8-bit music could be better on NES/Famicom

Hey, music time!

This tune was created for C64 computer somewhere in July 1985. And you know what? It’s earlier than Super Mario Bros. released.

The techniques used in the song are shared with NES. There were some composers who did similar. Codemasters games come to mind and also Tim Baldwin and Jeroen Tel.

The Rob Hubbard’s – “Thing on a Spring” (C64, Commodore 64) sounds way superior than 1985th music of the NES.

Music chips were different on C64 and NES. I think the ability of C64 to play any type of waveform(square pulse, saw, triangle, noise) on each of the channels was so much better than the NES chip that had each channel for each type of waveform.

I wish NES/ Famicom had the same thing where each channel could play any type of waveform. That would lead to much more advanced and interesting music on NES/Famicom.

Lets go!

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