Pirate consoles/clones database

Big database of pirate consoles/clones launched. Someone is trying to organize the info that hangs around the web. In some countries only the pirate consoles were available. The number of those clones are huge.

Link: https://uc.pory.app/

If you looking for some clone, now the info might be found there.

Clones were quite different, some were as good quality as originals, some had issues.

The shapes of Famiclones(NES-clones) were in all of the kinds. Many mimic higher generations. You can find a famiclone as Sega, SNES, Playstation, Wii and so on.

Below some examples of famiclones:

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Mega Man – no damage

Hardcore playing is strange. Have you played Mega Man? It’s pretty hard. But why would you want to beat it even harder than it is? But some people do. As a player who have beaten Rockman(Japanese version of Mega Man, not sure if there are any differences) I don’t even want to imagine beating it with no damage. That’s crazy challenge.

The first video is in Russian. I think not using glitches but using different weapons. And the other one is in English, no other weapons, only default weapon. But use some glitches(which doesn’t make it that much easier).

Do you want to try? I say no. Don’t torture yourself like this!

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