GG Aleste 3 by M2

A while ago M2 company bought rights for Aleste series. The original developer was Compile. As you may know Compile developed Zanac and The Guardian Legend.

M2 created the Aleste sequel – GG Aleste 3. And it’s not just a new game. It is made on Game Gear system. So it’s a real ROM which can work on Game Gear console. It is available on Game Gear Mini. And also it is in Aleste collection on Nintendo Switch.

They captured Compile’s vibe pretty good. The game looks really nice. And has good soundtrack.

This immediately put a thought in my head. What if they could develop The Guardian Legend sequel? If someone is reading this and find this a good idea, then try to contact them and suggest them this idea.

Let us know on the forum or in The Guardian Legend’s discord chat with other fans:

Here is the video of GG Aleste 3 full gameplay:

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