Rygar Vengeance

So are there any NES Rygar fans? This might be interesting for you. A fan made game Rygar Vengeance is finished and ready to play. It’s kinda like a remake or a custom version with few more possibilities. It adds little a mix from the arcade version. Which breaks cohesivity in the style of the game.

The video introduction doesn’t show enough of the gameplay tho. He asks 16$ for the game. I don’t know if it’s worth it.

There is only one guy(SeanPwnery) recorded any gameplay of the game yet. I am not sure if the circular attack costs something, or is it obtained later. He doesn’t use it for some reason. And I saw in previous demo videos that in this game Rygar can do the circular attack. Like it was in the arcade version. Was it removed?

So here is some gameplay by SeanPwnery:

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Rygar Vengeance

Rygar on NES was one of those games that felt like entire another world. It felt really big at that time. Great mysterious atmosphere and exploration feeling. Ed Findlay trying to create some kind of Rygar remake or sequel. He called it Rygar Vengeance and it can be found on his site https://www.retrogamer3.com/ . In case site not works he also has his youtube channel.

 At the time I write this the game is beta version 1.4. Below I post some screenshots. And the only short gameplay I found is in the Ed’s youtube teaser video 3 years ago. I’ll post it below screenshots.