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Started by teremochek, March 22, 2010, 09:16:01 AM

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So far, no Inventory sounds like the plan.

However, the Drone idea gave me a small idea.

What if the Drone could be used, however, you can only use a Drone once per Shmup(Total of 1, not use 2 drones that are different.) That gives a specific Buff.
Like for example, a Shield Drone that gives you a shield that decreases dmg you take by 50% for 30+ seconds.
Or a Drone that goes into the middle of the screen and explodes, clearing out all small enemies except bosses and bigger enemies, also removes all bullets.(the EE only removes all bullets on screen, and not much damage.)

The Drone "recharge" as they get reforged back at the Hub and is ready for a command once again.

Earning these drones however should be quite a challenge. Either by Hidden Rooms, Drops from bosses or Trigger Action event.


Wonder where we could have a list of all the awesome ideas in shorts with links to a key posts. Like if we have [drone] then after it we have few links to a posts that pretty much explain that.

Funny it started about inventary and now it goes to drones. Maybe a new topic for that and a poll for inventary?
Poll might help to figure for inventary. I could do polls for major ideas and send newsletter to get more votes.


By the way, Enemy Erasers stockpile right now.
Surely, they should stock even in sequel. But how to? How much?

I'd say limiting to 255 would be a bad idea. I'd rather limit to - say - 200, or 500 or whatever. The more EE one has, the less the EE pickup delivers. Say getting 25 at start, 15 at 50% capacity and just 5 at over 80%.
This way, heavy stockpiling should be discouraged.

The droid could also be powered by separate inventory object such as some "remote power" chips.


Hm... I think I Know what you're getting at! I also think we should have optional EE capacity upgrades later on in the game (Want a bigger bomb bag or quiver? JK :P.).
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