DJ.ЩИП – The Guardian Legend – Forest Fields

An old music cover which I did not added before(but could). It is hard to manage all that stuff and some old covers did not made it to the music section.

DJ.ЩИП is a Russian guy, who was making various covers and remixes. I don’t know if he still does it as his social profile is private. His works can be found by searching in VK –ЩИП you probably have to be a registered user.

Here is his music cover on Forest Fields:

If Zelda 2 was too hard

Zelda II – Amida’s Curse sets difficulty below the original. And focuses on exploration. There are no cheap deaths and grinding isn’t necessary. So if the original Zelda 2 was too hard for you, maybe this one hack fixes that.

As I understood the game targeted towards to people who wanted to like the original Zelda 2, but found it too difficult.

The hack’s page mentions features:

  • 9 new temples to explore (vs 7 in vanilla Zelda II).
  • 11 new towns to visit (vs 8 in vanilla Zelda II).
  • New soundtrack.
  • Brand new overworld.
  • New story.
  • New graphics.
  • Animated tiles on the overworld.
  • Balanced difficulty, no cheap deaths.
  • No random encounters on the overworld.
  • Loads of gameplay tweaks (building on Zelda II Redux).
  • Lives you find are permanent.
  • No grinding necessary.
  • Enemy rebalancing, no more huge HP pools.
  • Press A as a Fairy to instantly return to your normal form.
  • Temple stones give fixed EXP.
  • Fairy can’t fly through doors.
  • Save anywhere by pressing up and A on the start menu. Be aware though, that you’ll be warped back to the starting point of the game. So, only use this option when you want to stop playing.
  • And so much more…

Watch trailer of the game:

Do you want spoilers? Here is full playthrough:

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