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Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02
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Post 57
12:45 Naju Central, Office of Naju Intelligence
Major Edit May 22 to UNSC Universe, See Re: Text based RP Character Sheet sign-up (& general thoughts, ideas, OOC chatting) Replys 153-56

The second in command of Naju Central, Colonel Shores, looks over a large pile of papers brought in by Killian.

-“Everything pulled up on the UNSC and this Spartan? My word, what has bureaucratic paralysis come to?”

-“Colonel, I was requested to deliver this by Letearia Mechiko after the Safe Officer Talaince interviewed the pilot. And frankly, I want to know what this is all about.”
Shores groans. Killian was never a respecter of office, and if it wasn’t for his usual politeness, he would have requested neural reconfiguration.

-“Well Rhodallister, our visitor seems to be a Spartan super soldier, produced by the United Nations Space Command of Earth, who helped initiate the Naju colonization. Spatans are used to quell rebellions and perform operations in Earths interests.” Looking over some of the papers he shakes his head.

-“ Why did database bother with so much material? This is just one Spartan. Let’s see here… ah, image confirmation. Name, Malcolm Jurthain, S120, not familiar with that number. Recent deployment, Aperture installation Isotope 04, location classified? What the heck is Aperture?” Killian holds out a packet:

“Maybe this will explain something?” Adjusting his officer hat, Shores scans the sheets.

-“Perpetual Testing initiative… started 1968, adopted by UNSC in recent decades? What kind of testing is this? Did they use it for Spartans? Honestly, I must write a complaint to the USF to procure an explanation.”

-“So this Malcolm, what’s he doing here?” Shores begins typing on his desk computer.

-“Heck if I know. But our communications are almost back up, and contact will be reestablished with USF. You are dismissed, Rhodallister.” Killian doesn’t budge.

-“With all respect, sir, I’m under the command of Akrn. That abstract mentions some kind of research on quantum tunneling. Did they have anything to do with the Fringe division?” Shores narrows his eyes.

-“That is not to be discussed here, Rhodallister. I don’t know why this Aperture information was pulled with the UNSC, but its classified information and you, Guardian, are not cleared to view it.” Killian shrugs then turns to the door.

-“Very well. I’ll head off to regroup with Akrn, it seems that Amet went dark in the southern hemisphere, near the habitation boundary. He leaves

End post, Approx 25 minutes.
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Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02
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Post 58
Naju Front side—Area 9: corridor 19 crater. 13:45 (Immediately following post 56 part 2.)
(Note: The crater is in the form of a large cave-like opening.)

Sebariel takes off at a sprint towards the surface, drawing his shotgun. He never liked the sequence of a crash, then silence. As he comes to the mouth of the crater, he see’s something coming at his head out of the corner of his eye. Swinging the shotgun up, he blocks the blade of a massive creature with a dark countenance. Sebariel quickly realizes he can’t out muscle the monster, and deftly allows the monster to finish the swing, with him stepping aside and swinging his fist up, striking its chest. With a slightly winded growl/grunt, the blue creature returns the favor, sending Sebariel into a dirt wall. Wiping the blood from his face for the second time that day, Sebariel glares.

-“Oh, it’s on.” Bringing up the shotgun he somehow managed to hold onto, he gives the creature a blast, which knocked the assailant back.
-“Petty worm! Lie down and die, for it will be more pleasant than what I may do while you struggle!” The monster brought the fearsome blade up again, and coiled the arm back while advancing on Sebariel, who managed to get himself out of the wall.
-“I’m not acquainted with the aspect of surrender. What did you do to Maiorico!?”
-“If you refer to the paltry guardian, he is unlikely to stir again.”
-“You will regret that. Very. Much.” With energy blade now readied, he charges at the creature, which parries the attack and sends Sebariel tumbling onto the ground.
-“You cannot overcome me, weakling. Erajiv is far above your disgusting pettiness.” His blade charged with electricity, he thrusts at Sebariel. Rolling aside, he dodges and finds himself on his feet.

Moments later, the two are locked in mortal combat. Sebariel knows he is losing. His shotgun was ineffective against the monster’s armor, though the shots had angered him. Ducking a strike, he glances about for an idea. His eyes briefly rest on an old looking fusion coil, likely a mining power source, lying near the mouth of the crater. An idea strikes him, and a blow from Erajiv nearly does as well. Breaking for the cavern maw, he, positions himself between Erajiv and the coil.
-“Just what are you after anyway? Is this fight necessary?” Erajiv laughs at the human, both for running and for trying to communicate.
-“You, fool, are meddling with me. You need know nothing else before you die that you are in my way.” With that, he again charges his blade, and starts to lunge at Sebariel.
-“I think I can fix that!” Sebariel shouts, as he sidesteps the attack. Swiftly bringing up his shotgun, he aims at the fusion coil Erajiv is unknowingly charging towards, and, with a wild yell, pulls the trigger.

The explosion isn’t massive or exceedingly forceful, but it does the job. Erajiv is thrown into the cavern, and as he roars, the explosion’s force causes a cave in. When the dust settles, Sebariel, sore, strained, and cut-up, starts looking around for his departed friend. He finds Maiorico some 15 meters from the cavern, from the looks of it thrown. There is a large gash in the back of the metallic head, with blood oozing gently from the flesh and circuitry exposed. Rolling Rico onto his front, Sebariel sees if he can save him.

After bandaging up Rico's head, and stopping the blood flow, he starts fiddling with wires, trying desperately to figure out if Rico was still alive. He brings two wires together, and a spark shoots out.
-“Bzzzzert, wirrrr, zzzzzirrrrptyuuuup. Error, error, file not fou-fou-found.” Sebariel almost woops with relief. Rico still had some life in him, though it seemed that it was just programming that was making him speak. As Sebariel continues, his cyborgic companion’s AI keeps going.
“*Error code 37 has occurred. Si prega di consultare il manuale utente (Please consult user Manuel.”
-“101110100111010100 codealopogal fulmination logarithm. Please blow on cartridge.”
Pressing a few select buttons on Rico's internal control board, Sebariel crosses his fingers.
-“**Look at you, hacke-r-r-thank you for choosing Naju RnD. May I take your order?”
-“A miracle would be a good start.”
-“Please insert pie to proceed. Binary tracflowsion optimized and toasty. Provide Tesla algorithm now.”
-“ARRRGG!” In frustration, Sebariel kicks Rico's flight module.
-“Ooh, mia testa (my head). Uhhhg.” Rico stirs, limbs feebly stirring.
-“Rico! I thought I lost you there!” Rico looks up at Sebariel painfully, and groans again.
-“Where are we? What happened?” Gathering Rico in his arms, Sebariel heads to the jeep.
-“I’ll tell you on the way. We need to get you patched up in Naju central.”

As the jeep moves off, the soil of the collapsed cavern stirs. A large blue arm bursts out. Erajiv pulls himself from the ground, growling with indignation at being outsmarted by the wretch. The thrill of battle had carried away his caution, and toying with the human cost him greatly. The sealed entrance angers him greatly, but he knows that there are more, many more corridors that may be freed.

It is now 13:50 on this side. The trip back may take up to 30 minutes.
*Diablo 3 reference
**System Shock Reference.
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Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02
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Post 59 (2 Parts)

Part 1
Area 0 West - Refugee Camp
Time: 14:20

             After making sure everything is alright at the refugee camp, Letty spent the past hour or so typing up the report about Luir on her arm laptop - when she had it done and sent back to the base Halex also had Letty request an urgent passenger shuttle to bring the refugees back to the safety of Naju Central.

             The roar of the jeep could be heard coming from a distance; Halex knew instantly that it was the round of his beloved Alexis the Jeep that Sebariel impolitely took earlier to return to Luir. The group ran out of the tent to greet the duo when they arrived back to the camp.

             Seeing Maiorico with his head tightly band-aided almost made Letty scream; like the worried girl, she ran over to him almost in tears as Maiorino told her what happened earlier at Corridor 19 - as told by Sebariel on the way back here. It took Maiorico a lot of effort to reassure Letty that despite the damage he is mostly intact; although he, begrudgingly, admitted that he will be out of action until he is fully fixed back in Naju Central. All the meanwhile Sebariel showed Halex and Malcolm the captured image of Erajiv, but both of them could only shake their heads to display that they have no idea who this blue-monster was.

Halex -
             -- So you managed to close the Corridor?
Sebariel -
             -- Could only block the entrance to it to get away from Erajiv, as he called himself, and get Maiorico back here in one piece. What?s the situation here now? Are we safe?
Halex -
             -- Just waiting for the shuttle to arrive so we can all head back to Naju Central and sleep!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

             An hour later (15:20), excitements rang out throughout the camp, Sebariel, Malcolm and Halex moved out of their tent to observe what went on - in the horizon they saw a large passenger shuttle arriving and landing in a flat field.

Malcolm -
             -- Well, it's finally here!
Horaculous, the Anthropomorphic Lemur jumps off the shuttle and greets the group -
             -- Yo! You rang for a shuttle service?
Halex -
             -- We did, we need to get these refugees, the survivors of the Luir incident, back to the protection of Naju Central! What happened was that---
Horaculous  -
             -- It's ok, I got the message from Guardian Letearia about it all, so where are the-- *sees Malcolm already guiding the refugees onto the shuttle* well, that guy is automatic, isn't he?

Wasting no time, Letty pulled Horaculous away from Halex.

Letty -
             -- Any update on Amet's situation?
Horaculous -
             -- Y-yeah, Killian told me before we left that he went dark near the Habitability Boundary South-West of Area 5, but where he is exactly remained unknown, so we're just hoping for some inbound signal from his system themselves so they can pick him up.
Letty -
             -- That so...
Horaculous, reassuring Letty -
             -- Don't worry, I am sure he can be tracked down and brought back safely. You Guardians are a tough group!
Letty, with ever greater urgency -
             -- Did Sigurbelle come with you?
Horaculous, confused look -
             -- No, you didn't ask me to, besides, she's still helping out at the Airport... why, what's up?
Letty, *sighing* -
             -- Maiorico took a bump, I just thought of having her patch him up en route instead of seeing him like that, incase anything happens...
Horaculous -
             -- OK, we can place him in the protected medical bay, at least should anything happen en route that compartment should withstand it.

             Some time later, all refugees successfully boarded the shuttle, Malcolm and Sebariel were the last to board the shuttle after carrying Maiorico into the medical bay located on another part of the shuttle. Horaculous and other pilots/drivers restarted the engines, and the whole group departed into the afternoon sky back to Naju Central, followed closely by Halex in his jeep.

             While the group was happy that the chapter on Luir's destruction is coming to a close, Sebariel somehow knew that Erajiv was not that easily defeated. Sometime into the future they would be forced back here again. But for now, getting back to Naju Central to prepare for the next event was all that mattered in their minds.

< End part >
== It's approx 15:40 on this part.
== Journey back to Naju Central - 2 hours minimum, assuming a trouble-free journey

Part 2
Area 5
Time: 15:30

             Callisto could be seen standing next to the hollow shell of what appeared to be ZibZub's (killed by Killian in Posts 32) with the anticipated Volcanic eruption having never occurred (Post 30). In frustration he kicked the heavy shell down the mountain incline which caused some thunderous crashing sounds as it rolled and accelerated.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

             Elsewhere, near the entrance to Area 7 (same location as Post 41), Akrn and Samuel could be seen bored out of their minds: it had been 15 hours after Akrn and Samuel first arrived here. Akrn leaned back against the slope of the mountain with his Flight Module unplugged, yawned every 10 minutes or so and dozing off - Samuel threw random boulders into the air and blasted them to bits while still up there with his turrets. Both had been camped out here since landing, eagerly waiting for any update from Killian or Naju Central about the location of where Amet was.

Akrn, as Samuel blasted another boulder into tiny sand fragments -
             -- You should stop that soon, you're going to run out of Chips if you keep this up.
Samuel, protesting -
             -- Psh, I still have more Chips leftover right now than yours at full capacity!

             Then the thunderous sounds of ZibZub's shell rolling down reached the duo, which caused both of them to jerk upright in surprise.

Akrn, jumping upright -
             -- Hush! You hear that??
Samuel, looking around -
             -- Y-yeah, what the hell was that? Cthulhu awakening?
Akrn, plugging his Flight Module back on and getting his rifles -
             -- Whatever it is, keep your guards up!
Samuel, repositioning his turrets -
             -- Right!

< End part >
== It's approx 15:40 on this side
== Killian Rhodallister is still 20 minutes to arrival at Area 5 - so there's time for Callisto and Akrn to have a  short meet at each other before Killian arrives, if anyone wants to.

## End Post ##
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Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02
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Post 60
Area 5, 15:35, after Post 59 part 2

Cautiously moving along the mountain side, Akrn and Samuel spot the large craters and ditches dug up by the Zibzub shell.

-?Holy crap, looks like another ship crashed. I?m so sick of crashings.? Samuel moans. Akrn was about to turn back the way they came, but looking up the ledges sees a strange figure.

-?Wait, look up there!? Akrn raises his rifle as the figure began descending the rocks and crevices with quick jumps. Squinting, Samuel starts to wave at it.

-?Hey, is that Killian? Freakin? decided to show up!? The guardian, as if it spotted them, shifted to fighter mode and began to bear down. Akern suddenly wonders what Killian was doing flying so high up. Then he sees the black metal glint in the sunlight, and energy start to build up at the cannons. Killian didn?t use cannons.

-?Watch out!!? Shoving Samuel to the ground Akern narrowly evades twin laser blasts charring the rocks.

-?Killian what the-? Samuel starts struggling to his feet and Akrn watches the guardian swing around for another pass.

-?That ain?t Killian! Scramble, get in the air!? Just as the attacker swung past, lasers streaking down, they leapt to the skies. Samuel, full of battle frenzy began firing rockets in rapid succession.

-?Raaaaah! Eat exploding rocket death!!? As the dog fight started, Akrn watched in amazement at the evasion the attacker employed, deftly dancing about the missiles. Trying to outmaneuver him, Akrn dives low then shoots up, guns blazing. A few hits, but the attacker barrel rolls, coming along side Akrn. Just as he realizes it, he gets jabbed by side cutter lasers, knocking his wings off balance. Samuel then barrages the two with his chain guns, almost hitting Akrn as much as Callisto.

-?Will ya watch it?! I?m friggin here too!? Spiraling, Akrn manages to restore his balance, U-turning to face Callisto again. Samuel, thrusters blazing, gains on him, and fires his flak cannons. Struck several times, he starts to dip and Samuel closes in for the kill.

-?Hahaha, Sammy?s gotcha!? Just as their noses were diving at the ground, Callisto sharply pulls up. Shocked, Samuel tries to realign, but face plants and skids into the dirt. The trauma forces his DP system to disengage into walker, and he?s left face in the ground. Painfully pushing off the ground, he?s kicked in the side and rolled on his back. Callisto bears a savage grin, placing his foot on Samuel?s chest and raises his sword beam.

-?You shall be the first victim, a tribute to my hunger for vengeng- gaaaah!? Akrn then crashes into him, tumbling down the ledge with him. Samuel throws himself to the edge, yelling,

*End Post* Approx 5 minutes
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Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02
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Post 61 (Long post)
Written with assisstance of FireWithinMidnight.
Edit 27 May - Added content

Area 5
Time: 15:50

             Inside a large crevice on a mountain slope, many metres below their original position and where Samuel was currently located on; Akrn and Callisto slowly recovered themselves from the crash that landed them here. Soon later they found themselves facing each other, short distance between them and their eyes locked on each other.

             Akrn scanned Callisto thoroughly - he appeared to be of an older model of the Guardian Fighters, and from the looks of his overall design: similar to that of Tetharil. Even the weapons he used earlier in Post 60 were consistent to what Tetharil uses himself. Yet nothing inside his own database or what he had been taught in training mentioned anything about him. He thought to himself whether he could be the long-lost friend of Tetharil.

             Callisto, meanwhile, also took a deep inspection of Akrn Salthic - despite that he is a cyborg and has flight module installed on him like with other Guardian Fighters, there were no other indication or insignias he wore that identified him outright as a Guardian Fighter: the group of fighters he has set out to destory - he even looked significantly different to Samuel and Tetharil in design and armouring.

Akrn, keeping his targetting systems locked on Callisto -
             -- Who the hell are you and what is it you want?!
Callisto, in an evasive tone -
             -- This doesn't concern you! Begone from my sights!
Akrn, secretly preparing his laser weaponry to aim at Callisto -
             -- If you are set out to harm any of our Guardians, then it's my duty to stop you!
Callisto, grimacing on Akrn that he wants to protect the Guardians -
             -- Are you a Guardian yourself?!
Akrn -
             -- I am Guardian Akrn Salthic, my role is to protect the Naju Colony from any force that threaten its peaceful existence!

             Callisto waved his cutters out and charged at Akrn. Akrn, who saw his first move coming, released his barrage of laser weaponry on Callisto - but to his surprise Callisto managed to either dodge them, or reflected them away with his sabres. A split second later Akrn found himself nose-to-nose with Callisto; who, with a short smirk, proceeded to slash Akrn multiple times, some penetrated his thick shell and with the force that it threw Akrn towards the mountain wall.

             Akrn decided the best way now was to use close range weaponry and melee - the two features Akrn was especially trained for in from the beginning - but even with his different model cutter sabres and melee techniques, his moves was all but too predictable for Callisto as he dodged and parried his moves time and time and countered with some of his own - all managed to score hits on Akrn.

             Akrn soon found himself in the typical kneeling-and-holding-his-arm-pose in a battle that lasted less than 15 minutes. Callisto tried to have pity for Akrn for having the dare to challenge him in such a duel, but since Akrn identified himself as a Guardian, the ability to have such feelings disappeared. He positioned his sabres: one in front of Akrn's face, and the other beside his neck.

Callisto, as he is preparing to give Akrn the coup de gr?ce -
             -- Before I finish you... I have only one thing to ask of you.
Akrn, panting -
             -- Like I am going to tell you anything.
Callisto, pressing on, with greater force -
             -- What do you know about Tetharil Cannin?
Akrn, bluffing -
             -- What do I know about who?
Callisto, patience drained from his systems, withdraws one sabre aside, grabs Akrn by the collar(?) and lifts him so they're eye to eye -
             -- What do you know about the Guardian Fighter, Tetharil Cannin?! If you call yourself a Guardian then you must know something about him! *gets his sabres up again* out with it before I end you!
Akrn, upping the stakes-
             -- If you end me right here right now, you'll never find out anything about Tetharil!

*Callisto growled and threw Akrn to the mountain wall again*

## Incomplete Post - author needs sleep ##

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

             Another good 10 minutes of interrogation and throwing Akrn everywhere went by, Callisto realised that Akrn is simply wasting his time and energy in getting any useful lead on the whereabouts of his arch-nemesis, Tetharil. Now barely functioning, Callisto realised that he should better off finish Akrn off so he can find the other Guardian, Samuel, which was with him earlier above.

             As Callisto raised his sabres up again ready to deal Akrn the final blow, his arm quickly overloaded with pain when the sabre he was just holding was forcefully knocked out of his grasp. Growling and holding his wrist, he stared eye to eye with Guardian Killian Rhodallister who has just arrived and was standing firmly in front of Akrn, guarding him from any further attacks from Callisto.

Akrn -
             -- Killian! You finally came!
Samuel, heavily damaged from earlier crash landing, also comes -
             -- Akrn! You alright?!
Callisto, growling at Killian -
             -- More Guardians?!
Killian -
             -- Right! And your opponent now is Guardian Killian Rhodallister!
Akrn, electronically into Killian's UI -
             -- Killian, you can't win against him! Think up of some way to get us out of here first instead!
Killian, responding through the same -
             -- Don't worry, Samuel already told me about him, I have something in plan for that!

             Callisto recovered from the earlier setback, recovered his sabre, and stared charging at Killian. Killian, without responding to his movements, instead displayed a small, white spherical thing he had been holding with his other hand - this made Callisto slow down somewhat, anticipating at what Killian is thinking.

             A second later, Killian forcefully threw the sphere downwards. The sphere exploded on impact into a dense puff of smoke that obscured everyone's visual sight into nothing but white - not only that, it also released powerful electromagnetic waves that knocked out everyone's (except Killian's) internal radar and other detection systems. The static that resulted from the jamming device was so strong that Samuel could be seen suffering electric spasms and have trouble standing still.

             Callisto was not put off by the temporary blindness, and he proceeded to release his weaponry at where he believed to be where the Guardians were.

Killian, yelling for Akrn and Samuel while attempting to dodge Callisto's barrage of artillery -
             -- Both of you! Hold my arm quick! We need to get out of here!

             Locating Akrn and Samuel, Killian grabbed hold of their arms and, the only one with functioning propulsion, jetted them all away from Callisto and the crevice while he continued its barrage of wild attacks.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

*Up at the original location where they were, in front of the entrance to Area 7*

             The group brainstormed up ideas to try shake Callisto off while they make their escape; although none of the ideas they came up with had any practical use due to the heavily damaged state of Akrn and Samuel were currently in. Seemingly out of options, Akrn asked Killian for one last card of the deck.

Akrn -
             -- Killian, did you carry those "Signal Mouseys" with you?
Killian, initially confused at what Akrn was referring to, but realised it a split second later -
             -- Eh? Oh you mean these? *removes another small spherical thing from his inventory*
Samuel, curious -
             -- What is it?
Killian, clicking a small button on the sphere, the sphere disassembles itself into a small, mouse-looking toy-like gadget with a flashing light at the top -
             -- It's one of the Military's beta "signal generator" gadget, basically it simulates the signals us Guardians emit, so whoever would be searching for us could get confused at which is which. *look around, sees the entrance into Area 7* How about let's send that rogue Guardian in there? *releases the Mousey and watches it head off into the cavern* Alright, let's get out of here quick before he comes back up and finds the real us!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

*a short while later, on another location*

Samuel, still hungover from the earlier signal-jammer attack, observing the damage Akrn has suffered, to Killian -
             -- Could you call Sigurbelle over and repair Akrn?
Killian -
             -- That would be hard; she's still helping out at the Airport and... Horaculous was summoned by the SAFE people for unrelated situation in Area 9... So we're basically stuck for next few hours at least.
Samuel, searching for ideas -
             -- What shall we do now? With our current state we are not going to even make it back to the nearest city with a repair depot, let alone back to Naju Central or the area where Amet is trapped in.
Killian -
             -- There is a small Outpost located at the foot of the mountain slopes, if we make it we might be able to take up residence there for a next few hours and see what happens.

              Having ran out of all other possible options, Akrn reluctantly agreed and the trio slowly and cautiously made their way down the slopes towards the Outpost. Now not only does the problem associated with finding Amet remained hanging over their heads, they now have one, more disaster-inducing problem associated with that rogue Guardian.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

             Back at the original site, Callisto climbed out of the crevice having recovered from the smokescreen and the signal-jammer that knocked out parts of his internal systems. He was infuriated at the idea that he had let not one, but three Guardians slip through his grasp, also having obtained zilch lead about the whereabouts of his arch-nemesis.

             His anger soothed slightly when, after his internal Radar system kicked back on, detected strong signals that matched the Guardians he just met inside the cavern that lead to Area 7. His face is one of devious delight that he believed he now has them again and of the belief they cannot outrun him no matter what they tried.

             With that, Callisto reloaded his weaponry and made his way into Area 7, content that he will find the trio somewhere in there.

## End Post ##

== It's now 16:40 [+/− 10 minutes]

== Callisto has not realised that he has been duped yet by the faux-signal generator.
== Akrn will be somewhat surprised that the faux-signal tactic actually worked and the news of the dupe reaches them.

== Time needed for the trip to the Area 5 Outpost up for interpretation, no earlier than 17:00 on arrival. Horaculous will at this time still be en route carrying the people of Luir back to Naju Central, so they're stuck there for good few hours. Which means, without Sigurbelle, the Guardians will have almost no repairs and limited restocks in the meantime.

== Killian could update Akrn and Samuel on the findings of Amet's situation at this time too.

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Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02
« Reply #20 on: May 30, 2013, 06:54:58 PM »
Post 62
-Area 0, many miles from Naju Centeral: 16:10-- 30 minutes after post 59 part 1-

Sebariel startles awake, rudely interrupted from a much needed nap by his pager going off. Groggily he fumbles with the com, opening the channel.
?Talaince, this is colonel Shores, over.? Sebariel shakes his head, trying to alert his senses.
?I?m here, sir. What do you need??
?I?ve new orders for you, Lieutenant. After you make it to Naju central, you and Cyphru need to head to the area 3 military outpost. We?ve been picking up energy anomalies in the area.?
?Anomalies, sir??
?That?s all I can tell you, Talaince. We don?t know anything else, which is what you need to find out for us. Shores??
?Sir, requesting permission to take Letearia and Malcolm with me.?
?Granted. What is the status of Gaurdian Maiorico?? Sebariel hangs his head at remembering Rico?s wounds.
?He is alive and stable, but will need extensive medical attention.?
?Understood. I?ll look for the best for the job. Shores out.?

Sebariel stretches and stands up. He had been sitting down outside the medical bay. Letty had been insistent on treating Rico to the best of her ability, and now Rico was resting quietly, after complaining a fair bit about being laid up. Letty herself was probably resting. Sebariel starts looking for Malcolm, while opening his and Halex?s personal channel.
Halex is enjoying a chance to rock out on Alexis?s radio, filling the air around with loud, lively rock as he courses after the shuttle. His shoulder-mounted com starts buzzing, and he ruefully turns down the music.
?You got Halex, how may I help you??
?Halex, this is Sebariel. We?ve got new orders.? Halex further turns the music down.
?I?m listening, brother. Where we going to??
?Area 3, the forest. We are heading to a NSF (Naju Security Force) outpost.
?Roger, as soon as I get a nap. I?ve been up since 3 AM! Oh, and by the way, Seb.? Sebariel thinks he knows what is coming.
?I found a scratch. On Alexis. Not happy.? Halex is trying to sound severe, but Sebariel catches on to his good humor.
?I?ll make up to you two when we get back. Sebariel out.?

Sebariel finds Malcolm in the cockpit chatting with Horaculous. The anthropomorphic lemur had been cluing Malcolm in on Naju?s basic geography, and things to know, and the two were now making banter about aircraft.
?Shuttles are alright and all, but I?ve always liked the feel of fighters. The power, the speed! It makes my hair stand on ends!? Horaculous says energetically. Malcolm smiles.
?I suppose that expression had more physical meaning for you than most.? Sebariel draws nearer.
?Hey, Malcolm. Just as a heads up, when we get back we are being reassigned.?
?Alright. Where to?? Malcolm steps away from the pilot?s chair and faces Sebariel.
?To an NSF outpost in area three.? Horaculous perks up.
?You need a ride there? I don?t have anything going on after this that I know of.?
?We?ll see when we get to central. We still have a ways to go. Where is Letty?? Malcolm speaks,
?She?s taking a nap in the cargo bay.? Sebariel nods.
?Fair enough. We?ll fill her in later. How long till we get there?? Horaculous checks some flight instruments, and says,
?About an hour 20 minutes.? Sebariel nods, and walks out of the cockpit.
-END POST- It is now 16:20
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Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02
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Post 63
Skies of Naju, en route to Naju Central
Time 16:40
This post reestablish's Malcolm's story to configure with Halo's altered universe.

?Energy charge complete. How?s your shields?? Malcolm steps from an energy pod. Checking his HUD, he is pleased to see his shielding has been restored.

-?Shield recharging systems back online. You may find they last longer without over exertion from portal usage.? Chyrl reminded Malcolm how he burnt the shields saving Sebariel (post 48). Responding to the operator of the shuttle?s science bay,

-?Back to full strength. Thanks.?

-?Don?t mention it! I?m just glad your suit works with Power Chips. They also run that S-Rifle we gave yah. Still can?t believe you UNSC guys use ballistics?? Since the NSF couldn?t reproduce ammo for his weapons, Malcolm received standard issue guns. As he left the science bay, heading back for the deck, he addressed Chyrl.

-?MJOLNIR shield technology is designed to preserve life. I just used it for Sebariel instead.?

-?You?re trusting a SAFE operative, who disbanded from UNSC. That will prove dangerous.? Though she was designed to draw conclusions, she was never tested with other people, so Malcolm isn?t sure if that was an opinion or not. Entering the shuttles deck lobby, he sees the man in question approaching.

-?So did they patch your shielding up, Spartan?? Malcolm:

-?Affirmative. And got a fresh load out.? The two walk over to a bench and Sebariel turns to Malcolm:

-? You?ve been a major help today, Malcolm. But what you haven?t explained is what your doing here on Naju.? Malcolm looked at his knees and Chyrl spoke to his neural channel:

-?You?ll compromise Aperture research, and endanger me. What you were doing at Isotope 4 was classified, me included.? Malcolm knew Chyrl was an experimental AI and top secret, as was his arm mounted portal device.

-?My previous deployment was at a security staff for an UNSC space station. Then rebel forces attacked us and I was ordered to evacuate as they took the station. I blind jumped a slip space warp and wound up on Naju.? Sebariel slowly nods.

-?Hmm. Was She with you at that station?? Malcolm snapped his head to face him.

-?He already knows I?m here. We?ve been compromised.? Chyrl was approaching a state of panic. Malcolm didn?t know how much Sebariel had learned, but he couldn?t just confess that he was part of an experimental training program for the SPARTAN program with Aperture.

-?That is classified intel. You know civilian interference with Spartan deployment is a federal offense to the UNSC.? Sebariel coolly met his gaze.

-?I?m not trying to interfere, Jurthain, I just was curious as to why a Spartan crashed on Naju with a sentient AI. You two are safe here, the UNSC founded the original colonization of Naju. I take it that?s why you need to contact Aperture. Well, comms should be functional soon, and I?ll see to it you get your contact.? Malcolm studied his face. He seemed to earnest, and it was true the UNSC once owned Naju. Chyrl was unconvinced.

-?Don?t get too comfortable. He has his own interests, Malcolm, and I don?t think any of them are ours.? Malcolm noted that Chyrl said Sebariel could hear her as Sebariel raised an eyebrow.

-?Alright Talaince. We?ll continue to assist operations here in any way we can. If you agree not to block my neural channel, I?ll open Chyrl to my suits comm. when she has information.? Sebariel?s face doesn?t change, but Malcolm spots a change of light in his eyes.

-?You seem a different plate of steel than other Spartans. I agree, and promise to protect Chyrl, Lieutenants oath. Now one last question: what?s with this bruiser?? Motioning to Malcolm?s gravity hammer.

-?Ahh, prototype melee weapon using aerial faith plate and masher technology.? Chyrl sighs.

?Since your telling him everything, you could include its capable of emanating a gravitational shock wave with force enough to crush titanium.? Sebariel chuckles.

-?At least I understand that last part.?

*End Post Time 17:00*
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Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02
« Reply #22 on: June 03, 2013, 02:30:00 PM »
Post 64 (Quick post)

This is continuation of Callisto's side of the story after Post 61

Area 7 interior
Time: 17:20

             It's been an hour since the chase began deep inside Area 7, and Callisto was determined to catch up to the signal source even if it took him another hour to do so. He was convinced that he has locked onto the Guardians he was just fighting earlier outside [Post 61] and that he had the second chance to finish them off right here right now.

             Couple more hundreds of metres farther into the Area Callisto realised that he is not gaining up to the signal source - though this was expected in the mazy set up that was Area 7 - maybe, he though, he will stumble upon a short-cut that will lead him up to the Guardian and blast him into the hell of Naju core, just like how it was done on him many years ago.

             Then, out of nowhere, a Bouncing Medusa bounced out into his direct path, caused the pair to crash into each other and tumbled on the floor. Enraged, Callisto grabbed it by the "tentacle" and flung it away from him, yelling, warning and waving his sabres around at other nearby monsters to not get in his way or he will slice them up like sushi.

             Another few minutes of the chase went by - Callisto then found himself in a metallic chamber that did not match the environment of Area 7 he was just  in - this one appeared to be rather spacious, cubical, and well sheltered. At the middle of the floor stood the seal that blocked the passage to the deeper, Below-Surface worlds. The wall decors had been reclaimed by nature, but a faded "r" followed by "17? could just about be seen behind layers of soil that had accumulated during the years.

             Callisto remembered earlier in the day when Erajiv, the monster that saved him from the perils of Below-Surface Worlds [Post 55] was hellbent on releasing all Corridors on Naju, Callisto thought that - if he was to "help" him by releasing this Corridor, maybe Erajiv will recognise him more than just a mere "tool" and will allow him to do whatever he wished from that point on.

             Callisto bent down and tried to open the seal by hand, but couldn't even budge it. Annoyed, he got up and shot at the seal a couple times - but his weaponry didn't even leave any visible markings on the seal. Increasing frustrated, Callisto attempted each and every other weaponry he has on the seal, even moved around the room to find any hidden switches - he just cannot get the seal to open.

             Returning to his senses, he realised that the signal he was just chasing was now nearing the outer rim of his internal radar - it threatened to drift out of its range altogether if he didn't get a move on.

             With that, Callisto gave the Corridor seal one last glance before turning around heading off, resuming the cat-and-mouse* chasing of the signal.

## End Post ##

== It's now 18:00 [+/− 15 minutes] on this side of the plot.

== * - BA DUM TSHH

== Callisto has still not realised that he has been duped by the mousey.

== This post also established that the native enemies of TGL are NOT hostile to Callisto, which is expected after Callisto spending years down there, the native monsters probably accepted Callisto as one of his own by now.
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Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02
« Reply #23 on: June 04, 2013, 02:50:59 AM »
Post 65 (2 Parts) - Work In Progress
== This post attempts to bring every plotlines back in sync with each other.
== This post introduces the Lander Shrines for the first time.

Edit 6th May - added a small draft paragraph to allow Souperion/Spudacus to link up.

Part 1
(This is continuation of Akrn/Killian/Samuel's side of the story after Post 61)
Area 5 - Naju Security Force (NSF) Outpost
Time: 17:05

Other Plotlines as of this time:
Callisto - Inside Area 7 [Post 64]
Erajiv - On his way to Area 3
Sebariel/Malcolm - Still en route to Naju Central [10 minutes past Post 63]
Amet/Rey - Approx. time when Amet loses patience with Rey [Post 53]

             **The Guardians will find that the communication systems inside Area 5's outpost has been busted as result of SHODAN/Terraforming Disaster [Post 07], Killian, being the only "healthy" guardian, has been sent to the nearest City to try contact Naju Central from there**

< End part >

Part 2
(This is continuation of the above part)
Area 5 - Mutena City
Time: 17:40

 Other Plotlines as of this time:
Callisto - Inside Area 7, attempting to open Corridor 17 [Post 64]
Erajiv - On his way to Area 3
Sebariel/Malcolm - Just arrived back at Naju Central
Amet/Rey - Approx. time when Amet finishes hunting for food and start making his way back to Rey's Camp [Post 56 Part 1]

             Killian spent the last couple of minutes reporting in the recent happenings to Colonel Shores. Including the Rogue Guardian Callisto and the amount of medical attention that Akrn and Samuel need at this delicate time. Killian even had to raise his tone (rare for a Guardian, especially when dealing with Military Officials of higher rank than Akrn and Tetharil) to press the urgency of the situation to Shores just to request Akrn's personal engineer - Sigurbelle Kiirla - to be sent here ASAP.

Killian, still talking on the phone -
             -- Wait, why can't she come here? .... So they're still not back yet?! .... right... right... ok, yeah I get it. We'll hang on out here for a little longer while your bureaucracy handle all the 'travel rearrangements'. Ok, Guardian Killian out. *hangs up, storms out of the phonebooth* Goddamn it. *holds head*

             **Killian, while walking around for supplies to bring back, finds a large group of religiously-clad civilians heading to a particular location - curious, Killian finds out through Aaron that the festival celebrating Landers are about to take place and he urges Killian to join in**

## End Post ##

== It's now 18:00 on this side of the plot.

== The Festival will not start for another hour

== Killian Rhodallister really hates the Administration.

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Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02
« Reply #24 on: June 15, 2013, 09:33:18 PM »
Post 66
Naju Central Air Port: 17:45
-Sebariel's group has reached NC and is being redeployed to escort Sigurbelle Kiirla to Akrn in area 5.-

?So, let me get this straight: We are going to escort Sigurbelle to area 5 to help out the GF?s?? Halex feels unreceptive, but asks anyway despite his growingly apparent fatigue. Malcolm, looking up, responds
?Yes Halex. Command has deemed our support necessary because they were attacked by a ?rogue Guardian? who singlehandedly beat the elite Guardian Akrn.?
Halex seems to mostly hear that, nodding and grunting as he finishes putting a strap on his thigh. This was one of many knife belts he had put on; Halex was a skilled knife thrower, and favored them over his firearms.

The group is restocking on ammunition and prepping for redeployment. Rico was again indignant at being left behind, voicing his lower opinion of the injury and need to settle a score. As bio-mechanics wheeled him away, Sebariel patted him on the shoulder, saying,
?You will have your chance, Maiorico; you will have your chance.?

Finally a jeep was seen coming down the road. Sigurbelle was being brought to the new ship that was assigned for the mission. Horaculous had readied the craft and was eagerly awaiting the chance to try it out. It was much smaller than the shuttle they had used earlier, and was designed for quick response missions. Shores had cleared its use for the assignment to get support to the Guardians as fast as possible. Sebariel is already inside, knowing that command wants them en route ASAP. As Sigurbelle steps out of the vehicle, Letty walks up to meet her.
?It?s been a while Sigurbelle. It?s good to see you again!?
?Same here, Letearia. I?m glad to see you?re holding up.? She sighs, a mixture of exasperation and worry. ?First the Compile disaster, the area 9 crisis, Rico getting cracked and now Akrn again. One problem after another; this does not bode well.?
As they talk, Malcolm comes on over. Sigurbelle, seeing him, widens her eyes.
   ?Is that a Spartan? What is he doing??? Letty cuts her off.
   ?It?s a long story. I hardly understand it myself, but what is important is that he is a friend.? Waiting for Letty to finish, Malcolm addresses Sigurbelle.
   ?Good day, ma?am. My name is Malcolm, and I have been assigned to be your personal escort for this assignment. It is an honor to work with you.? Sigurbelle smiles at him.
   ?Thank you Malcolm, but why am I being assigned a bodyguard? I just need to get to Akrn to repair him.? Malcolm nods respectfully.
   ?Akrn and the other Guardians were attacked by someone who apparently beat Akrn alone. What?s more, Colonel Shores said that the assailant is still out there, and he says that there is reason to believe that this rogue Guardian is after the others.?
Just about then, Sebariel comes out of the ship, and calls out to the three standing by the jeep.
   ?Let?s go people! Shores wants us on the way as fast as possible!? He turns to the craft as the others start moving. He grimaced as he reflected on Command?s general insensitivity to the ground operatives. Do this, do that, make it snappy. They always want things done now.

?Hang on, let me get my stuff.? Sigurbelle says, as she reaches for her supplies which were stored in two heavy duffle bags. Letty, gauging their weight by looks, comments.
?Good grief, what are you bringing? Enough parts to make a new Guardian??
?It isn?t exactly easy to repair Akrn. His model calls for a lot of fine parts, and these will often either need to be replaced or fixed with equally fine tuned equipment.? Her face contorts as she bears the combined weight of her load. Malcolm, ever the gentleman, says,
?Here, let me help you with that.? And deftly takes the bags and starts walking to the ship, with no apparent sign of exertion.
?What do they make those Spartans out of??

On board, the ship takes off with an elated Horaculous behind the wheel.
   ?Man, I?ve heard of these NCI-34 Neutrinos, but the opportunity to fly one! Man!? He tests the sensitivity of the controls, causing the craft to swerve and dip in perfect response. Naturally, the others were are less enthusiastic about its responsiveness.
?Horaculous, you big furball! Stop trying to crash!? Letty voices the thoughts of just about everyone else on board.
   ?Hey, you should appreciate the refinement of this piece of machinery! You can direct your flight on a whim, but machines like this take real skill!?
Letty only rolls her eyes. Sigurbelle is checking on her equipment, and Malcolm is feeling out the plasmatic pistol he was issued. Halex watches with a little wonder, noting how the weapon is slightly dwarfed in the Spartan?s hands. Yawning, he turns to Sebariel, who is looking at a holographic map produced by his tactical pad. Turning, he addresses Horaculous in the cockpit, which is a only a few feet from the passenger bay which had 8 seats.
   ?How long do you think it will take us to get there, Horaculous?? The same looks at a graph on the dash board, and calls back.
   ?Technically, 30 minutes, if we had triple this thing?s fuel capacity. It can go way fast, but guzzles gas like that. To make her last there and back, it?ll take a couple hours.
   ?Then we?ll make do with what we have. I?ll fill in Shores.? Halex then has a thought, and asks,
   ?Hey, Seb, what is going to happen to the area 3 outpost, since we aren?t going there??
   ?Shores said that with the airport partially operational again, they will be able to deploy the NSS frigate Irem for support, though he wants us over there all the same once we are done.? Halex nods, and is about to start to take a nap, when another thought comes to him.
   ?Poor Alexis is all alone now. The girl has had a rough day.? He is acting melancholy, and Sebariel laughs.
   ?I told you I would make it up. I arranged for a skilled mechanic to clean her up.?
   ?He had better follow the owner?s manual spot on??

It is now 18:00
-Bio-mechanic is the term I adopted for those who are able to repair/heal Guardians-
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Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02
« Reply #25 on: June 23, 2013, 10:54:14 PM »
Post 67 Long post ::)
Flying above area 5 19:00.
-about an hour until arrival at area 5

Part 1
The occupants of the Neutrino aircraft are mostly quiet and passive, as many have had a long day. Halex, disregarding safety, is snoring gently sprawled across two seats, Letty and Sigurbelle are quietly talking, Sebariel leans against a wall his head hung down, and Malcolm is idly fingering his rifle. Horaculous in the pilot seat yawns as he gazes out at the setting sun over the mountains, which he dislikes, favoring area 3?s lush forests. He casually looks out the side window and becomes entranced by what seems to be a floating rock, keeping ahead of the craft. He watches in fascination as it begins a large arc, strangely leaving duplicate images in its wake until there?s a complete circle of eight. Just as they break formation, heading towards him, it hits him.

-?Bogeys! Hang on!? pulling a very sudden turn, the unstrapped in Halex is thrown to the floor

-?Whaddafrikineck?!?? As the occupants are violently thrown in their seats, Sebariel hoists Halex in a strap.

-?Horaculous, sit rep, what was that?!?

-?The incredible flying rocks of doom, of course, what else!?? as he finishes, several more appear around the ship.

-?Do a barrel roll!!!? Letty cries as they?re surrounded. Whirling around, nearly giving Halex vertigo, Horaculous shouts back:

-?Shut up willya, I know how to fly!? despite his efforts, a few smash the sides of the ship. Chyrl calmly declares:

-?In case you?re interested, according to the schematics on the Neutrino, its hull is currently at 73% integrity. I advise much less violent trauma to its delicate parts.? Halex adds:

-?Pedal to the metal, fuzzy face, get us out of here!? As he activates the nitros, Horaculous darkly says:

-?Call me fuzzy face again and I?ll hand you your vestigial tail bone?? Dipping low in an attempt to shake them, the motion causes Sigurbelle to lose the spare parts she had been holding.

-?Ack!? trying to grab them, she unstraps her seat. As she reaches out, a sudden hit to the back unhinges the bay door, which slams open. Completely losing balance, she tumbles out, barely snagging the edge with one hand, screaming. Sebariel and Letty yell out and start to release themselves, but Malcolm had already lunged out for her. Just as the ship pulled up (Horaculous couldn?t hear them) and she lost her grip, Malcolm performed the dramatic pose of hanging on by one arm, grasping her in the other. Heaving her to Sebariel who was holding onto the door hydraulics reaching out to them, he began to pull himself up. But an unlucky collision caused the whole ship to shudder so violently that his grip was lost, and he plummeted down. Barely keeping hold of the ship and Sigurbelle, Sebariel gasps as the Spartan plunges into an open tunnel, lost to the world below.
Approximately 5 minutes have passed.

Part two
?Again with the falling. You should have been an ODST. At least I could?ve been warned about the great risk you?d be putting me through.? Chryl was rarely encouraging, and now no exception. As Malcolm crashed and turned down a subterranean tunnel of darkness, his senses scrambled by violent motions, he reached out for anything to hold. After what seemed eternity, he suddenly found himself dangling by a stalactite in a wide cavern full of crystalline ore. Looking below, he was greeted by a huge pit of stalagmites. His couldn?t hold on for long, and needed a miracle.

-?Alright Chyrl, see any way out that doesn?t include impalement or broken bones??

-?If you insist, there happens to be a minute surface area below us that is flat enough for quantum portaling. If you?d use your device to create an exit on the cavern wall to your left, you could have a somewhat softer landing. Provided you haven?t reconsidered being an orbital drop-?

-?I?ll take it.? He let go, and turning to his left aimed his arm at the wall. Three pronged devices popped from his bracer and he fired a blue portal on it. Now facing the approaching ground, he tilted until above the bare patch, and fired the orange portal. Next thing he knew, he was violently flung through the portal and rolling on the stony ground.

-?There?s two of us in here, remember?! All your crashing is scrambling my programming!? As he painfully pulls himself from the ground, he mutters,

-?For such an expensive piece of software you sure complain a lot.? He hears a sudden sound echoing from the tunnel above. Groggily reaching for his rifle, expecting pursuers, he is shocked by what he see?s drop from the tunnel;

-?Letty?? She shifts to fighter mode as she enters the more spacious cavern (the tunnel was too small) and lands next to Malcolm.

-?You?re alive! Oh I?d never forgive my self if I didn?t get a chance to thank you for saving Sigurbelle!? fussing over his battered armor, she helps him to his feet.

-?I aim to please. Did the rest make it??

-?When you fell, Horaculous pulled a number on the Neutrino and left those freakin? asteroid things behind. I jumped to try and track you down, thank the stars I did!? Malcolm refocuses and takes in the area.

-?We?re in foreign territory and need a way out of this cavern. Let?s get moving and find a- wait?? a new noise suddenly echoed. A strange, light jumping sound. Letty quivered as she raised her crossbow, glancing about. What horror was about to pounce them in this glittering underworld? Sidling up back to back, Malcolm activates his night vision, then snaps to his right, rifle pointing at? a Redlander.

-?Zipuu, meet greet boingji! Jippo zoom zoom festyfall, gladdy hop hop guardian!
The sheer shock of this greeting caused Malcolm to just stare in a dumbfounded stupor. Letty though, was in amazement.

-?A red Lander?! We thought they were extinct! It?s so CUTE!!? fumbling for words Malcolm manages,

-?So, not hostile??

-?Clippi bip friendie, jippo zoom zoom festyfall!? Malcolm looks over at Letty, hoping for enlightenment.

-?I think it?s speaking an ancient version of Najuan?? conjuring up her best memory of the language, ?it?s excited? something about quick moving? a party? No, festival?? Chyrl suddenly spoke up.

-?If you don?t mind, my access of your files on Najuan have surmised this? round creature wants us to follow him to some rhythmic ceremonial ritual? or festival, pick your language.? Malcolm has put away his rifle.

-?Allright, it seems to know this area then. Let?s see if he?ll lead us out.?

-?flous bii boing boing! Movie zoom pathay voip plais!? Smiley begins to bounce down a dark tunnel, with Letty and Malcolm hurrying to keep up.

-?Oh, if there?s more a whole festival of them, I can?t wait see this!!? Letty beams in anticipation.

End post approx 19:30.
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Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02-03
« Reply #26 on: July 21, 2013, 12:15:38 PM »
Update: 21 July 2013

As the latest few posts of Episode 2 caused too much branching of the plotline, an agreement was made after a short discussion with the current RPers to skip the remainder of Episode 2 and start with Episode 3.

Therefore, the plotline of the remainder of the Episode 2 will be given as summary form following:

> The Lander Festival (Post 65, 67) will proceed with nothing out of ordinary. Guardian Killian Rhodallister and Guardian Letearia Mechiko reunites (together with Malcom Jurthaen), meets the Landers who offer them upgrades to their weaponry. They also take with them a Blue Lander for use to heal Akrn Salthic back in the Area 5 Outpost (Post 65)

> The group return to Mutena City where they link up with Horaculous, Sigurbelle Kiirla, Sebariel Talaince, and Halex after they made late arrival as result of an earlier trouble en route (Post 67). As the aircraft was damaged, Horaculous decided to split the group into two: Sigurbelle, Killian, and the heavily damaged Guardian Samuel Laszlith remain behind in Mutena City while the rest join Horaculous on the first journey back to Naju Central.

> Callisto, meanwhile, eventually discovered about the faux signal that was duping him earlier (Post 64); enraged, he leaves Area 7 and heads to join up with Erajiv in Area 3

> Guardian Amet Velpiks, meanwhile, remain trapped in  the wilderness of Area 4 with Rey Seightmour...

Episode 03

Episode 03 will start back at the base of Naju Central. In the morning of Day 4 after the characters who have arrived here earlier in previous day have taken their much needed rest.

Horaculous, meanwhile, is waiting for the aircraft to finish repairing so he could leave and bring the rest of the group back.

The group have not yet been briefed on the present status of Area 3 Outpost.

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Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02-03
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Post 68
Naju Central, NSF Barracks
Day 4 6:00 AM

Sebariel had just completed a much needed nap and was beginning to sign back into the NSF battlenet for operations updates. He had hardly entered his password when Malcolm entered the room holding a PDA.

-"Lieutenant, I just received new orders to relay to you, and it's urgent. I'll brief on the way to port." Grunting as he rose to his feet, Sebariel gives a small grin.

-"The job's never dull. Where we headed?" Malcolm hands him the PDA on the way out the door.

-"Area three. We just received a distress signal from Vandhald outpost, they're under attack from a massive swarm of invaders."looking at the report on the PDA, Sebariel grimaces.
-"That place is down to 30% personnel due to deployments trying to keep the cities safe, let's move it!" Picking up the pace, the two run out the building to see Halex and his dear Alexis.

-"Escort service ready, destination, stairway to heaven!"

-"We sure need some godspeed, Halex, nail it!" He barely gave Sebariel and Malcolm time to get in the before charging down the road. Soon they arrive at the port, where shuttles are launching and landing as the backed up traffic finally starts moving. Taking a detour, Halex enters the subterranean private military hangar where a drop ship awaits.

-"This time my lady's got her own seat! I've got orders to find the origin point of the invaders, so I'll leave you and the guardians to see to the assault." As Alexis is being attached to the vehicle bay, they board the ship piloted by none other than Horaculous.

-"Aaack, back to ol' troop transport again. Oh well, welcome aboard and fasten your seat belts. Akern and Letty have already left, since they're faster than this thing"

-"Preiw mool zing flap! Guay blippu Letty!" Sebareil flinches as he turns to see Smiley strapped in a seat.

-"We're bringing that lander? What's he got to do with this?" Horaculous throws up his hands.

-The chatterbugger and Letty couldn't stand to part ways, so she pleaded for me to bring the nut along. If you can ignore his gibberish, we're taking off!" And in a few minutes they did just that, streaking off to Area 3. Sebariel looks over at Malcolm and chuckles.-

-"Sure meet the characters on this planet, huh, Malcolm?"

-"I'm pretty sure I have the most interesting character uncomfortably close to my brain." As they both laugh Chyrl groans.

-"it's so nice to be appreciated. Just be sure you don't do any more meteor impressions on this mission, would you?

*End Post time 6:15. it may take an hour or two to arrive at Vanhald.*
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Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02-03
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Post 69 (quick post)

(This is continuation of Post 68)
In the skies en route to Area 3
Time: 06:20, Day 4

             Guardians Akrn Salthic and Letearia Mechiko flying in the sky

Letty -
             -- So, how long til we get to Vandhald?
Akrn, checking the navigation statuses -
             -- About 40 minutes, the others should arrive an hour after that too, we're just going there to get first sights of what's happening, intervening only if necessary.
Letty -
             -- I just hope it won't be like what happened in Area 9 yesterday, that was already one hell of a battle...
Akrn -
             -- I think we're going to see a lot more of that, Letty. Maiorico and Sebariel reported yesterday about the open seal towards the Below-surface worlds at that Area, opened by an unknown blue humanoid [Erajiv]. If he made it there to Area 3 in the meantime there is a high probability it might have also attempted to open the seal there, since every Area has one.
Letty -
             -- Did you get any info on the Rogue Guardian?
Akrn -
             -- Nope, only managed to submit a request to the Operator at the Database Chamber within Corridor 21, hopefully there will be anything useful in there about him and what he is after...

             As  they get closer to Area 3, the pair observed that a number of Pterodactyluses-like birds flying past them in the opposite direction, towards Naju Central as if they're migrating

Letty, as they flew past -
             -- Did you see that?
Akrn -
             -- Yep, I wonder where they're going, though. I'll send Horaculous a message to inform him of those birds so he should watch out for them in case they collide.

## End Post ##

== It's now 06:30 on this side of the plot.

== the birds will attack Horaculous's shuttle - for being mistaken as a flying food [ ::) ] or already possessed by Erajiv's powers
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Re: [Roleplay] Naju Nexus - The TGL RP, Episode 02-03
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Post 70
Skies of Naju; 06:30 day 4

Maiorico rubs the back of his neck, still feeling stiff. Sitting in the back cargo bay of the shuttle, he practically is itching for some action. Being in the medical bay had made him anxious, while everyone else was up to something. So, when he heard about the deployment to area 3, he had snuck out of his room (reasoning that the operation was done, and that the dear bio-mechanics were trying to make him rest) and stowed away on the shuttle. Now he is just waiting for something interesting to happen.

Meanwhile, Horaculous receives a message from Akrn, warning of a flock of airborne creatures that were heading his direction. Horaculous groans when he reads the message, having enough with things attacking his ships.
"Hey, Sebariel, I need you to check this out." When he makes his way to the cockpit, Horaculous shows Sebariel the message with a visual of the creatures.
"We've had too much trouble with flying enemies to overlook this. What have we got on defensive equipment?" Horaculous turns on the ship's system lists.
"Looks like our best bet is a set of side mounted turrets. Problem is, they'll take a bit to fire up. Seeing as Letty and Akrn are a bout twenty minutes ahead of us, the turrets will still be charging when we intercept those buggers." Sebariel is worried, and nods.
"Then we'll have to hold out until they are ready. I'll alert everyone." He turns and heads out.
It is now 6:40

Part two: Area 7, 6:30

Callisto had been chasing the Guardian signal for hours, finally catching it down in another tunnel system. As he turned the corner, sadistic glee filled him as his weapon systems were brought ready to bare. Yet he doesn't see any guardians; just a small mechanical, mouse-like gadget. He jets up to the thing, which seems to be slowing down, and pins it by stepping on its tail. Then he yells. The blasted thing is giving off a guardian's radar signal. He had been duped. Screaming explicits, he hits the mouse with a fireball blast, which reduces it to shrapnel.

As Callisto flies out of the tunnel system, he feels Erajiv calling him. He hardly cares what he wants, still enraged that the Guardians had tricked him with such a simple tool. He resolves to head back to area 5, and investigate the area. Maybe if he doesn't find any of them, he would go see Erajiv.

It is 6:40 now.

Part 3
6:00-- Area 4

Amet brushes the overhanging branches out of his way, grimacing as he is showered with a small swarm of falling bugs. He and Rey had been on the move for what he figured to be 4 hours. The distant survivor had, for the better part of their traveling, been consistent in leaving Amet in a state of constant rush, often moving out of Amet's sight and leaving him to make his way shouting and blindly rushing through the overgrowth until Rey let him catch up. Fortunately, lately Rey had been more considerate, and over the course of the journey, he had taught Amet how to traverse the jungle. Shaking off the bugs, he hurries on.

Rounding a large tree, he comes to an abrupt stop at Rey's back.
"There it is." he says, pointing at a large, jade colored spire just cresting the horizon. Amet notices that around it, the vegetation seems to recede. He steps around Rey and pauses, looking around, and catching his breath.
"The Sky Stabber." Rey seems to have a distant look that is different than his usual spaced-out look. "About another hour of hard travel, and we'll see if the radio will work."
"Will work?" Amet doesn't like the possibility of all this time and hiking being for naught. Rey nods, and again starts moving, readjusting his packs and gear.
"There is always chance. Of course, we should first be worrying about the likelihood of predators about it. There is a reason I've only been there twice." Amet fidgets as they head back down into the jungle. He takes hold of his light sniper rifle, the one designed for closer ranged combat than the mighty heavy sniper. He flips the hybrid sight to red dot, looks back up, and presses forward.

-It is 6:40 on all sides.-
--I'm taking some creative liberty on this side of the story. Sorry of character inconsistencies.
---I thought it would be cool for Amet to have two guns, so... there it is.
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