, Denev?, D'Arch? :P
E: Elena, Eileen, Estrelle, Evelina, Ezelle, Europa, Eil, Emelie, Eyana
F: Frida, Frodine, Felice, Felissia, Feline,
G: Genelle, Genevir, Gertrud, Gelinne, Goa, Gaileen, Gloria.
H: Hilde, Hildegaard, Helene, Hanna, Holeen, Hochelle, Hylde

Come on guys. :P There's so many names to take! And this is ONLY european names. There's plenty more in other continential names.


Hm. not much of this names would fit guardian hero.
From the RandomSpriter's list the best is:
Aileen and Elena.
I think the name can't sound like Estrelle or Darcelle.
Maybe we should think what names of Guardians should represent. I think in first place they should represent earth.
lets try continue alphabet:


Interesting choices of names compared to the European pronouncement, Arseniy.

Somehow, Latin names should be kinda interesting to see.

N: Noria, Naomi, Naphillia, Nemia, Nomenia, Namini, Nichelle, Nia, Naname,
O: Osora, Owena, Odenia, Oruka
P: Paula, Pia, Purea, Pheline
Q: Q....Q....?
R: Ruria, Rika, Rena, Ruinea, Rurika, Releen, Romena, Reika, Romeria, Rina, Riena, Ryuki
S: Sae, Savae, Savannah, Saelia, Serenia, Solena, Starleen(lol?)
T: Tiffi, Tellia, Terra(Terria), Tyka, Torria, Tolena, Toreena, Thunderia, Taileen, Tae, Tay, Tauleen, Tannea

Here's more common Latin Female names.
Appia Aula Caesula Decima Fausta Gaia Gnaea Hosta Lucia Mamerca Mania Marca Maxima Mettia Numeria Octavia Paulla Postuma Prima Procula Publia Quarta Quinta Secunda Septima Servia Sexta Spuria Statia Tertia Tita Tiberia Tulla Vibia Volusa Vopisca
Just to give you a hint of a more uncommon name we can give or transform.

Hmmm, I like Tay. :P And Terria, Iona, Kia, Liaris.


Well some of the first letters can be exluded/ For example I not like names for this case starting from T,K,H,P,B,F,O


Quote from: RandomSpriter on May 08, 2010, 11:23:17 AM
Or we could have the character be custom made?
Thumbs up for this. But the implications are steep. Someone would need to animate twice the character frames. All the text in the game should be double checked to be correct for M/F gender. As this is locale-dependant, there could be issues.

I suppose you might be interested in knowing some more about the names you posted previously.
I am also trying to estabilish some structure in a single place. I'm writing from the Mediterranean region and I am a neo-latin native speaker. As a tribute to the original game, I think all Japanese names should really get an automatical +1 vote, so I'll put a 'J' to mark this to names I can clearly recognize as Japanese.
I tried to collect all the names so far, sorted them alphabetically (regardless of their "origin" as previously proposed by RandomSpriter for example), and added a couple. The new names are in italics.
This is the result of a few days of research - my doctor prescribed me a few days of relax due to a not-so-small issue I'm having but looks like I cannot just stand completely idle.
As this took a while, not all the names have been investigated in the same way.

Because of message length limitation, this has been split up in various messages.


(this looks ugly without borders)

NamePerceived originMy notesVote
Adellefrench?Sounds common.
Aer?neu?Writes well and sounds easy thanks to overabundant wowels. On the minus side, requires Unicode characters.
Aewenaeu? sounds tolken-ish to methere's a slight issue with pronunciation to me as my language lacks "Ae" ligature, but seems to have potential+1
Aileeneu?Already heard that somewhere. Could work.+1
Aja, Aija, Aya, AiyaCentral AfricaBut that's just me, because I used to spend some time with a girl so named. I don't really know the correct spelling, but I hope it got 'j's because they make me feel at home (although they sound like "who" around here). I guess the 'y' variations could read as Japanese I guess.+1
Alemiaeu?I think it should be avoided. Remarkably lacks strong phonetical pheatures in my language. Also similar to "Alenia", which is a company manufacturing civil and military aircrafts.-1
Ann-Frid, Annfridfrench? german?I heard that before. I don't consider it much.
AnneEU+US?Seems to lack remarkable features, quite common around here.
AppiaLatinReferences to Via Appia. I advice against it.-1
Archiennaeu?sounds rare but also feels somewhat wrong.
AulaLatinDoes not sound very modern. Lack of strongs consonants gives a "smooth" feel, beware of the "au" ligature, which is slow in neo-latin. Unsure about eng.
Azelinefrench?easy to write and pronunce, sounds good to me, the 'z' is a remarkable phonetical feature.+1
Bridgetfrench? english?
CaesulaLatinI take it's the feminine version of Caesar. Not worth a -1 but worth it (I simply don't like the idea).
Caileenenglish?sounds familar, yet exotic.+1
CarinaLatinI think it's just better to go for Karina instead!+1
CastaLatinYes, please. Joking aside, there could be geographical references.-1
CeciliaLatin?I don't quite like those two 'c's.
CelineFrench?Easy in both writing and pronunciation. Sound has a nice "shape" if you can get what I mean, with an initial "harsh" peak with "c" and a smooth ending. Naturally recalls a singer to me. Worth a try.+1
Cindi, Cindyenglish?Unsure about those.
Colleenenglish?Sounds exotic. For some reason I think it's rare.+1
D'ArchFrench?Does not qualify as a name (surname perhaps). Naturally recalls Juanne D'Arc (eng). We have to think carefully about that but for me, that's a no go.-1
DarcelleFrench?Don't like it much, probably because of 'rc'.
DecimaLatinSimilar to "decimal", ten. The idea that this can be used as name is quite poor to me. See also Prima (1st), Secunda (2nd), Tertia (3rd), Quarta (4th), Quinta (5th), Sexta (6th), Septima (7th)... those have been omitted, I seriously hate the idea.-1
Denev?French?Heard that before. I'm not sure.
EileenFrench?I take it could be the french version of Elena?. Possibly better for international use.+1
Eil?Wait, what? Ankwardly short to me.
ElenaLatin? Russia?Sounds neither rare nor exceedingly common. Possibly a good choice, nice "smooth" sound to me.+1
Emeliefrench?Probably a variation of Amelie, possibly originating from Aemelie. I'd keep contemporary names.-1
EstrelleFrench?Not sure about this.
Europa?Europe in Italian, also a moon, an asteroid and a princess. I'd rather avoid it because of the explicit geographic reference.-1
Evelina, EvelineLatin? FrenchNot sure about this.
Eyana?sounds familar, yet exotic. Good pronunciation?+1
EzelleFrench?Sounds very exotic, Z seldom used. Good to me.+1


(this looks ugly without borders)

NamePerceived originMy notesVote
Felice?Does not sound like a female name to me. Pronunciation? Leaves me confused.-1
Feline?Feline? Good sound but... really?
Felissia, Felisiaeu?Sounds good with a single 's'.+1
FridaGerman?I don't like it much. Sounds somewhat barbar-ish or viking to me. Could actually work.
Frodinefrench?Just "meh"
GaiaLatinI think it's awesome. Sounds good in neo-latin, unsure about English.+1
Gaileeneu?I like the acute 'ee' sound, but I'm unsure this is the correct pronunciation. Maybe worth of further consideration.+1
GenevievegermanicSounds good at first, but leaves me confused about correct pronunciation. Variation of Genevieve?
Genevireu?See above.
GloriaLatinCan be interpreted as a reference to Christianity, first hit for WP:en.
GnaeaLatinG... n... aea... Sounds like eating ("gnam gnam"). Just drop it in google images and see what comes out. Food, for me. No way.-1
Goa?Ankwardly short to me.
HannaGerman?WP:en hit. Unsure about that.
Helene,Heleneu?I'd be interested in hearing more opinions about that.
Hildegaard,HildegardGerman? Northern-euVery epic feeling. While it doesn't feel quite feminine to me, I have to admit germanic-derived languages don't take me very much. There's an interesting WP:en hit from the Soul Calibur series with a really interesting design.
HildeGerman?I'd be interested in hearing more opinions about that. Short form of the previous.
HochelleFrench?This 'ch' sounds very harsh to me.
Holeen?Unsure about that, to me it sounds to have similarities to "holy", which could be a good thing.+1
Imi?Ankwardly short to me.
JennaEnglish, USI find myself in the unfortunate position to report that my first page of google hits regards two porn stars. I have average (default) filter level. I'd say no thanks!-1
Karia?According to WP:en: "Karia is a settlement in Kenya's Central Province". Sounds both familiar and exotic. Why not?+1
KarinaLatin, Originally CarinaGood alternance of "strong" wowels and consonants delivers a quite good feeling to me. +1
KatarinaSee above.Some matches in Ukraine.Sounds like "Katana", which could be a good thing. It takes the best of Katrina and Karina, good hits. I'd truly give this a +2 but I decided to self-impose some rules to my voting.+1
KatrinaSee above.More exotic than Karina, the "tr" sound somewhat breaks the name in two pieces to me. Half first page of google hits deals mostly with the Katrina hurricane.
Kru?Ankwardly short, very harsh sound.-1
LadiaLatin?You mean Nadia.
LaetitiaLatinYes, please. Joking aside, there could be geographical references.-1
LiarisLatin?I don't like it at all, probably because of Liar.-1
LuciaLatinNothing to say about that. Why not?+1
LymmNorth-euMaybe Lynn!-1
LynnEnglish!"Meh". Say Hokuto No Ken ("Lin" in English but traslated as "Lynn" here).



NamePerceived originMy notesVote
MamercaLatinDon't like it.
MarcaLatin?Just say no.-1
Matti?Doesn't work for me.-1
MaximaLatin?How to pronounce 'x'?
MirageSeriously? No way for me.-1
MiyanaJAPI like it!+1 J
NadiaLatin?WP:en east EuropeI liked Fushigi no Umi no Nadia a lot and pretty sure lot of people liked it as well! I'd say it's a recipe for continuous references, but I'm biased so I'll leave it to 0 instead of -1...
NaomiLatinPlease leave this out. A lot of hits about the model here. Please no.-1
NaphilliaLatin?Sounds like a disease, or maybe some mental disorder!-1
Nia?Ankwardly short.
NichelleFrenchMore likely Michelle.
NilmaEnglish-ized JAP?From arseniy. Reporting for completeness.J
NumeriaLatinSomething dealing with numerals?
NoriaNorth-eu?Can't say about that.
OctaviaLatin?Lots of hits regarding a car.
OdeniaNorth-eu?Peraphs female version of Odin? Sounds odd to me, but maybe worth further consideration.+1
OrukaMaybe East Europe?Cannot quite tell if I like it or not.
OwenaSomewhat Tolkien-ish, maybe north-eu
Paola, Paula, PaullaLatinPaula is a fairly rare form around here, but I have been told the second is fairly common in Spain and Portugal. I'd say this name lacks in rarity.-1
PhelineFrench?Sounds like Feline. Really? Nah.-1
Pia?Ankwardly short, sometimes used as "Saint" in Italy (not exactly "saint", you know).
PostumaLatinDon't know...
ProculaLatinSounds archaic.-1
PubliaLatin?Public, publicity...?
Purea?I would be somewhat confused in meeting her. WP:en says a Queen from the Landward Teva tribe and a self-proclaimed ruler of all Tahiti. Still a no-go for me.-1


R VS L - Japan note
I want to repeat myself: I write from the Mediterranean region and I use a Latin-derived language natively. There are a lot of Japanese-like or "clearly" Japanese names here. Most of them sounds definetely better with the "R" sound rather than the "L" sound. I know this doesn't make sense to you if you are from Japan so I'm not even sure I should try to explain more, but that's what happens to people using neo-latin languages IMHO.
To keep it rather vague, say that the "R" provides a "strong" start, while "L" is more like a "smooth" connection. I'd say I perceive more "personality" in the "R" version.

NamePerceived originMy notesVote
Raeleen?Has a really nice touch. First google hit. Sounds a good candidate.+1
ReikaJOh yes, I'm pretty sure there was a few of those in the mangas I did read years ago. Good mix of 'r' and 'k' in neo-latin, feels "complete". If I had to give this girl BIG GUNS to go destroy a lonely planet, I'm sure Reika would do it, get a few scratches and get the rid of the problems!+1 J
Releen?Looks like a variation of Raeleen. Probably more modern.
Riena?"Rien ne va plus"? That's just me... google is fine with it.
Rika, RicaJap?Maybe because I've been too much into mangas. Could truly work in Latin as well, like Costa Rica. If K is used, the exotic influence is strongly prominant.J?
RinaLatin?Not sure about this. Seldom used in neo-latin, but I recall Lina Inverse which were translated with 'R' here for the reasons above.
Romena?Rome?. A no-go for me.-1
Ruinea?Sounds difficult.
RurikaJapI don't quite like the recurring 'r'.-1
RyokoJapAs far as I can recall, this is fairly common in anime and manga. I'd expect she would just BLAST everything out of existance.+1 J
RyukiJapI don't know why, but sounds familiar. I don't quite remember what manga, but I suppose I've already read that here.+1 J



SaeliaLatinThis one is truly odd and charming to me, I don't know why. It makes me think to sea (rich, blue), and salt (white, crystal, regularity). It's probably just me.+1
Sae?Ankwardly short, "does not complete" (read as "does not compute" XD).
Savae?I'm confused. But somewhat charming. Let's give her a try.+1
Savannah?That's it for me. Google hits with a city, a few geographical locations and a GPL project. Nothing in the first 10 pages of google seems to be a first name. Is it really a name?-1
Serenia, SerenaLatinProbably rare, I suppose. I don't really know. The second is more modern but it has a very different, much simplier sound in neo-latin. By contrast, the second sounds much better in English to me.
Servia?You don't really mean this (google hit). Also this To be avoided due to geogrophical references.-1
SolenaLatinI'd expect her to come out in full plate and SMITHE EVIL. Feels very RPG-ish. Is it a true name? Google seems to report a few ppl with this name so I guess it's just very rare nowadays. Also somewhat weird to me, likely because of solenoids.
SpuriaLatinUnsure about that...
StarleenEnglish?Some google hits, seems to be used. Interesting google hit.-1
Statia?Statue? Static?
Tae?Too short.-1
Taileen?Google hits seems to suggest this is sparingly used (I don't know if as name or surname) in Latin America. Maybe Spain as well.
TanneaLatin?Sounds more like two distinct words in neo-latin. Quite slow pronunciation. I'm unsure about english however.
Tauleeneu?Sounds good, but beware of the rl-variant "Tauleen" -> "Taureen" -> Tauren. Still worth a try.+1
TayEng feelToo short.-1
TelliaLatinI think I read somewhere this is Latin (or maybe Greek) for Earth... or maybe "ground", I don't know. The double 'll' slows the pronunciation a lot in neo-latin, maybe it's wanted. I don't like it much, but has potential!+1
Terra, TerriaLatinWP:en, the planet Earth, in Astronomy. Seems to be fairly used in games and in real (sur?)names as well. I don't know.
ThunderiaEng?Seriously? Well, I suppose you were serious so I'll just say no.-1
TiberiaLatinDon't like it much. Tibia? Maybe some old emperor of Romanian empire?
TiffanyEnglishI would not count on her much... I don't know why. Very varied google hits.-1
Tiffi, TiffyEnglishShort for Tiffany. Say .tif?-1
Tita?I don't know... Sounds like clock' sound.-1
Tolena?This one was interesting. I would have placed this in Spain. Google revealed hits in mid-east, which lead to p-tolema-ic. Is it really used as a name? Nah.-1
Toreena, Toleena?Has an RPG feels. Seems to be actually used as a name, albeit rarely. 'l' variation sounds good as well, still noth worth a +1.
Torria?Thor? Not really.-1
Tulla?I don't know...
Tyka?Maybe RPG-ish? Is it a real name? Google is white noise. Tick-tock. Very fast and easy pronunciation in neo-latin. Unsure about english. Could actually work.+1
VibiaLatinDon't know.
VolusaLatinSounds archaic.-1
VopiscaLatinSounds archaic. Or maybe like a place.-1