AVGN and Indiana Jones on NES

In recent episode AVGN showed The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles NES, and called it the worst of all Indiana Jones games. Which is not even close to the truth.

In reality the game is pretty good and fun. I don’t remember much of the game as we played it in 90’s just few times through. The cartridges we had usually were multigames 3-8 games on one cart. And we actively exchanged them between each other.

I remember that the game was fun enough. I think I wanted it to have more motobike ride levels.

AVGN showing the game and complaining it to be insanely hard and bad. I am not sure if he playing intentionally super bad, or was he drunk or something.

He didn’t pick up bonuses which are laying around in the boxes and contain weapons and 1 hit damage protection. He didn’t push rocks which will kill several enemies on the way. How much NES games you saw where you can push a huge boulder to smash enemies? It’s really cool!

The game is not easy, but so are many games on NES. Would you call Megaman, Castlevania, Contra, Ninja Gaiden and many others a worthless garbage just because they are hard right from the beginning? I would not.

AVGN’s video is here if you really want to. The game trashing starts from around 22:38

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