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Mockup: 2D (vector?) sprites in 3D world

Started by UserK, May 01, 2011, 11:04:56 AM

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It used to be in version 7 although it was fairly involved to do so in the free version.
It seems version 8 can directly write out collada (just as it did before, I suppose they figured out people was just working around the limitation).
Today I went to blender.org to try out the collada file, but server is down (WTF).
I am very lucky.
Anyway, I'm going to keep on running some numbers today, perhaps I will try this late afternoon.

If Teremocheck wants the models, I will just drop them here as soon as I am sure they are production-ready.


Blender 2.5 crashes big way when trying to open.
The collada file produced seems fairly complicated. I'll have to look at it.
From a quick look, it seems a lot of information is lost.
I fear I'll have to redo everything in blender, but I don't really have much interest in doing so for the time being.


I read there that google SU don't let u export, that u need google SU pro for this. Maybe it's the reason?


I don't think so.
SU 7 didn't allow export to collada as a one-click operation.
It allowed however to export to google earth. GE files were compressed and contained .dae file.
With 8, they figured out people was working around the limitation using this trick so they probably made .dae export available for this reason.

Collada however is funny stuff. The format itself says "you can do everything you want", sure you can, whatever the importer understands what you want is another business.
The collada file seems ok to me, blender probably does not support this or that feature. But as collada is essentially "put every feature you can think at toghether and call problem solved" I have no clue on what's going wrong.


The more I look at the topic's title, the more these games come to my mind:

Take No Prisoners


And maybe, just maybe, GTA 2:


Yes, that was the inspiring idea.
However when playing with perspective I found that everything appeared much richer when viewed from an oblique angle, as opposed to an almost perpendicular angle.
Those first two games appear to be based on the same underlying tech and as you might notice, they have a clear characteristic.

Notice how the perspective converges at the center.

Personally I was never completely sold on that approach.
I think other remakes are giving a new life to the legacy approach. If this ever goes live, it will have to look "sharp". Not necessarily "next-gen" but good. Ideally, we would like it to be as good as we perceived it when we first played TGL.


Yeah, these first two games were built on Raven Software's Vampire Engine. There was also Necrodome, a first-person driving/shooter built on the same tech