Amico Intellivision – is it going to be dead born?

A very strange presentation of Amico Intellivision on E3 came out. It seemed for me that people were excited the most about Earthworm Jim 4. And they did not show any updates of the development of the game.

The games shown in the presentation looked mostly generic and outdated. It has a feeling of Action 52 cartridge. They say it’s a casual console to play together. But there are tons of casual games on mobile phones, and a lot of them look way better and attractive. Games shown on Amico look like they are generic games from 2000-2005, that were produced by small teams.

The platformer game Finnigan Fox looks just like thousands of similar indie games you can buy on Steam. It looks OK, but not even close to the best ones.

I don’t know if this gonna be a success. Maybe there are people who would enjoy to play such games. Maybe it can take a place to play cards and dice games, and other board games.

They say they have a special controller. But the only specific thing I saw is that you can shake dices and then throw them into a screen. Maybe that is amusing, but this is not enough. Make more stuff that can be specifically done using such controller. Like pouring a salt in a cooking game. Or maybe a steering wheel of a car. Maybe interactions with objects could be done using such controller. It also should be fun to do. I did not saw something like that in the presentation.

Dolphin Quest on 7:29, similar to Ecco The Dolphin, looked OK. They say it is the same team who developed the original title. However. The only game people seemed to be excited about was Earthworm Jim 4. It probably the only game to make people buy the console. But it gotta be a really good game that can please fans of the original ones.

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