Youtube stats

Videos this days has a new feature, showing the most viewed spots of a video. I checked Chip And Dale OST from NES on 2 different videos and Zone J most viewed on both of them.

Checking another OST. Shadow of Ninja NES, KAGE on Famicom. And it has 2 boss themes as the most viewed spots. Two videos has a bit different order, so the spots are on different places in them. But that are the same music tracks:

What does it mean? The most memorable melodies? I do not know. But lets check our game – The Guardian Legend. I found only 1 video with enough views to show those stats. It seems that forest walking area is the most viewed one. Does it mean that it’s the most memorable music from the game, or is it most impactful, or do people like it the most? What do you think?

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