Pushing Intellivision limits

Todays developers keep pushing the limits of some old consoles. While it’s common to see it with NES, Intellivision is end of 70’s beginning of 80’s era.

Below are interesting examples of new games on the old console.

Anthropomorphic Force is a vertical scrolling SHMUP with a robot. It has nice music and parallax background movement. The enemies in it are a bit repetitive and basic. However the bosses are huge and quite impressive for such an old console.

The game lands somewhere on the half way to the NES quality which is never seen back in the days. Have you seen Donkey Kong series on Intellivision? Just to have an idea how the games were back then.

The video is blurred. But that one shows more levels and bosses of the game:

Another interesting example is Mario port. It also looks better than any game back then. That guy also working on ports of some other games like Castlevania, Megan and Prince of Persia.

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