Dear fans and anyone who likes this site. If you are interested in existence of this The Guardian Legend fan site, please consider to make a donation. Even a 1$ will be helpful!

This will help to pay for the monthly hosting and domain. 13.99$ montly since April, and 21$ for the domain yearly.

I will write down the balance. If the number is negative it means that’s how much I paid from my own wallet. If I get a donation I will add to the balance and hopefully it will become positive some day.

Current balance: -132.97$ (negative)

You can send donation directly to the site’s owner PayPal:
Ask me anything with that email if you have questions.

or with

If by any chance the sum will be higher I will just keep it for the next months. If it’s even higher then we can discuss how to spend it. On the forum
Or in The Guardian Legend discord chat:


You can let me know if you want to be mentioned with a name or as anonymous donator.

Donations recieved:

Pheodor donated 5$ on September 14 2020

Francesco donated 977,65 RUB

Balance calculations:

2020 August hosting -10.95$

2020 September hosting -10.95$ +5$(donation) = 5.95$

2020 October hosting – 10.95$

2020 November hosting – $10.95

2020 December hosting – $10.95

2021 Domain name 1 year – $21.50

2021 January hosting – $10.95

2021 February hosting +846,32 RUB from Francesco’s donation(paypal counted as 1 RUB = 0,0129384 USD). 1.7$ left which I add to the overal balance.

2021 March hosting – $10.95

2021 April hosting – $13.99

2021 May hosting – $13.99

2021 June hosting – $13.99

Total: -132.97$ (negative)

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