Dimension Shift will never be released, I guess

Few years ago I posted about homebrew project Dimension Shift – https://theguardianlegend.com/2020/10/dimension-shift-homebrew-nes/

Checked about further development recently. The project is on hold since beginning of the 2021. And I am afraid it will be left from there.

However here is a demo. The game, seems like, based on Shatterhand/Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain ROM. It has features from there, like grabbing the metal grids, health UI, level selector and its animation, medkit usage, the elevator moving up.

What’s cool about it, is the way the backgrounds and foregrounds visually look. Really nice looking stuff. But there are no enemies in there. So it’s a showcase of pretty empty levels. This might be useful for other NES games artists or just overall gaming pixel artists as an inspiration.

Maybe we will never hear about this project again. Or maybe it will be passed to other hands and continue.

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