Kingdom Grand Prix

Arcades has some unique title hardly can be found anywhere. This one is a hybrid SHMUP/Racing game where you fly and shoot the enemies to entertain public and outrun opponents. The graphics is super beautiful and the music is great!

There are 8 characters to select. Each one with unique weapon. Each one has a sub weapon which you upgrade by picking powerups. There are 2 types of sub-weapons and when you pick up an upgrade it changes to the one you picked up. “F” gives you more strong but straight shooting sub-weapon and “H” gives you a homing but weaker sub-weapon.

To boost your racing speed you should hold the fire button. That way you don’t fire but fly faster. Also the racing speed depends if you higher on screen.

A lot of enemies don’t kill you by touch but reduce your racing speed. While most of bullets kills you. Some bullets also only reduce racing speed. That’s a bit tricky moment as it’s unclear which stuff do what.

The game has 2 loops. So the first time you complete the game at the 1st place will send you to the next loop, which is harder version of the game.

2 players co-op is available in the game.

The game is also released on Sega Saturn, but it feels like the screen was just cut on top, which makes the view worse.

The game is a second one in the series. The first one is “Sorcer Striker” and 3rd is “Dimahoo.” They are SHMUPs only.

There is a slight connection with The Guardian Legend developers. The company Raizing was formed by Compile and Naxat Soft former staff.

A full play through for some of the characters. However it doesn’t really provide the feel of the game. It is different from usual SHMUPs, tho it may look just so:

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